Could America’s First and Only Openly-Atheist Congressperson Lose His Seat This November?

Pete Stark is in trouble. For years, Stark has represented California’s 13th congressional district in the House of Representatives. He has served since 1973. He’s currently the longest serving member of Congress from California. But now there’s a rule change in effect: In 2010, California‚Äôs voters approved Proposition 14, which replaced the conventional party primaries [Read More…]

It’s Secular Student Alliance Week!

The Secular Student Alliance is hosting a BIG event online this week known as SSAweek (#SSAweek on Twitter if you want to follow it)! More than 20 people/bloggers are participating, donating their time and efforts to promote the organization and bring in funding for the upcoming school year. It began today with an AMA on [Read More…]

God’s Hangover

(via The Atheist Pig) [Read more…]

Marriage Equality Opposed By Religious Organizations in Washington State

A bill recognizing same-sex marriages was signed into law in Washington State on February 13th and that law (PDF) was scheduled to go into effect 90 days later, on June 7th. But a group called Preserve Marriage Washington, which describes itself as “a coalition of pastors, community and faith groups and citizens,” has spent the [Read More…]

Autism Study Contributes to Finding the Origin of Faith in God

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found a much lower degree of theism amongst the autistic, linking their lack of belief to their diminished mentalizing capacity. Mentalizing can roughly be defined as the ability to imagine what other people are thinking and to perceive or interpret behavior in accordance to intentional mental states [Read More…]