Forget “Merry Christmas”

Jeopardy!‘s Ken Jennings second guessed himself saying “Merry Christmas” today: At the store this morning, I was appalled to feel deeply conflicted saying “Merry Christmas” to the cashier. I was suddenly seized by the suspicion that it’s starting to be impossible to wish someone merry Christmas without sounding like a good ideological soldier. I love [Read More...]

We Won!… And By Won, I Mean Finished in Last

The latest Gallup Poll is in. The Economist graphic below tells the story: That’s slightly below 50% who would vote for a qualified atheist candidate. No real change since last time… [tags]atheist, atheism, gay, homosexual[/tags] [Read more...]

Pro-Atheist Exhibit in Colorado Library

The Western Colorado Atheists recently put up a pro-atheist display in a local library. Basically, it explained some basic facts and cleared some misconceptions about atheism. You can see the posters that they created here (PDF). Seems pretty innocuous. But this is Colorado… There was an editorial in the Grand Junction Sentinel newspaper a couple [Read More...]

The Humanist Identity Project Email

The American Humanist Association seems to be taking a page out of the Richard Dawkins’ Foundation’s OUT Campaign playbook. They’ve started the “Humanist Identity Project.” As this email I received (kind of like a chain letter sans the superstition) says: THE HUMANIST IDENTITY EMAIL I’m not going to suggest that forwarding this email to five [Read More...]

The Mormonism Issue

Rod Dreher, a Dallas Morning News editorial columnist, writes this almost excellent piece on religion and politics, focusing on Mitt Romney and Mormonism. We get such nuggets as this one: There are plenty of good reasons for conservative Christians not to vote for Mr. Romney, but his religious beliefs are not among them. Do Christians [Read More...]