This Couldn’t Possibly Be Awkward

Mike Jones, the male escort who outed evangelical leader Ted Haggard, is back in the news. Jones was doing some research for his forthcoming book (published by Seven Stories Press) and visited New Life Church to get a first-hand account of what it’s like in there. He said of his visit: “It wasn’t to rub [Read More...]

Interview with Dale McGowan Follow-up

There were a few follow-up questions after my interview with Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief. Will this book have any resources listed in the back? Like websites, organizations, etc.? Dale’s response: Oh you betcha. I spent a full year compiling a list of the best additional resources (imho) — books, videos, and websites. [Read More...]

Atheists on Nightline Update

As stated earlier, members of the Rational Response Squad will be appearing on Nightline tomorrow (Tuesday) night to discuss the Blasphemy Challenge. You can see a preview of the episode here. (Watch from 35 to 58 seconds) And if you’re free tomorrow night, watch the segment live with Brian Sapient and other RRS members in [Read More...]

Brian Flemming on Fox News Channel

Wow. John Kasich of Fox News is really frightened about the Blasphemy Challenge. Co-Founder of the Challenge, Brian Flemming, sat with him for an interview last night. It’s intense. (Incidentally, the other co-founder was Brian Sapient, who I spoke to a couple weeks ago.) [tags]John Kasich, Fox News, Blasphemy Challenge, Brian Flemming, Brian Sapient, atheist, [Read More...]

Response to Parkview Sermon Questions

Last summer, I was invited to participate in a dialogue on stage with the pastor of Parkview Christian Church during his three weekend services. (More on that here.) Then there was a whole debacle because of a Creationism pamphlet on the church’s website. (Read about it here and here.) Anyway, I just recently noticed that [Read More...]