I Now Understand Ted Haggard

Research psychologist Jesse Bering writes in Scientific American about how homophobes have “secret gay urges”: I may have failed as a homophobe, but unfortunately, many people succeed. And it turns out we may have something in common—many young, homophobic males may secretly harbor homosexual desires (whether they are consciously trying to deceive the world about [Read More...]

There was a knock on my door…

At 9:55 this morning there was a knock on my door. I was kind of surprised because people don’t generally just drop by my house. I went to answer the door, accompanied, of course, by the curious resident pit bull who would do nothing more to a stranger than sniff and lick him to death. [Read More...]

Supporting the Inclusion of Atheists on Campus

Doctoral student Kathleen Goodman and Professor John Mueller teamed up to write a fantastic article on why colleges should embrace and acknowledge atheists on campuses nationwide. They mention this website a couple times as well. (Woo!) I don’t know whether that version from The Chronicle of Higher Education is the same as the one that [Read More...]

You Are NOT the Father!

Imagine if Mary appeared on Maury to get a paternity test to find out who the father of Jesus was… Sample line from Joseph: “I am 5,000% sure that I am NOT the father of that baby.” The key bit happens at the 4:05 mark. I wonder how this will end… (via DarkMatter2525) [Read more...]

Atheist Thinks of Her Life on the Brink of Death

Rose experienced something truly frightening the other day. I had a wreck yesterday on the way home from work. I hit a patch of ice and lost control of the car and as it slid toward the guard rail, I yelled loudly, “Fuck!” and thought of all the things I haven’t done. Her thoughts didn’t [Read More...]