Can Atheists and Muslims Compromise on Drawing Muhammad?

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day is on Thursday and different people are still deciding how to approach it. Do you draw a picture (or chalk your campus) or do you criticize people doing that? In any case, I support it. And if you agree with me, I invite you to send me your Muhammad images by [Read More...]

Help Foundation Beyond Belief Reach Its Summer Goals

As I write this, nearly 500 people have donated nearly $25,000 to various charities, courtesy of Foundation Beyond Belief. You can help us get past those numbers. The New York Times article from last month really put the Foundation in the spotlight and the money we’re raising is really appreciated by the different beneficiaries. They’re [Read More...]

Ask Richard: How Do I Handle My Six-Year-Old’s Beliefs?

Note: When letter writers sign with their first names instead of a pseudonym or nickname, I randomly change their name for added anonymity. I send my 6 yr old daughter to the only private school in our small town. Naturally, it is a catholic school. I love the people and the education she is getting. [Read More...]

Texans for Truth Rally Gets Positive Press

Yesterday was the Texans for Truth rally, urging elected officials to fight back against the revisionist history being proposed by the conservatives on the state’s Board of Education. They had a lot of supporters there and some very positive coverage in the local media: As the video points out, the revisionist history that’s being proposed [Read More...]

Nun Demoted from Job After Saving Patient’s Life

Here’s a story that shows just how misguided religion can be. It takes place in Phoenix. (What? A problem in Arizona? Never!) Sister Margaret McBride, who worked as an administrator at St Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, was recently demoted. Why? Because several months ago, a female patient “had a rare and often fatal condition [Read More...]