Church to Hungry Homeless: Pray First, Eat Later

The Faith Advocacy Impacting the Homeless (FAITH) Foundation is a non-profit working to help homeless people in New Jersey. The foundation has had trouble finding headquarters. It’s been kicked out of buildings before, but founder Robin Reilly thought she was in luck when the First Reformed Church of Hackensack took in her organization. That is [Read More...]

What Blogs Have Influenced You This Year?

Simple question: What blogs have really influenced or challenged you this year? If that blog is an “established” one, fantastic. If that blog only began this year, even better. Who has grabbed your attention with every post (or many of them, anyway)? Who do you read for original thoughts and opinions? Feel free to leave [Read More...]

8 Albums “About” Atheism You’ve Never Heard Of

I’ve never heard of most of these albums and I haven’t heard the songs on them, but it seemed like an interesting theme for a list Steve Owen: …Like An Atheist in Nashville The title implies Owen is an “outsider.” Hundreds of actual atheists in Nashville would like to disagree. … Believa: Aint No Atheist [Read More...]

How Do You Deal with Workplace Proselytizing?

Reader Amanda manages a coffee shop in Alabama. Recently, a Christian proselytizer came to her workplace… She writes this in an email: … When I came in to work today, there was a gentleman at my counter who had already been served by another employee. He left shortly after my employee did, but came back [Read More...]

Don’t Explain Atheism To Your Children Like This

It won’t go over well. (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]