Atheists Are Not Oppressed, says LA Times Writer

Paul Thornton, an atheist and a researcher for the Editorial Pages department of the LA Times, has an opinion piece in today’s paper where he argues: Yes, atheists are disliked, but we should not pretend we face the same oppression that gays/blacks/Muslims have faced: [Richard] Dawkins, [Sam] Harris and other secularists are correct in pointing [Read More...]

My First Book Reading

I had a book signing at Barbara’s Bookstore tonight! Let me thank those who came to the event (old friends and new ones); it was great to have an audience there! Here’s something that made my day when I walked into the store: How cool! The book is on a bookshelf! But what that right [Read More...]

Christian Radio

I was on a Christian radio show this afternoon. It’s not the first time I’ve done a show like this. Some experiences are good (i.e. the Life Today TV show that will air in a couple weeks). Others, not so much (i.e. Kirk Cameron’s radio show). Normally, in these situations, the hosts don’t have a [Read More...]

I Sold My Soul On eBay Review: The New Atheist and YouTube (Complete)

Ben at the New Atheist blog has a nice review of I Sold My Soul on eBay up at his site! He offers two reasons why non-religious people should read the book: First, many of us have not experienced the Christian church at all, or not for a long time. It is valuable to understand [Read More...]

Virginia Tech Massacre: The Blame Game

While we now know the shooter was a South Korean who had any possible number of motives (depression, jealousy, rage, etc.), here’s a small compilation of what was said in the past 24 hours by some of our favorite public intellectuals: Political commentator Debbie Schlussel assumed the killer was a Muslim: Why am I speculating [Read More...]