A Republican Mississippi State Representative Really Hates Gay People

Earlier this month, the country was all abuzz with news that President Obama stands in support of gay marriage rights.¬† Of course, amid new Internet trends¬†and celebrations, there was a predictable right-wing media backlash. One of the most spectacularly homophobic was the response of Mississippi State Representative Andy Gibson (Republican… of course): Rep. Gipson came [Read More…]

Pastor’s Testimony Excluded from Rape Case

As you might expect from the headline, this case is disturbing, disgusting, and revolting. What you might not expect is that the good guy in this story is the religious leader. In 2009, an 11-year-old girl told her mother that, two years earlier, her 15-year-old male cousin had raped her (when she was nine). The [Read More…]

Embracing the Atheist Afterlife

(via Toothpaste for Dinner) [Read more…]

One Year Ago Today, the World Ended

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You Don’t Have to Play Laser Tag

They think they’re talking about laser tag. I think they’re talking about religion. Same thing. Full cartoon is at So Your Life is Meaningless [Read more…]