Setting Us Straight

Last month, Dan Neil of the LA Times wrote an article proclaiming that atheism was becoming increasingly popular. He dubbed it “Atheist Chic.” Unfortunately, part of the article included the following statement: Despite the recent gains among free thinkers, atheism is still hugely unpopular. There are no atheists in foxholes or in Congress… I normally [Read More...]

The Strangeness of Science

Richard Dawkins delivered a lecture at McGill University in Canada (as part of the “Best of Ideas” series) last week where he discussed why “human beings are unable to grasp the reality that exists beyond our perceptions.” It’s called The Strangeness of Science. Download the mp3 here. (Thanks to Peggy for the link!) [tags]Richard Dawkins, [Read More...]

Doonesbury (It’s Funny This Time)

Ok, ok, so the last one didn’t make you laugh. This one from last year makes up for it. [tags]Doonesbury, science, atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

What Happens When You Die?

Theresa at Frasch Ideas lost a beloved relative recently. Among other things, she talks about how she is dealing with the loss as an atheist and whether there is any harm in religious people believing they will see their loved ones in Heaven. Read her piece. It’s very touching. Theresa ends with an optimistic, Humanistic [Read More...]

Doonesbury and the Grand Canyon

Today’s Doonesbury talks about the Grand Canyon controversy. It’s not particularly funny, but it’s good that the story isn’t flying completely under the radar. (Click on the comic for a larger view.) [tags]Doonesbury, Grand Canyon, atheist, atheism, young earth, Creationism[/tags] [Read more...]