That Awkward Moment When Your Name Is Translated Into Polish…

My friend August sent along this image from some book in Polish. I didn’t realize my name needed translating: Then again, I guess that’s closer than most people get… [Read more…]

London Atheist Group Prepares to Hand Out Godless Condoms

The University College London Union Atheists, Secularists & Humanists are preparing for their organizational fair at the beginning of the year and they plan to hand out condoms with skeptic-friendly phrases on them: Right now, here’s what they’re considering: Science: keeping you safe since 1919. Nothing gets past reason. Protect thy neighbour as thyself. We [Read More…]

An Old Church Gets Put to Good Use

St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba wasn’t doing so well a few years ago. The congregation was growing smaller and the church building always needed maintenance work: But now, the building has been converted — no pun intended — into the WestEnd Commons, a rental property for low-income families: Work has begun to reshape [Read More…]

Albert Mohler Lashes Out Against the Clergy Project

Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, can’t understand this whole “Clergy Project” thing. In many of the stories we’ve heard from former pastors — Teresa MacBain, Jerry DeWitt, Dan Barker — they talk about how they started having doubts but stayed in the pulpit because they thought it was just a phase. [Read More…]

And Now a Message from the Creation Museum

(In response to this post) [Read more…]