The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas

Ariane Sherine, the woman behind the original Atheist Bus Campaign (and my future wife if I get a say in the matter), has signed on to write The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas: Sherine, a comedy writer and Guardian journalist, gathered 42 prominent atheist writers, scientists and comedians to contribute to the book, including Richard Dawkins, [Read More...]

Come for the Pregnancy Test, Leave with the Threat of Eternal Damnation

This didn’t help me sleep well last night. There’s a story by Tina Dupuy in the Pasadena Weekly about a particular Christian “crisis pregnancy center.” Scared, vulnerable women come in to take the free pregnancy test, but end up sitting through much more. The writer’s friend “Maggie” unknowingly went in for a visit: After two-and-a-half [Read More...]

They MOCK the Tea-Bagging?

The conservative OneNewsNow cannot believe CNN’s Anderson Cooper would dare make a raunchy joke when discussing the tea-bagging parties the other day! During his AC 360 program, Anderson Cooper made the vulgar remark after CNN senior political analyst David Gergen spoke of the Republican Party being “in disarray.” Gergen: “Republicans have got a way — [Read More...]

Why Do Atheists Care About the Lives of Others?

This guest post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the American Humanist Association. He usually blogs at Rant & Reason. After Andrew Sullivan reposted the disturbing video from a 2006 Answers in Genesis campaign, it caused quite a stir. It turns out that AIG still has a page explaining it: Every day we are [Read More...]

Calling All Atheist Writers

Hello, everyone, Trina here. As many of you know by now, I am the National Atheism Examiner (columnist) for I want to share with you briefly how it is that I ended up with that gig before I get to my main point. A while back, as a result of the recession, I lost [Read More...]