North Carolinians Should Vote Against Amendment 1 Tomorrow; Revised Billy Graham Says So

Tomorrow, people of North Carolina will have a chance to vote on Amendment 1 — an awful bill that would not only deny same-sex marriage, but also civil unions… which also could imperil “some children’s health insurance benefits, along with child custody arrangements and safeguards against domestic violence” (according to the New York Times). Please [Read More…]

Bradford County, Florida Is About to Get Hit with a Lawsuit

Bradford County, Florida just got a present, courtesy of the group Men’s Fellowship. It’s a Ten Commandments monument to put outside the county courthouse! “It’s not only important for this community,” [leader of the group Harry] Hatcher said of the Ten Commandments. “It’s important for any community. It’s important for individuals.” The Decalogue enshrined in [Read More…]

Update on Student Who Wore ‘Life is Wasted Without Jesus’ Shirt

There have been a couple of updates on Forest Heights Community School senior William Swinimer, the Nova Scotia student who wore a shirt reading “Life is Wasted without Jesus” and got in trouble for it. He returned to school today after his five-day suspension — wearing the same shirt — but his father quickly pulled [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Should I Come Out to My Dying Father?

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, I met you once when Hemant spoke at an atheist group. I shared that I had become an atheist during college, thanks to some wonderful classes and professors, but that I had been raised in Evangelical Christianity, and I was still not out [Read More…]

Atheism Doesn’t Merit An Intervention

I am in the middle of a riotous love affair with the television show Intervention. The affair happened quickly, mostly out of boredom and, out of the chronically bizarre array of options on Netflix streaming, it received a resounding “whatever… good enough” before hitting the “play” button. Reality shows are not usually my cup of [Read More…]