Selling Your Soul on eBay: Fail

Everytime someone asks me about my book, I tell them it’s called I Sold My Soul on eBay. I then have to tell them, “… but that’s not really what I did.” I have to explain that you can’t sell your soul on eBay. They won’t allow it. If you try, they’ll yank the auction. [Read More...]

Atheist Sign Stolen… Again

***Update***: The sign has been replaced and the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee (SNSC) has condemned the person who stole the original FFRF plaque: “It is truly unfortunate that someone decided to express their displeasure with the disturbing sign by stealing it,” said Daniel Zanoza, Chairman of the SNSC. “Of course, our entire committee would encourage [Read More...]

Get Your Pro-Evolution Gifts This Week!

Still need to do some last minute shopping for that science lover who has children? Charlie’s Playhouse is offering a discount on all games and toys. Only for readers of this blog and only this week! I have my own Giant Evolution Timeline and it’s fantastic and informative. Now, I just need children. As the [Read More...]

Seashell Jesus By the Seashore

Quick: What do you see?! If you said three random seashells… you lose. Correct answer: A Nativity Scene. That’s Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. Even better is the story behind it: The longtime high school friends and Jasper residents [Elaine Buchta and Diane Manley] casually were strolling along the beach in St. Augustine, Fla., two months [Read More...]

New Alabama Atheist Group in Gadsden

Reader Amy had inquired about possible names for her new atheist group in Alabama. After taking the ideas to heart, she came up with a new one she likes: ECRA — Etowah County Rational Alliance. The group’s first meeting is this Sunday. All the information can be found here. If you’re interested (and hopefully somewhat [Read More...]