Christianity Wins This Round…

Bill experienced definitive proof of God’s existence yesterday. He was going through his morning routine when he glanced at the ground: Do you see it…? It’s a message from the Heavens! Look closer! Oh, snap! It’s the Ichthys symbol! Atheists, I only have one question: What now? BAM. Game, set, match. If Comfort and Cameron [Read More...]

Indexed is in Bookstores Today!

Jessica Hagy‘s book, Indexed, is finally released today! In case you missed it a couple weeks ago, here is my interview with the always-thought-provoking-and-hilarious author. [Read more...]

Meth Addict’s Problem with Rehab (Hint: God is Involved)

Journalist David Sheff and his son Nic recently appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air to talk about their respective books. Nic was a meth addict (one of many drugs he used) who eventually escaped the addiction. He’s 25-years-old now. One part of their interview was particularly interesting. During rehab, Nic experienced a lot of “Godtalk,” such [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #19: Christ Lightning

Last week, I ran this contest: Recently, Jesus was struck by lightning: Why was he being punished by God? (Thanks to Chris for the suggestion!) Here are the Top 5 responses (with submitters)! 5| God was trying to make his skin color a little more realistic. (Mike) 4| Jesus stole God’s last Zebra Cake, as [Read More...]

The Assignment Wasn’t About Jesus

Horace, an assistant professor of English, was teaching his university students about Romanticism. He assigned his students a paper about the works of Kant, Burke, Shelley, Blake, Wordsworth, and the like. He received a number of papers discussing… someone else: For this assignment specifically, I get a lot of students who reference both the language [Read More...]