You Need a Survey for This?

Canadians in Alberta, what the hell is going on in your education system? It’s not like most American schools are anything to brag about, but at least the notion of secular education isn’t up for debate: The Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division will conduct a survey to determine how many people in Morinville want [Read More…]

Attaching a Face to the Atheist

A few days ago, I mentioned that Trevor Boeckmann (of the University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers — UNIFI) wasn’t thrilled with A Week because it was confusing to those outside our movement (and even many in the movement). The point is to be open about your atheism, so why not show your face [Read More…]

You Can Defame Religions All You Want

For over a decade, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference has fought to make “defamation of religion” a crime. They wanted to punish you for blaspheming God, Allah, Islam, or a whole host of other religious beliefs some group holds sacred. We already know how much chaos ensued over cartoons featuring Muhammad. So much for [Read More…]

Study Shows Anti-Atheist Prejudice Goes Down When Our Numbers Go Up

I have an aversion to reading academic journals… but there’s a new paper published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (April 2011 37: 543-556) that is a must-read for anyone who has access. It’s called “Finding the Faithless: Perceived Atheist Prevalence Reduces Anti-Atheist Prejudice.” The author, Will M. Gervais of the University of [Read More…]

Atheist/Christian Double Standards

DarkMatter2525 brilliantly lays out example after example after example of the double standards regarding how people view Christians and atheists: This video contains some insane things I’ve heard. You can see how the ridiculousness of these double standards and assumptions glare when I arrange them side by side. Whatever trait you blame on atheism or [Read More…]