A Summary of the Rock Beyond Belief Controversy

If you’re new to this site or unaware of the “Rock Beyond Belief” controversy, this new video should give you a quick summary: On a side note, the Healthy Humanist will be interviewing Sgt. Justin Griffith sometime in the next few days, so if you have any questions for Griffith, let him know! ***Update 1***: [Read More…]

It Must Be Worse in the Deep South…

Maggie Flynn reminds atheists about the perils of dating in a conservative city like Nashville: The wine arrived. As if to demonstrate how moderation worked, Matthew poured me half a glass, which I definitely saw as half-empty. “Are you religious?” he asked. “Not really.” “But you believe in God?” I drained my wine glass and [Read More…]

It’s Pastor Paula’s Birthday Soon…

Just so you all can put it on your calendar, Pastor Paula White‘s birthday is on April 21st and her church knows exactly what she wants… We will be celebrating Pastor Paula’s birthday on Thursday, April 21st! Please make sure to pick up a birthday card from one of our ushers or greeters to sign [Read More…]

Can’t Have a Christian Woman Talking to the Kids

In Denver, Pastor Kathy Escobar was invited to speak at a local high school’s baccalaureate service (basically, an optional, religious graduation ceremony). ***Update***: As a few readers note, I should explain these ceremonies a bit more. I’ll just quote Drew M.: A baccalaureate is an religious service for the graduating class. It is held off [Read More…]

A YouTube Interview with Jessica Ahlquist

Jessica Ahlquist is the high school sophomore at the center of the lawsuit against the city of Cranston over a religious banner hanging in the local high school. She recently sat down for a lengthy interview with her uncle, who happens to make a YouTube series called Philosophy On the Ground: There aren’t too many [Read More…]