Speaking in Minnesota

On Sunday afternoon at 1:30 pm (CST), I’ll be speaking to the Minnesota Atheists group at Roseville Public Library (in Roseville, MN). If you’re in the area, please come by! Detailed information can be found here. Some other interesting notes: One member of MN Atheists is August Berkshire, who wrote the popular “18 Unconvincing Arguments [Read More...]

What Would Jesus Really Do?

Roland Martin is a syndicated columnist and former editor of the Chicago Defender, an influential black newspaper. If you’re unfamiliar with him, you may remember this exchange on legacy admissions (which essentially mean you got into a good college because daddy went there and now gives the school money) he once had with President Bush– [Read More...]

Where Are All the Atheist Women?

At the American Atheists convention, there were more women (at least ratio-wise) than I’ve seen at just about any other atheist/skeptic event. It was nice to have them there, but this convention, like all others, was short-lived. It raises the question of why there are relatively few women in the secular movement. Why is it [Read More...]

Welcome to Our World, Michael

(Update: The video is back up and able to be embedded!) Well, my family isn’t this bad. They still get me Christmas presents. (Of course, I’ve gotten only socks from them for several years running now… maybe they’re trying to send a message.) But I don’t think Michael’s mom’s reaction is out of the ordinary [Read More...]

Does It Really Matter if the Public Doesn’t Like Atheists?

This was the panel discussion question posed at the American Atheists convention. I was on the panel, and my answer was a resounding “Yes.” Of course it matters. If reason and logic were enough to convince people that atheism makes sense, most of the country would have lost their faith by now. Clearly, that’s not [Read More...]