Public School Teacher Leads Trip to Creation Museum To Expose Students To “Science”

In 2006, Matthew LaClair was a student in the Kearny High School history classroom of David Paszkiewicz. Matthew heard his teacher making some very unusual statements about Christianity: From Sept. 13-15, the class was told that all the biblical prophecies have come true, dinosaurs were on Noah’s ark and all nonChristians belong in hell. He [Read More...]

Who Needs a De-Baptism When You Can Have a De-Bat-Mitzvah?

Atheists have been making news for having de-baptism ceremonies, But that leaves other faiths out of the fun. YouTuber graaar is Jewish and she has decided to throw herself a nice little personal de-Bat-Mitzvah celebration. It involves an explanation of why she’s doing it and a recitation of a lovely Monty Python song (Video starts [Read More...]

Beware the Militant Atheists

Militant atheists are really the worst — what with their “words” and “ad campaigns” and “questions”… (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

Productive Things Happen in Church

This kid has a great mind: 13-year-old named David Baker has received a patent for his Light Beam Delivery System, a pico projector that fits in a pen casing, and works by combining three RGB lasers with an optics assembly that creates a light ray that is then shined through a rotating disk to the [Read More...]

The BabySafe Ball

One day, I’m going to make an excellent father to my octuplets because of inventions like this: It brings new meaning to the phrase “a bouncing baby boy.” (Thanks to Walker for the link!) [Read more...]