She Left Him for Another Man

You have to feel bad for singer-songwriter Hayes Carll. His girlfriend left him for another man. A far better man. A man with whom Carll can’t compete. At least they caught her on tape: On an amusing sidenote, the video was written and directed by Dano Johnson — the creator of the animated version of [Read More...]

Prayer Is No Replacement for Real Medical Care

Another child has died because his parents put faith ahead of common sense: Their son, 16-year-old Neil Jeffrey Beagley, died June 17 of complications from a urinary-tract blockage. A deputy state medical examiner said the boy apparently suffered for years from the intensely painful but medically treatable condition. The blockage ultimately caused kidney failure, uremic [Read More...]

The Truth About Mercy Ministries of America

Mercy Ministries bills itself as a Christian-based rehabilitation home for “young women who are seeking freedom from life-controlling problems.” It was founded by Nancy Alcorn in 1983. There is a riveting untold story about the ministry in the Nashville Scene, focusing on Jennifer Wynne, one of the girls admitted into the house. How bad was [Read More...]

How An Atheist Responds to Death

I’ve been reading The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality by Andre Comte-Sponville. Good book! More on that later. The following passage on an atheist’s response to death seemed to perfectly encapsulate why we don’t need to turn to religion during the most depressing times in our lives. The author talks about the mindset of an [Read More...]

Sony Promotes The God Delusion?

buzaw0nk walked into a Target store in Phoenix and saw a promotional setup for the Sony Reader — an e-book reader much like Amazon’s Kindle. He was a bit surprised to see the book being promoted: Sony was using The God Delusion to promote their product? Yes, it’s a bestseller, but still… Ballsy move. I [Read More...]