The Moment of Silence and Prayer Has Begun

When the now-mandatory “moment of silence and prayer” happened in my classroom yesterday, I heard a lot of different responses from students: Why are we doing this…? [Because most Illinois politicians are idiots.] I thought forced prayer was illegal in public schools. [Yes. Yes it is…] Mehta, can we just ignore this like we do [Read More…]

UC Davis Lecture on the Existence of Jesus

The Agnostic & Atheist Student Association at UC Davis in California is bringing Dave Fitzgerald to their campus this Friday to discuss his book Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All. So that won’t be controversial at all… right? Admission is only $1 but the first 20 people in line will get [Read More…]

They’re Nutritious!

You only need one of these a day to meet all your nutritional needs?! I really need to cut back… I’ve been downing three a day. Ok, they’re officially talking about breast milk, but no one will ever notice that. So get the shirt and put it on your baby (Thanks to Michelle for the [Read More…]

Help Richard Win This Poll

The online community of former-Mormons is holding its annual “Brodie Awards” for “best” of everything and our own Richard Wade is nominated in the “Best Chat with the Bishop, Mishies, or Other Church Leaders” category for a column he wrote about an atheist father raising a son with a Mormon mother and a particular problem [Read More…]

A Few Quick Updates

As the new semester begins for my students, I should probably give fair warning. The competitive forensics/Speech Team I coach is winding down our season over the next couple weeks… the “postseason” begins in February, culminating with the Illinois state finals near the end of the month. For those of you who have no idea [Read More…]