A Priest and an Atheist…

…in love? Bill is studying to be an Anglican priest. His ex-girlfriend is an atheist. She supported his faith when they were together, but obviously, this discrepancy was a heavy burden on the relationship. They’re on a break, but they’re still in love. (“She joked that I was giving her up for Lent,” says Bill.) [Read More...]


Yummiest. Experiment. Ever. [tags]Skepchick[/tags] [Read more...]

Tourism in Memphis

When I go to Memphis in a few weeks, here’s what I want to visit: MegaCrosses are popping up everywhere. Naomi had an interesting post on the matter– describing some of the biggest ones around. She also writes through email: Erecting and maintaining the sites can create dangerous situations, especially if it is an accident-prone [Read More...]


I mentioned earlier that the Freedom From Religion Foundation was going to be featured on CBS evening news. You can now see the video of that segment here (to the right of the article). The segment also features Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, who I’m sure would have [Read More...]

Summer Camps

The Chicago Tribune Magazine ran a cover story today about various summer camps across the country. One of the camps they featured was Camp Quest (CQ), the summer camp for children of atheists. (Stephen Colbert poked fun at it last year.) They interviewed my friend August, the director of one of the regional sites. (Strangely [Read More...]