Neil deGrasse Tyson: Why NASA is So Important

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why NASA is so vital to America’s future and why we shouldn’t be underfunding it: Damn, I love that guy. There is good news to report: President Obama has issued a revamped Space policy which will (among other things) increase NASA’s budget. (via Bad Astronomy) [Read more...]

Ask Richard: Advice For a Freethinker Entering Middle School

Dear Richard, What advice would you offer to a young freethinker about to start her first year of middle school? Best regards, A Freethinking Mom Middle School Too soon, too soon, childhood dies, Too far away adulthood lies. The long, perplexing in-between Can be so tender and so mean. No longer boy, but not yet [Read More...]

Christian Refuses to Sign Civility Contract… Guess Why?

We know Christians are divided. There are a lot of Christians who probably agree more with secular values (like separation of church and state) than they do fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Jim Wallis and the folks at the group Sojourners recently released a “Covenant for Civility” that calls for all Christians to come together despite their [Read More...]

A Happy Day for Skeptics and Atheists

There were a couple incredible news stories taking over the skeptic/atheist world yesterday. To recap: After Simon Singh won his recent appeal, the British Chiropractic Association has dropped their case against him (PDF)! This means Singh is almost done with this nightmare — which started because he spoke the truth about the BCA: their products [Read More...]

A Couple Events in Chicago This Weekend

For atheists near Chicago, there are a couple events in the city you might be interested in this weekend. Friday night, PZ Myers is coming to town to participate in a panel discussion on God and morality and how they shape our world. He’ll be joined by Communist Sunsara Taylor and Catholic priest Bob Bossie. [Read More...]