Jesus Isn’t As Peaceful As You Think

This image has been floating around the interwebs lately:     While, I really want to appreciate the sentiment — Jesus is a really nice guy — I’m plagued by the OTHER things Jesus is quoted as saying in the very same book from which his peaceful, loving statements come. A few examples: Matthew 10:34 [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Atheist Veterinary Worker Feels Awkward With Religious Pet Owners’ Questions

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Hi Richard, I work in the animal health field in a large, progressive city so I don’t often get faced with situations like these, but when I do I’m never sure how to respond. Once upon a time I was a theist, but that way [Read More…]

Dear Abby, I’m a Psychic!

When I get emails from crazy people, I delete them. When Dear Abby gets them, she reinforces their lunacy. Like yesterday, when someone wrote in to talk about her psychic powers: DEAR ABBY: I will graduate from college in June and be a social worker. I am psychic, although I dislike that word because it [Read More…]

Plan Your Own Reason Rally and Then Tell Me How It Goes

So there’s a week to go before the Reason Rally and the complaining is already in full stride. As if all the organizers and volunteers don’t give a damn about reason and are just letting anyone with a pulse onstage… Since I’ve been helping organize the event (mostly on the Internet end of things), here’s [Read More…]

Become a Capital-A Atheist

Debbie Walker urges everyone to become a “Capital A” Atheist and — Grammar Nazi issues notwithstanding — I couldn’t agree with her more: I think there are a lot more little “a” atheists out there than we realize. People who don’t have anything to do with any religion yet haven’t made a stand, a commitment [Read More…]