South Park Classic

Enjoy this lovely Christmas message from Mr. Garrison, circa 1999. Oh yeah… it’s explicit. And offensive. And all other things that make South Park so fun to watch. Keep the kiddies away. [tags]Mr. Garrison, South Park, atheist, Muslim, Hindu, India, Santa Claus[/tags] [Read more...]

$1,000 Contest Coming to a Close

As I mentioned a couple months ago, the Secular Coalition for America is having a contest to find the highest-ranking, openly non-religious, elected official. The contest will end on December 31st, and the winner (and the winning entry) will presumably be announced shortly after that. Only currently serving officials qualify as entries for this contest. [Read More...]

Dawkins Answers Your Questions

Not that he was hiding from them before, but this Q + A from The Independent (UK) features Dawkins making quick work of frequently asked questions. (Via the eBay Atheist blog) [tags]Richard Dawkins, The Independent, atheist, atheism, eBay atheist[/tags] [Read more...]


Doug Thomas writes an interesting article in the latest Humanist Network News. He mentions how a British philosopher, Roger Scruton, criticized Richard Dawkins and other atheists because “atheists rely on science to arrive at answers.” Why is this a problem? Scruton says “science is often wrong and to base one’s philosophy on it [is] prone [Read More...]

The New Outcast Minority

Retired Marquette University professor Robert F. Boyd wrote a fantastic editorial last week. It needs to be read. Read it here. Some excerpts: The most recent bogeyman is the atheist. You know who he is — the secularist who wants a wall of separation between church and state, the elitist scientist who believes in evolution [Read More...]