Maybe I Shouldn’t Be a Vegetarian Anymore…

Mmm…Lobster. Ok, I understand the costume… but the pot? That’s genius. (Thanks to Airi for the link!) [Read more...]

Republicans Smear Senate Candidate Kay Hagan for Meeting with Atheists

North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan is running against Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole for a Senate seat, as I’ve mentioned on here before. Hagan is currently winning. And momentum is on her side. Much like John McCain‘s campaign, when Republicans saw their candidate sliding in the polls, they decided to organize a smear campaign against the [Read More...]

Sarah Palin Loses on The Pyramid

Courtesy of Edward Current, Sarah Palin loses on The $800,000,000 Pyramid: And if you haven’t already read it, here is a incredible take-down of John McCain‘s “maverick” image by Tim Dickinson in Rolling Stone. [Read more...]

Nudie Bible Institute

It’s one thing to be a fundamentalist Christian who takes the Bible literally. But I think this is taking it too far. The complaint: “We are just a group of Christians and we want to hold a church service.” Who is stopping them? Not atheists. Other Christians. Apparently, naked mass just isn’t for everyone. The [Read More...]

Boycott Religulous, Say (Fake?) Christian Rockers

A couple of Christian rockers have received over 75,000 hits on a YouTube video requesting viewers to boycott Bill Maher‘s movie Religulous. Poe’s Law may be in effect. On one hand, The Rapture Right has other, older videos on their YouTube channel… On the other hand, this could just be a parody created by Maher’s [Read More...]