That Office Better be Glowing

It’s bad enough that some politicians waste taxpayer money on pet projects… but you won’t believe what Coun. Michael Thompson did in his first act in office: Toronto city hall watchers are raising questions after Coun. Michael Thompson paid a pastor $300 of taxpayers’ money to have his office blessed. The blessing of Thompson’s office [Read More…]

Is Eating Meat Compatible with Humanism?

There’s a debate on whether veganism is truly Humanistic taking place at the Humanist Network News. I’m betting none of you have an opinion on this. Jason Torpy presents Team Vegan: Humanist values, as I understand them, put a premium on health, animals, and the environment. Humanists should be able to suffer some inconvenience to [Read More…]

Giles County Parent Offers a New Way to Break the law

I thought the controversy over a Ten Commandments display in Giles County, Virginia public schools was finally over… The school board wanted to push Christianity into the public sphere. The Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened to sue. The board changed their mind. But local parents don’t seem to care they’re on the losing end of [Read More…]

Why Would Anyone Pay Attention?

I know this Non Sequitur strip is supposed to be about television “pundits” like Glenn Beck… … but all I see is a preacher. (via Reddit) [Read more…]

Ask Richard: Why Should I Capitalize the Word “God”?

Hi Richard, I have a quick and simple question for you. Since you do not believe in god, why do you capitalize “God” in your texts? I share many of the same beliefs/ideals as you, therefore not seeing a reason to capitalize the word “god”. Thanks! Just Curious Dear Just Curious, I don’t know if [Read More…]