You Can Join the Inauguration Lawsuit

The last time you heard about atheist Michael Newdow‘s Inauguration lawsuit was when it was rejected by a judge days before Barack Obama took the oath of office. That, however, was simply a preliminary injunction. A small setback. Not a big deal, really. The Inauguration issue hasn’t gone away. It is likely this case could [Read More...]

I’m Going to Save You… Now Put On This Diaper

What Troy Brisport did to this woman sounds pretty bad. He was: … accused of kidnapping, handcuffing and holding captive in an adult diaper a 22-year-old woman he picked up off the streets in Detroit… But wait. It’s ok. He was just trying to save her. For three days Brisport held her captive. During that [Read More...]

The Christian Far Right

If I ask you to think of a Religious Right organization, which groups come to mind? Focus on the Family? American Family Association? Another group called Exodus Mandate puts them to shame. EM says those other groups are not religious-right enough. They want every Christian to home-school their children and trash public schooling. Nine organizations [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #40: How Obama Will Reach Out to Atheists

Last time, I ran this contest: Barack Obama has taken a presidential oath without a Bible. He mentioned non-believers in his Inaugural Address. In what way will President Obama reach out to atheists next? Here are the Top 3 answers (with submitters): 3| In an effort to balance faith-based initiatives, becomes eligible for federal [Read More...]

Can Atheists Be Conscientious Objectors?

The latest issue of The Humanist has an incredible article by Karen Frantz about army specialist Agustin Aguayo. Aguayo is an “agnostic who believe[s] in a higher power.” During his army training, he realized he could not kill someone even in the case of war: During his training in arms and military operations he began [Read More...]