It’s the Opposite of Pascal’s Wager

Most people live each day according to their own inner code even though, on the surface, they give credit to a supernatural designer. Even though Marcus Aurelius may never have said the following quotation, his book The Meditations implies much of the same philosophy and is worth a read. Take care of yourself and make [Read More…]

Pennsylvania Pastor Charged for ‘Terrorism Raid’ in Church

Pennsylvania authorities just charged the Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church and youth pastor Andrew D. Jordan with counts of “false imprisonment, a felony, and simple assault.” What the hell did they do to deserve that? They conducted a mock terror raid on unsuspecting teenagers in the church… to show them what some Christian missionaries [Read More…]

UK Taxpayers May Be Funding Creationist Schools

Being a newly minted resident of the United Kingdom, I’ve learned that much can surprise you in this gloriously beautiful country with utterly filthy weather. One thing that might catch an American atheist off-guard is how the UK, a country far more secular than the US, maintains official ties with religion that are unthinkable in [Read More…]

Church to Couple: We Can’t Let You Get Married Here Because You’re Black

Racism is still alive in Mississippi and a Baptist church is at the center of the controversy. Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson planned to get married at the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, a church they attend regularly (but aren’t members of), but at the last second, the church members said they couldn’t hold the [Read More…]

Russian Religious Activists Seek to Ban Facebook for ‘Flirting With Sodomites’

Facebook’s recent decision to create icons for married same-sex couples has found a fierce opponent — a group of Russian Orthodox activists who are taking this opportunity to try to re-criminalize homosexuality. Russian Orthodox activists in the city of Saratov are calling for Facebook to be banned in Russia for perpetuating “gay propaganda” and “flirting [Read More…]