Rain Dance? Crazy. Rain Prayer? Of course.

What bugs me about this guy is not that he believes that praying for rain will actually do anything. He’s no more intelligent than Alabama Governor Bob Riley who asked people to say the prayers in the first place. What bugs me is he uses this story to indicate that “atheists cry out for help [Read More...]

Edit a Holy Book Challenge

g0at is running a contest. You have to add/change/edit a Holy Book (e.g. Bible or Koran). Details are here: The prize isn’t very exceptional, but just think of the pride you’ll have if you win! If you enter, though, you’ll have to go up against Ashley. Which means you’re going to lose. The deadline is [Read More...]

Creation Museum Refuted by the Ground Below It

This video by Greg Courtney takes a different approach to refuting the unscientific Creation Museum: Using the ground it stands on. (Thanks to Ashley for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism, Creation Museum, Greg Courtney[/tags] [Read more...]

Harry Potter 7 Isn’t Even Out Yet…

According to the School Library Journal: The [South Carolina] Pickens County Library System’s half-hour summer programs for middle and high school students were supposed to take a light-hearted look at the topics “Secrets and Spies: How to Keep a Secret by Writing in Code or Making Invisible Ink” and “What’s Your Sign?” Another program was [Read More...]

My Evil Clone Is At It Again

I swear it’s not me. I don’t even drink Snapple. And I would definitely never file such a crazy, frivolous lawsuit. How dare someone sully my good name!? A New York man sued Cadbury Schweppes Plc on Friday, accusing the company of mislabeling certain products, including its Snapple juice and tea drinks, as “all natural” [Read More...]