You Can Feel the Christian Love

In response to FFRF’s “It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church” ad campaign (the latest one appeared in USA Today over the weekend), co-presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor received this nugget of Jesus-y goodness in the mail: I would be angry about it, but that “Aloha” stamp is just too adorable. [Read more…]

A Suggested Alteration to the FFRF ‘Winter Solstice’ Poster

Several times in the last few years, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has attempted to put up a poster in government buildings across the country where a religious holiday display such as a nativity scene has been allowed. This has had mixed results, from the poster being outright refused, to being stolen, to being begrudgingly [Read More…]

What Would You Ask Penn Jillette?

This week marks the release of the paperback version of Penn Jillette‘s bestselling book God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales As it turns out, he’s making a stop near Chicago this Thursday to promote the book and I’ll be interviewing him in person before his talk. It’ll be [Read More…]

American Atheists Is Looking for a PR Director

For anyone living near Cranford, New Jersey (including folks in New York City), American Atheists is looking to hire a full-time Public Relations Director: Reporting to the President, the Public Relations Director will set and guide the strategy for all communications, including but not limited to, website content, blogging, Facebook content, Twitter messages, and other [Read More…]

Are Foxhole Atheists Really Seeking a Cure?

In a recent HuffPo article, science writer Matthew Hutson reports on three studies suggesting that fear of death will inspire atheists to believe in the supernatural. At least that’s the gist of the argument Hutson makes. (To his credit, he cites an online listing of over 200 atheists in foxholes, showing that atheism can survive [Read More…]