I Need to Find a Job at a Megachurch…

Take a look at this infographic about Christian megachurches from GOOD and Column Five. Not that you doubted it before, but pastors at those churches are making bank. This is what they get for selling people false hope, convincing them that gay people aren’t deserving of equal rights, and ruining science and sex ed curriculums [Read More…]

Looking for a Contributor to FriendlyAtheist Update

I will respond to everyone who writes to me about this post just to let you know I received your email. If you don’t hear back, it’s because my friendlyatheist email is (for some reason) not working correctly. If that’s the case, please write me here. Sorry for any confusion! [Read more…]

Looking for a Contributor to FriendlyAtheist

Me: Been writing here for a while and would love to introduce another voice or two to the interwebs… You: A reader of this site who has a lot to say about religion/atheism/babies/etc, knows how to say it effectively, and would like to become a contributor on this site. What’s in it for you? The [Read More…]

Ask a Nontheist Running for Public Office Anything

Cecil Bothwell, an atheist politician from Asheville, North Carolina, is running for Congress and he’s doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit right now! [Read more…]

An Interview with God and David Javerbaum, Authors of The Last Testament: A Memoir

You would think The Lord Almighty would be a little busy, but with the release of his new book, The Last Testament: A Memoir — written with the help of former Executive Producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart David Javerbaum — he’s doing something of a publicity tour. Wouldn’t you know it, he [Read More…]