It’s Blunt, but I Like It

Andrew Post, a senior at North Dakota State University, has a very straightforward column explaining how he (as an atheist) responds to the question of what the purpose of life is. Echoing the reason that people often use when they climb Mount Everest, Post writes: I hate to burst bubbles, but the only reason life [Read More...]

One More Reason to Love Jessica Hagy

Another fun drawing from Indexed: Some other entertaining notecards can be found here. [tags]athiest, atheism, lottery, Christian, prayer, Jessica Hagy, Indexed[/tags] [Read more...]

Life Today, Part 1

Last month, Jim Henderson and I taped an interview with a Christian television program, Life Today, talking about our new books. Today, Part 1 (focusing on I Sold My Soul on eBay) is airing across the country. Tomorrow, Part 2 (focusing on Jim’s book, Evangelism Without Additives) will air. If you’d like to check it [Read More...]

A Christian’s Impression of the American Atheists Convention

At the American Atheists convention in Seattle earlier this month, I was surrounded by people who were presumably non-religious. But there was a small group (three people?) of Christians who came there as well. They weren’t there to stop the event or protest or anything. But they were questioning a number of people who attended [Read More...]

Obama and Faith

There’s an article in today’s New York Times about Barack Obama’s search for faith. It details how Obama came to find the Christian God through the help of Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. It won’t be long before some atheists use this as another reason to criticize Obama for being too pious. What might they [Read More...]