Rick Joyner: We Prayed for an Amputated Finger… and Most of It Grew Back!

In the video below, Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries recalls how a friend’s amputated finger *almost* grew back through the power of prayer. It would’ve grown back all the way except the prayer got interrupted: There’s never a video camera around when you need it, is there…? The winning comment on YouTube asks for Joyner [Read More…]

A Response to the ‘Not the Change I Voted For’ Video

In response to the unintentionally hilarious anti-gay-marriage video by the Campaign for American Values, PastorFailed created this parody: Love the music at the end [Read more…]

Help the Secular Student Alliance and the Foundation Beyond Belief Win Up to $250,000!

Voting starts today for the Chase Community Giving Program. What is that, exactly? It’s a giving program that gives out five million dollars in grants to different non-profit organizations based on how many votes they have — you get to choose what you think are the worthiest causes to donate to. They make sure that all [Read More…]

What Do the Moonies Tell You About Other Religions?

By now, most of you are undoubtedly aware of the death of Sun Myung Moon, founder and namesake of the “Moonies” religion, more properly named the Unification Church. I, like possibly many of you, had remained largely ignorant of the actual  beliefs and practices of the Moonies. I mostly knew of them thanks to their [Read More…]

Atheist Groups React to Inclusion of ‘God’ in Democratic Party Platform

More background on the revision to the 2012 Democratic platform is here: Atheist groups are weighing on the decision to put “God” back into the Democratic Party’s platform: American Atheists: David Silverman, President of American Atheists said, “I am shocked that the Democratic Party caved in to the pressure they were receiving because of their [Read More…]