I Found You a New Desktop Background

More on the American Atheists’ banner here and here. (via iCNN — The great picture was taken by @JoyfulGypsy) [Read more…]

Why Scientists Hate ‘The God Particle’

(This is a repost since the original article didn’t post correctly!) Scientists are thrilled about the Higgs boson. But many of them are sick of that term “The God Particle.” Sarah Pulliam Bailey summarizes the history of the term and how scientists (including Peter Higgs) aren’t fans of the misleading term. The best big involves [Read More…]

Indian Rationalist Still in Hiding After Debunking ‘Miracle’

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an update to the story of Sanal¬†Edamaruku, head of the Indian based Rationalist International, who has been forced into hiding in Finland. In case you forgot, Sanal had debunked a supposed “miracle” at a Catholic church in Mumbai and faced arrest for “deliberately hurting religious feelings.” Sanal has [Read More…]

Flying Over New York City Tonight…

The skyline looks lovely (click to enlarge): More information on the American Atheists’ banner is here (Thanks to Brent for the picture!) [Read more…]

Jesus Died for Myspace in Heaven

Reader Myra sent along this church sign she saw in her area: But what does it mean…? Is Facebook screwed in the afterlife? Is it a list of three things that don’t exist? Friendster’s gotta be in hell, right? Her daughter offered this insightful suggestion: “Those idiots probably just got burned by Facebook’s IPO and [Read More…]