Carnival of the Godless #79

The new Carnival of the Godless is at Aardvarchaeology. Go check it out! The next CotG is at Sexy Secularist in two weeks. Submit your entries here! [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Bye Bye Bibles?

I never know how to react (or whether to react at all) when I see Gideon Bibles in my hotel rooms. That may not be an issue anymore. Hotel room Bibles are on the outs: Unlike traditional hotels, the 10-year-old [Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan] has never put Bibles in its guest rooms, because “society [Read More...]

Atheist Have a Homoerotic Passion for Paddleboats

That’ll make sense in a few seconds. American Dad (Stan) just found out his friend is an atheist. Here’s his response: (via [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Principal Warns Parents to Avoid Atheist’s Movie

This is from Paul Rolly‘s column in the Salt Lake Tribune: Administrators at Muir Elementary in Bountiful [Utah] usually use the school’s e-mail system to notify parents about student achievement, PTA bake sales and upcoming events. But Principal Kevin Prusse recently used the school system to warn parents: Beware the anti-Narnia. Prusse alerted parents about [Read More...]

First Church of Atheism

I still say atheism is not a religion. But Paul and Jacki McMaster have started the First Church of Atheism. It’s a way to ordain atheist “ministers” who can preside over things like weddings, funerals, and commitment ceremonies. It’s legal and free to get ordained. Why did they start it? When Paul and Jacki were [Read More...]