Meet Me in St. Louis?

I’m going to be visiting St. Louis this weekend! While I’m going to be occupied Saturday night and all day Sunday, I will have a bit of free time… so I’ll throw this out there: Would anybody be up for meeting Saturday afternoon? Can anyone suggest a good place to meet/eat? You can leave a [Read More...]

Can a Sheriff’s Vehicle Have a Jesus Fish On It?

Kate and her mother were driving through Atlanta, Georgia when they saw a local sheriff’s van next to them on the highway. More surprisingly, the van had the Ichthys symbol — better known as a Jesus Fish — on the back. Is that legal? … I contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They’re on top [Read More...]

Article About This Site in India Abroad Magazine

There was an article in a magazine called India Abroad about myself and the blog. You can read it here (PDF). This is my favorite bit: “We have thousands of gods,” [Mehta] points out, arguing that such a plethora created its own dichotomies. This, in turn, results in the fact that over the centuries, religions [Read More...]

The Chosen Lama Leaves the Fold

You may have already heard the story of 24-year-old Tenzin Osel Rinpoche, who was tapped as a reincarnation of a high Tibetan Buddhist Lama (a.k.a. tulku) at the age of four. Rinpoche has since left his Tibetan university and may not even consider himself a Buddhist. Reader Jeff points out his favorite part of the [Read More...]

God Has Nothing To Do With It

When something good happens, it’s easy to attribute it to a god. When something bad happens — or nothing happens at all — god is quickly let off the hook. This cartoon illustrates it perfectly: (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]