Atheists Helping the Homeless

This Sunday, Joe Zamecki and other atheists in the Austin, TX area are conducting a wonderful service project: they’re giving away free toiletries to homeless people. We’ve received donations of money and items to give away from all over the nation, but we need more. We need to let more Atheists know about this project, [Read More...]

Atheist Billboard Goes Up in Lakeland, Florida

A billboard reading, “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone” has gone up in Lakeland, Florida (near Tampa), courtesy of the Atheists of Florida: A local news channel ran a piece on the story. About 1:10 into it, they interview a couple very entertaining anti-atheist folks about it. One guy just calls it stupid. [Read More...]

Asheville City Council Election Update

I know there are more important elections happening out there right now (you did vote No on 1 if you live in Maine, right?), but there’s an update on the City Council race in Asheville, NC. This was the race in which atheist Cecil Bothwell was up against forces using his non-theism against him. So [Read More...]

Free Expression Essay Contest for College Students: Winner Gets $2,000

The Campaign for Free Expression (a part of the Center For Inquiry, and along with the Council for Secular Humanism) is holding an essay contest to promote it’s beliefs on “the right of individuals to express their viewpoints, opinions, and beliefs about all subjects — especially religion.” You must be a college student. Winner gets [Read More...]

What Is Evolution? Just Ask the Children…

In anticipation of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin‘s most famous book, Charlie’s Playhouse is putting together a really interesting project. We’re asking parents to pose a simple question to their kids: “What is evolution?” and let us know the very first answer. … We’ll weave their answers into a short, fun [Read More...]