Where the Party’s At

Looks like Washington D.C. is the place to go for a hedonistically good time. Time to celebrate Atheistfest! What is Atheistfest? The yearly meetings (held just after the fourth of July) conducted by the godless for the purposes of worshipping Satan, sacrificing cats, having group sex, and making blood pacts with our glorious father, Lucifer. [Read More...]

Crazy Woman on Trading Spouses

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Christian Fundamentalist Marguerite Perrin switched homes with Pagan Jeanne D’amico-Flisher on an episode of Trading Spouses. This is when Perrin gets back home to her family…: Incidentally, Perrin has her own website. She calls herself the “God Warrior.” Once the site loads, listen to the song… (via Atheist Perspective) [Read More...]

Back from WordPress Hell

You know what’s scary? When your blog stops working for a day and you think everything you’ve written in the past year has been deleted. Thankfully, I had backup. And I think the site is back up and functional again, though I’ve spotted a couple glitches that I’ll fix shortly. It did give me an [Read More...]

The Special Times at the Creation Museum

A group of guys from the alternative Buffalo-based newspaper The Beast decided to have a little fun at the Creation Museum. They created a fake website for “The Special Times” newspaper (which catered to “developmentally disabled people of faith”). This gave them press credentials which in turn gave them special access to Ken Ham. Oh. [Read More...]

Reed Reunited

Reed had a crazy story about how he lent The God Delusion to his friend and all hell broke loose. It looks like he got the book back. From the friend’s father. But not without some drama: He showed up at my door a few minutes ago and thrust the book into my hands, urging [Read More...]