My Willow Creek Appearance

Last night, I was invited by Pastor Randy Frazee to speak with him at Willow Creek Community Church. I had a great time and was treated really well by everyone there. It was even more fun to hear Willow Creekers (?) tell me stories about their own atheist/Christian interactions during the book signing afterward. If [Read More...]

Paging Dr. Jesus

Richard Hupper was attending a concert near York, PA. At one point, he went inside a restroom. That’s where he was attacked for unknown reasons. [63-year-old passer-by Richard Bentzel] said the attackers came out of a stall and beat Hupper with boards on the face, head, body and arms. Hupper’s glasses were also broken. “He [Read More...]

Thanks for Setting Us All Back…

Atheist teenagers + Church + Graffiti + Fire = Possible hate crime. The 14- and 15-year-old girls are in Chautauqua County (NY) Probation. The 16-year-old male is in Chautauqua County jail. Good riddance to dumb children. [tags]atheist, atheism, Chautauqua, jail[/tags] [Read more...]

Creation Museum Update

Nearly two months after its opening, the Creation Museum has had over 100,000 visitors. They expect to top 250,000 before the first year ends. They also now want to add 600 parking spaces. I’m not denying the numbers. I do wonder what percent of those visitors went just to see what the hype was all [Read More...]

Oh, the Hilarious Comments People Make…

I often get great emails from Christians genuinely curious about atheism, or wanting to talk about some aspect of the book. They’re welcome and appreciated. But then, I get other emails from Christians that just boggle my mind… I’m not the only person who gets these emails, of course, but given the nature of my [Read More...]