Are “Evangelical Atheists” Too Outspoken?

Paul Kurtz has an editorial in the latest issue of Free Inquiry that is worth reading. He’s talking about the slew of attention and controversy brought about by the release of atheist-themed books by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett. Kurtz argues that this should not be surprising: We dissenters now comprise some 14 [Read More...]

Southern California Job Opening

The Secular Student Alliance is looking to hire a part-time Campus Organizer in Southern California. If you’re a college student interested in getting more involved in secular causes, the SSA would love to hear from you. You can find out more information about the position here. [tags]Secular Student Alliance, atheist, atheism, job, Campus Organizer, Southern [Read More...]

Britain’s Cultural Divide

According to The Guardian, the “new cultural divide” in Britain is not between different religious sects. It’s between those with faith and those without. Colin Slee, Dean of Southward, says this: We are witnessing a social phenomenon that is about fundamentalism… Atheists like the Richard Dawkins of this world are just as fundamentalist as the [Read More...]

A Priest and an Atheist…

…in love? Bill is studying to be an Anglican priest. His ex-girlfriend is an atheist. She supported his faith when they were together, but obviously, this discrepancy was a heavy burden on the relationship. They’re on a break, but they’re still in love. (“She joked that I was giving her up for Lent,” says Bill.) [Read More...]


Yummiest. Experiment. Ever. [tags]Skepchick[/tags] [Read more...]