ChriFSMas Treats

If you’re eating one of these Flying Spaghetti Monster treats over the holidays, you know there will be a smile on your face. I plan to have these for dinner every night for the next three weeks. Don’t you *dare* discourage me. The instructions on how to make them can be found at Negative Entropy. [Read More...]

Author Curious About Atheism in K-12 Education

Katherine is a writer who is working on a project about the Religious Right and their impact on public education (before college). Topics she is covering include: after-school evangelizing “clubs”; “student-led” prayer in high school athletics; distribution of religious literature on public school campuses; and debates over evolution, sex education, and the teaching of American [Read More...]

Video of the Collision Panel Discussion

A couple weeks ago, I participated in a two-person panel discussion on the movie Collision. The film documented a series of debates on the topic “Is Christianity Good for the World?” between Christopher Hitchens and evangelical theologian Doug Wilson. The panel consisted of me and (Christian) Dr. Chad Meister. It was moderated by Pastor Mark [Read More...]

Letting Go of God Airs on Showtime

Julia Sweeney‘s fantastic one-woman show Letting Go of God had its Showtime premiere earlier a few nights ago and will be airing on the premium channel several times over the next month! Specifically: Showtime’s deal gives them dibs on the movie for a year. If the ratings are good and the audience likes what they [Read More...]

Atheist Billboards Go Up in Oklahoma and Baltimore

The Tulsa Coalition of Reason has a billboard going up this week! … Meanwhile, the new billboard in Baltimore is getting quite a bit of press: Keep up the good work, CORs! [Read more...]