My New Favorite Rapper

As a straight guy who normally listens to Ani Difranco and the Decemberists, you’ll be pleased to know I have a new favorite rapper. Greydon Square. Quantum Physics major. From Compton. Atheist. Go be his friend. And then listen to Pandora’s Box and Molotov. Or better yet, watch them. Pandora’s Box: Molotov: I wasn’t able [Read More...]

Says Christian: 2006 was Year of the Atheist

According to my friend (and eBay-buyer) Jim Henderson of Off the Map, 2006 was The Year of the Atheist. As you know, in life there are things you plan for and things that happen to you. In 2006 we worked to achieve our goals but also got interrupted by God. His interruptions proved to be [Read More...]

Interview with Annie Laurie Gaylor Follow-up

After my interview with Annie Laurie Gaylor, Devika posted the following: A question for Ms. Gaylor: When you mentioned your religious side of your family in your interview with Mr. Mehta, I couldn’t help but reflect on one my own conundrums. My family is staunch Catholic and although I don’t live with them, I often [Read More...]

Evolution Sunday

Remember Justice Sunday? And its sequel… and threequel? Those were the events when conservative Christians tried to persuade Congress to let through their picks for the federal courts. While talking about Roe v. Wade and those wicked homosexuals… (yay, tolerance!) Watch some excerpts here: Anyway, now we have Evolution Sunday. On Sunday, February 11 (the [Read More...]

Blasphemy Challenge Still Going Strong

***Update: If you would like to pose questions to Brian Sapient, Rational Response Squad co-founder (and thus, one of the leaders of the Blasphemy Challenge project), please write them in the comments. An interview with Sapient is forthcoming*** Even Newsweek is getting in on the action. The Blasphemy Challenge is where people submit videos to [Read More...]