Humans (The Nonbelievers Anthem)

Check out this new song by atheist hip-hop artist Copastatic — there’s a powerful message contained in the NSFW lyrics: (Hook) Are we human or are we dancers? My signs are vital My hands are cold And I’m on my knees looking for the answer Are we human? or are we dancers? (Verse 1) How [Read More…]

A Secular Summer Retreat in Michigan

The folks at Center For Inquiry Michigan have their Fifth Annual Secular Summer Retreat July 22nd-24th, and it looks amazing. There will be games, hiking, biking, canoeing and kayaking. It’s like Camp Quest for the whole family! Early registration ends on Wednesday, so sign up now if you’d like to go [Read more…]

Ask Richard: Should I Feign Converting to Judaism to Keep Peace in the Family?

Dear Richard, I’m in a long-term relationship with a man raised in a modern Orthodox Jewish family. He and I are atheists happy to participate in Jewish culture, but lacking any interest in the spiritual side of things. His parents are both very observant. His mom converted before marrying his dad, and now runs a [Read More…]

Genesis Makes Complete Sense…

Cristina offers her interpretation of how the world came to be… [Read more…]

Christian Group in Edmonton Opposes Anti-Discrimination Program

The board for the Edmonton Public Schools in Canada wanted to “create a policy for schools dealing with discrimination based on sexual orientation.” Here’s part of what they came up with: The Board believes that all sexual and gender minority students, staff, families and same-sex parented families have the right to: … … be included, [Read More…]