Penn Jillette on the Election

Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) wrote a commentary for CNN on the upcoming election — from his Libertarian point of view: Barack Obama is way smarter than Bush — so way, way smarter than me. Obama is way more charismatic than me. He did his big speech for about 80,000 people; I’ll do my [Read More...]

Sarah Palin Gets Her Own Building

The Landover Baptist Center for Creation Studies is no more. It has been renamed: The Sarah Palin Center for the Advancement of Creation Science Research. Pastor Deacon Fred comments on this turn of events: “Mrs. Palin shares our belief that the world was created by Jesus’ Daddy, Poppa-God, in six days but has been here [Read More...]

No Prayers at This Senior Center

Back in June, a senior citizen at the Verde Valley Senior Center in Arizona was getting annoyed by the constant Christianity thrown in her face — there were prayers and religious music playing before meals, for example. She told the staff about her concerns, but it didn’t work. She told them this was illegal since [Read More...]

Even Some Christians Have a Problem with Sarah Palin

While it’s easy to think all Christians are fawning over Sarah Palin, not all of them are huge fans. The progressive Christian group Matthew 25 Network put out a press release calling on Palin to be kinder, more honest, and — in so many words — “more Christian”: The Matthew 25 Network is extremely disappointed [Read More...]

Win a Trip to the Galapagos!

The FLorida Atheists and Secular Humanists (FLASH) and the Center for Inquiry Community of Ft. Lauderdale are raising funds for their Darwin Day public education events next year. If you donate $50 to their cause, you will be entered in a raffle to win a trip for two (for 7 days/6 nights) to the Galapagos [Read More...]