The BJU Interracial Dating Ban… In Print

I knew about the interracial-dating ban that Bob Jones University used to have — they ended it in 2000 — but I’d never seen the actual rule in the handbook until yesterday: Darrell at Stuff Fundies Like points out the significance of the picture: Sometimes it takes actually seeing things written down to make them [Read More…]

Skeptical Resources for the Classroom

My friend Matt Lowry is a Physics teacher in Illinois and he recently gave a talk about “Skepticism in the Classroom” at The Amazing Meeting 9 with Barbara Drescher and JREF’s Michael Blanford. Some of the resources from that workshop are now available and they’re really fantastic if you’re an educator. A few of my [Read More…]

Beware of Cults

… and that’s how the character on the left got kicked out of church. (via Mimi and Eunice) [Read more…]

Handling Someone’s Death with Dignity

Reddit user hecatin heard that a friend’s mom passed away. In the midst of people saying (on Facebook) that they’d pray for the friend’s family, hecatin offered something different and poignant: Beautiful. To paraphrase some commenters on Reddit, I’m going to remember that line… but I hope I never have to use it. (Thanks to [Read More…]

Camp Quest is Not the ‘Atheists’ Answer to Bible School’

Today’s Washington Post has a really terrific article about Camp Quest Chesapeake: … Perhaps one should begin with what these campers believe in. They believe in critical and creative thinking. They believe in mutual respect and living ethically. They believe in arts and crafts. But here in a wooded national park south of Manassas, under [Read More…]