Now, We Can All Review Churches

***Update***: The story appeared on the Chicago Tribune’s front page (at the bottom): And if you turn the pages to read the rest of the story…? Freaky, no? The folding of my shirt as I lean over makes my body look oddly-shapen. Oh well. Still kinda cool! … I’ve mentioned ChurchRater before — it’s a [Read More...]

Would You Support a Group Like This?

Here’s a theoretical question that I was discussing with a couple friends recently. We can see both sides of the issue, but we wanted to know how other atheists would react: As an atheist, would you be willing to financially support an efficient and effective charity that is founded and run by a non-dogmatic religious [Read More...]

Dan Barker Pwns Fox News Anchor

Man, it feels good to watch this clip. Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, schools the FOX News Channel rookie anchor in why the National Day of Prayer in unconstitutional: You almost feel bad for the kid… until you realize he’s just parroting the right-wing talking points on the matter. Hope he [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Should I Keep My Son In Catholic School?

Dear Richard, I am an atheist and have been open about my atheism for about 2 years now. Although I have been met with some resistance from family, who are Orthodox Christians, overall my atheism hasn’t caused too much turmoil in my or their lives. My wife is a Christian, but she’s fairly open-minded to [Read More...]

Draw Me a Muhammad

Next Thursday is Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. As I’ve written a few times this past week, I support this. I stand behind the college students who have been courageous enough to do this over the past couple weeks. No doubt this event is divisive, though. If you’re thinking about chalking Muhammad on your own campus, [Read More...]