When Steve Jobs Left His Faith

An excerpt from Walter Isaacson‘s new biography about Steve Jobs: Even though they were not fervent about their faith, Jobs’s parents wanted him to have a religious upbringing, so they took him to the Lutheran church most Sundays. That came to an end when he was thirteen. In July 1968 “Life” magazine published a shocking [Read More…]

And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Be a Creationist

As if you needed another reason to fight against Creationism, I bring you the Flizbins: If you can make it to the 1:16 mark, you get to hear Christian Rapping… If you make it to the end, you deserve a cookie. By the way, that’s a real song from a real album by a real [Read More…]

Recovering from Religion Gets a New Leader

In 2009, The God Virus author Darrel Ray began a group called Recovering from Religion to help people who wanted to leave their faith but needed emotional and social support to do it. Kind of like Alcoholics Anonymous for people breaking their religion addiction. In a sign that shows how the group is growing, Jerry [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Anticipating a Religious Funeral for a Gay Secular Humanist

Last week, an old college friend of mine died. He was only 32 years old. When I met him, he was a Christian and over the course of our friendship, he became a Secular Humanist. He also came out of the closet as a gay man. His family is still really religious and I have [Read More…]

Significance Junkies

Seth MacFarlane — Family Guy creator, 2011 recipient of the Harvard Humanist of the Year award, and executive producer of the upcoming Neil deGrasse Tyson-hosted remake of Cosmos — was on NPR’s Fresh Air a few days ago. There was one portion at the end that was absolutely fascinating to hear because it comes from [Read More…]