When Your Son is a Homeopath

There’s a hilarious comic at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Just to give you a taste… Don’t forget to click on the Red Dot at the site for a perfect extra punchline. To all you parents out there, what is the worst thing your child could possibly come out as…? [Read more…]

Open Thread

I’m getting back from a short vacation and preparing lesson plans since school is back in session tomorrow, so consider this an open thread while I recover [Read more…]

Ask Richard: Young Atheist’s Minister Father Threatens to Withhold College Tuition

I get so many letters just like this, more than I can keep up with, where precious love is jeopardized because despite great effort, one family member is simply not capable of believing any more, and other family members are stuck in their fear, or anger, or pride, or ignorance, or prejudice, or a combination [Read More…]

Apply for the 2010-2011 American Atheists Scholarship

If you’re a college student (or a high school senior about to enter college), the deadline for the American Atheists Founders’ Scholarship is January 31st. If you’ve done any activism this past year individually or with a group, if you’ve written letters-to-the-editor which were published, if you were an outspoken atheist in some way or [Read More…]

Atheists Never…

There are many items on this list and so many more that need to be added… There’s a link for each item so you can see the proof for yourself. I don’t see how anyone can go through this list and then accuse atheists of not having a moral foundation. (via Church of the Flying [Read More…]