How Can Atheist Groups Flourish in the South?

Gordon Maples is the President of the Alabama Atheists and Agnostics at the University of Alabama (in Tuscaloosa). He gave a talk at the 2011 Secular Student Alliance conference on “Expanding Your Group in Harsh Territory“… by which he means The South Gordon also wears the greatest hat *ever* during his talk. Check it out! [Read More…]

A Video To Inspire Our Species

I have no idea what just happened to me while I watched dogmaticCURE‘s latest video, but I suddenly feel inspired to grab a weapon, scream “THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!” and charge after my enemies. Damn, that’s inspiring. (YouTube commenters rightly point out that the collage of brilliant minds beginning at 6:17 consist only [Read More…]

The Pledge of Allegiance Petition

There’s a petition making the rounds on the White House website to remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s getting a lot of support… which, as you know, means absolutely nothing. The Pledge won’t change anytime soon. (If it ever does change back to it original form, you can bet it’ll be via [Read More…]

Alabama High School Stops Football Pre-Game Prayers After FFRF Sends Letter

For the past decade, public prayers have been a regular part of the weekly football pre-game ritual at Arab High School in Alabama. That led the Freedom From Religion Foundation to send a notice (PDF) to the district’s superintendent: Arab City Schools must take immediate action to ensure that prayers are not scheduled at any [Read More…]

The Price Vocal Secular Students Have To Pay…

This is the price some students have to pay for standing up to religious forces in their public high school: Jessica Ahlquist is strong and confident — I know she can handle it. But she shouldn’t have to deal with anything like this just because she’s a vocal minority fighting against an illegal religious banner [Read More…]