Book Reading with Chris Mooney

Last night, I went to a book signing where Chris Mooney (The Republican War on Science) was one of the speakers. [Read more...]

Supreme Court Case Only One Week Away

I’ve written about the Hein v. Freedom From Religion Foundation Supreme Court case a couple times now. The case will be presented to the high court next Wednesday, February 28. If you live in DC and want to show your support, there will be a rally for FFRF at 9:30 am (EST) next Wednesday morning [Read More...]

TeacherPreacher Back in Class

Remember History teacher David Paszkiewicz, the guy who was caught on tape preaching to his class? Remember how the student who taped him, Matthew LaClair, got death threats from the community of Kearny, NJ? Well, the case is (somewhat) resolved… As of Tuesday night, there is no teaching religion in Kearny schools– The school board [Read More...]

Life Today Tickets

I mentioned last week that I would be a guest on a Christian TV show called Life Today. I found out that if you are in that area and you’d like to be in the audience, free tickets are available! C’mon and show your support! (And if you don’t live near Dallas, I fully expect [Read More...]

Rapture Havoc

Rapture Wreaks Havoc On Local Book Club MARION, IN—Following last week’s rapture, which transported four members of the Millersville Mockingbirds Book Club to heaven in order to be with Jesus Christ, the three remaining members have reportedly been scrambling to maintain a regular Wednesday meeting schedule as well as the usual coffee-and-pastry rotation.“It’s a shame [Read More...]