Jessica Ahlquist is Victorious; Cranston School Committee Will Not Appeal Ruling to Take Down Prayer Banner

***Update***: The Patch has a wonderful timeline of what happened during the meeting. … After a night filled with speeches by Christians who don’t understand that public high schools are not proxies for churches, the Cranston School Committee voted 5-2 in favor of NOT appealing Judge Ronald R. Lagueux‘s decision to take down the Prayer [Read More…]

A Christian Apologizes for the Treatment of Jessica Ahlquist

This is a guest post by Alise Wright. You can connect with her at her blog or on Twitter or Facebook.. … I’m sorry I waited a month and a half to write this. You see, there have been a few big fluff ups in the Christian world that have needed my attention. There were [Read More…]

Christians Must Have Very a Different Definition of ‘Valentine’…

Second grader Dexter Thielhelm wanted to hand out homemade Valentines earlier this week, but the evil administrators at his school confiscated them before he had a chance to hand them out! … at least, that’s the story that’s making the rounds. A couple things to point out: 1) This is part of the valentine he [Read More…]

Can Atheists Raise $1,000,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?

You all remember the debacle when Todd Stiefel (along with the Foundation Beyond Belief) wanted to help raise up to $500,000 for the American Cancer Society? In short, the ACS said they wanted nothing to do with atheist-tainted money. Alright, fine. If the ACS doesn’t want the money, there’s no shortage of important causes and [Read More…]

Virginia’s House Gearing Up to ‘Probe’ Women Who Want Abortions

The Virginia House passed a bill 63-36 requiring that women who wish to have an abortion must submit to a “transvaginal ultrasound.” This would be a mandatory procedure and women would not have the right/freedom to refuse. The ultrasound legislation would constitute an unprecedented government mandate to insert vaginal ultrasonic probes into women as part [Read More…]