Deny the Atheist Bus Ads, Says Christian

When you write a letter-to-the-editor, it helps to know what you’re talking about. Robin Smith, a resident of Bloomington, IN, is a Christian who doesn’t like the notion that an atheist bus ad may have been seen in her town. (Bloomington Transit rejected the ad which stated “You Can Be Good Without God.”) I agree [Read More...]

Another Reason to Avoid a Quiverfull of Children

I’ve always said: When babies attack you, you must attack back. Imagine all 239423 of your children coming after you like this little hellion: [Mother Hilary Wheeler] Miller also got a fat, black-and-blue lip when [son] Nicholas bit her as an infant. During a later roller-skating outing, he pulled her down and she shattered her [Read More...]

I Didn’t Pray; Did It Matter?

Whenever I get into the driver’s seat of a car with my mom in the passenger seat, she still tells me to pray as the engine starts. I don’t — I can calm myself in other ways when I drive. So she’ll pray on my behalf. Prayer is nothing more than a placebo. Even if [Read More...]

Dwight Howard, God Lose NBA Finals

Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic lost in the NBA Finals… The same Dwight Howard who had quite a bit to say about God going into the series… Dwight Howard confidently declared his team, the Magic, would win the NBA championship because of his god. The exact words were, “God. That’s the reason, I’m telling [Read More...]

A Brief Review of Why Evolution Is True by Jerry Coyne

When I heard of Jerry Coyne‘s book Why Evolution Is True, I had to pick it up. Then it sat on my shelf while I failed some students. Now, I’m done with it. It’s a good, thorough analysis of the evidence behind evolution. Easy to read and easy to understand, for sure. Is it as [Read More...]