Atheists Attending Brigham Young University Are Meeting in Secret

According to an article in The Daily Utah Chronicle, some students at Brigham Young University are meeting in secret to talk about their lack of faith: Andrew Johnson, a junior in biotechnology at Utah Valley University, founded The Group in October 2010 as a safe place for secular humanists, agnostics and freethinkers in Utah County. [Read More…]

Southern Illinois University Rejects Atheist Student Group… Then Quickly Backtracks

The Secular Student Alliance at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is now an official student organization… but that almost didn’t happen. The Undergraduate Student Government voted against their existence earlier this week: At the USG meeting Tuesday, five senators voted no to the approval, three voted yes and two abstained from taking a stance. Spencer Tribble, [Read More…]

I Would Make a Horrible Christian Man

Milestone Church in Keller, Texas is planning a special event soon just for men. You know how I know it’s just for men? Because I saw this banner on their website… (If I’m opposed to all three of those things, what does that make me…?) Anyway, YEAH! MEN! We kill shit! And then we offer [Read More…]

Let’s Reboot the Bible

In response to DC Comics’ recent “reboot” (in which the publisher reset all 52 of its recurring series at Issue #1), Ryan Sohmer and Joe Eisma at Gutters (a comic book parody site) show us what would happen if the Christian myth were also “reboot”: You can read the rest of the page here You [Read More…]

Atheist Groups Plans to Rip Up Bible in a Demonstration This Saturday

The Backyard Skeptics in Orange County, California have gotten great publicity over the past few months for putting up billboards with positive messages: Now, they’re getting publicity for going after religion much more directly. This Saturday at 2:00p, group members plan to gather at Huntington Beach to tear certain pages out of the Bible. “We’re [Read More…]