Landover Baptist Church *Exposed*

If you’re like me, whenever you read Landover Baptist Church, you wonder if it’s true or not… I’m just kidding. It’s made up. You know how I know it’s made up? Because they $%&#ing say so. But Cross Nation wants to make sure you know there’s a difference: This section is dedicated to detailing the [Read More...]

Christian Bashing in 2007

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (Headed by Gary Cass) released a list of the seven worst offenses of “Christian bashing” in 2007. First, the list: 1.) Colorado Church Murders — “You Christians brought this on yourselves I’m coming for EVERYONE soon and I WILL be armed to the @#%$ teeth and I WILL shoot to kill. [Read More...]

We Vishnu…

A day late and a dollar short, I guess, but still amusing: (via My Confined Space) [tags]atheist, atheism, Hindu, Vishnu, Desi, Indian-American[/tags] [Read more...]

A Reason to Listen to Air America Minnesota

In October, the Freedom From Religion Foundation got a nationally-broadcast atheist radio show on Air America. Starting in January, Minnesota Atheists will be doing something similar on Air America Minnesota. The show will air Sundays from 9 to 10 a.m. on AM 950 starting Jan. 13 when Oxford professor, evolutionary biologist and world-renown atheist Richard [Read More...]

Don’t Deny the Holy Santa

Eto electrical stores in Russia had a television advertisement where they stated that Father Frost (a.k.a. Santa Claus) did not exist. But saying that he doesn’t exist is tantamount to telling children that their parents are liars. So the ad has been banned. The Federal anti-Monopoly Service said the ad had broken rules for advertisers [Read More...]