Dealing with Truth

A couple news stories today show that people can’t handle the truth. A pastor from Colorado has stepped down from the pulpit because he’s gay. (Fark headline: “Evangelical megachurch preacher in Colorado admits he’s gay. No, not that preacher, the other one. No, the other other one”) Rev. Paul Barnes of Grace Chapel in Douglas [Read More...]

Religious Representation in Congress

Jonathan Tilove of Newhouse News Service wrote about the religious firsts in the new Congress. The summary: The new Congress will, for the first time, include a Muslim, two Buddhists, more Jews than Episcopalians, and the highest-ranking Mormon in congressional history. Some other interesting points: Of the 43 Jewish members of Congress, there is only [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance

You know you have been wanting to give money to a good cause all holiday season. So before the year ends, consider giving a donation to the Secular Student Alliance! The SSA is the only democratic, national organization catering to atheist/agnostic/Humanist college students across the country. And the SSA’s budget is only a fraction of [Read More...]

Thanks Jerry Falwell!

(Thanks to Logos for the link) Americans United for Separation of Church and State reports on an interesting case that backfired on the Religious Right. A public school in Virginia didn’t allow for religious material to be distributed to children. That is, until a church couple wanted to distribute a flier advertising Vacation Bible School [Read More...]

College Papers

Oklahoma State University’s The Daily O’Collegian published this editorial today. It urges students to express and explore beliefs while in college. College is certainly the time for people out on their own for the first time to re-evaluate the world around them and learn tolerance for those who don’t share the same beliefs they do. [Read More...]