Last Chance to Vote to Help Some Great Atheist Organizations

This is the last chance to sit on your butt while making a huge difference. Voting for the Chase Community Giving Program ends tonight at midnight and the Secular Student Alliance, Camp Quest, and Foundation Beyond Belief all have a chance at winning lots of money. As of this writing, the SSA is *barely* hanging [Read More…]

New Evidence Definitively Says Jesus May or May Not Have Been Married!

Harvard Divinity School professor Karen King has announced the discovery of a 2nd century fragment of papyrus that contains the words “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…’” So what does this mean? Well, it turns out, not a whole hell of a lot: King has been quick to add this discovered text “does not, however, [Read More…]

Judge Rejects Religious Objection For Maintaining Life Support For Abused Child

A judge in Edmonton (Alberta) has decided against saving the life of a two-year-old girl, over the objections of the parents. It sounds like the decree of a wicked judge, but there’s more nuance to this story. The girl’s parents stand accused of severely abusing both her and her twin sister. The extent of the [Read More…]

Cheerleaders at Texas High School Angry Because They Can’t Hold Up Biblical Run-Through Signs at Football Games

At a lot of high school football games, to pump up the crowd and the players, the cheerleaders hold some sort of large paper sign in front of the tunnel and the players *burst* through it as they make their way onto the field. If you’re in Kountze, Texas, though, the signs look very out [Read More…]

More Mitt Romney Gaffe Goodness!

Perhaps it’s the fact that politicians are under even more scrutiny than ever before, but there seems to be many more high profile gaffes being made of late.  Embarrassing mistakes have always plagued politicians of every stripe in every corner of the globe, but there is just something about the way American Republican leaders have detached themselves from reality that [Read More…]