Will Someone Tell Jesus He Needs To Pick His Spots?

This is just getting nasty. (via Reddit) [Read more...]

Lou Dobbs Doesn’t Know Godless Americans Exist

CNN’s Lou Dobbs can’t believe what’s going on with the Kay Hagan/Elizabeth Dole story. It’s not that Dole is trying to smear her opponent by labeling her as a “Godless American.” Dobbs is just shocked that there are such people who could be “Godless Americans”: In case you missed it, Dobbs says the following in [Read More...]

Atheists Are on Sale

Damon Payne informs me that atheists are pretty cheap on the Internet. I suppose I’ll buy a couple before we’re all sold out… The total comes to $13.32. [Read more...]

Conservatives in a Last Ditch Effort to Spread Lies About Barack Obama

How low can conservatives go with under a week before the election? A church in Harlan, Indiana decided to post this sign for all to see: A Maranatha Chapel Full Gospel church official said this in his defense: “All I done was ask a question! I did not implicate anybody or anything, any party. I [Read More...]

It’s Only $7.99 For a Child’s Cut

I wonder if this salon take coupons… (via FAIL Blog) [Read more...]