Alexander Aan, Atheist Who Blasphemed on Facebook, Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

Alexander Aan is the Indonesian who made the terrible, horrible mistake of posting “blasphemous” statements about Islam and statements asking for proof of god’s existence on a Facebook group page for the Minang Atheists. Aan was arrested in a small town in West Sumatra on January 18 after a number of local residents assaulted him [Read More…]

Secular Coalition for America Announces Phase Two of Expansion

Phase Two of the Secular Coalition for America’s plan to create state chapters across the country begins in two weeks with conference calls for people interested in creating the chapters and the media is paying attention: “Some of the most egregious violations of church state separation are being promoted and passed at the state level, [Read More…]

Vyckie Garrison Shuts Down a Domestic-Abuse Apologist

There is no more perfect a picture of absolute sexism in Christian doctrine than the doctrine of submission of women. There is no more perfect a picture of the horror of this doctrine in action than the practice of encouraging women to stay in abusive domestic partnerships. Vyckie Garrison wishes she “had more middle fingers [Read More…]

One Way to Fix Your Mind…

See if you can guess the punchline… You can see the next panel here (via Far Left Side) [Read more…]

Ex-Pastors Are Helping Others Leave the Pulpit

CNN’s Dan Merica has a great profile of Jerry DeWitt, a graduate of The Clergy Project and the executive director of Recovering from Religion. DeWitt is now helping other pastors break free from faith: During his speeches, he talks about the process of leaving his preacher job. “If you don’t believe, then you will be [Read More…]