Rolling Stone Found This Too Controversial

When comedian Ricky Gervais had the chance to be on the cover of a recent issue of Rolling Stone, he submitted a picture of himself as a sad clown with a gun in his mouth… and he considered submitting this alternative (just in case a suicidal clown was too offensive): (Photo by Nadav Kander) For [Read More…]

If a Pastor Had to Confess…

If pastors knew they were going to be called out every time they told a demonstrable lie in the pulpit, would their sermons change? What if a buzzer went off every time they asserted something even they didn’t fully accept? How many pastors says things just because it’s what the people want to hear? (via [Read More…]

Rick Rolls Over FFRF Lawsuit

Bad title. Whatever. Two weeks ago, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sued (PDF) over Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s upcoming Prayer Rally, calling it a violation of church/state separation. They wanted to know why a governor was using his title to promote a Christian rally. Today, a judge ruled against the good guys. U.S. District Judge [Read More…]

City Council Donates $1,200,000 to Private Catholic School

South Bend, Indiana is home to the University of Notre Dame — so you can imagine how the city loves its Catholic population. But now they’re crossing the line. The backstory: St. Joseph’s High School is a private, Catholic school. They want to build a new football field and athletic track. So they’re asking donors [Read More…]

American Atheists Names New Military Director

Americans Atheists named Army Sergeant Justin Griffith their new Military Director, taking over the now-retired First Sergeant Kathleen Johnson (who is now AA’s vice-president). It’s a smart choice — very few people have done more to get the lack of Humanist chaplains and the discrimination of military atheists in the media than Griffith has. Of [Read More…]