Tim Tebow’s Surely Not the Only Talented, Generous Athlete Out There

Looks like Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow put more Bible verses under his eyes over the weekend: Actually, the verses under his eyes were from Hebrews. But whatever. I still don’t believe he would’ve been able to step onto that field if the words “There is” and “No God” were written under his eyes no [Read More...]

Australian Government Gives Millions for Religious Conference, None for Atheist Conference

The Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc. and Atheist Alliance International are hosting a Global Atheist Convention in 2010. It’s going to be awesome, not just for the participants, but for the state of Victoria. With possibly over 2,000 attendees, that’s a big chunk of tourism change coming into the region. It makes sense, then, that [Read More...]

Switzerland Bans Minarets

These are minarets: They’re the tall spires with cone-shaped, sometimes-bulging tops often seen on mosques and other pieces of Middle Eastern architecture. They seem harmless enough, yes? There must be something wrong with them, though, because yesterday, they just got banned in Switzerland… via a nationwide referendum. More than 57% of voters and 22 out [Read More...]

Colby the Christian Robot

To everyone who reads this site: Please stop sending me creepy, made-for-children, Christian videos like this right before I go to bed. They give me nightmares. On the upside, it was amusing to hear the Christian robots telling a child, “We are all robots; you must be a robot too”…. I’ll try to remember that [Read More...]

Iron Jesus

Mary Jo Coady is making news because she “sees” Jesus in her iron. Can you blame her? Not really… when so many other people see Jesus with even less to work off of, it’s only natural people like Mary would follow. Based on her quotations in the article, she seems to be the type who’d [Read More...]