Soccer Rules Board Overturns Hijab Ban

It really frustrates me when religious people choose to deny themselves an activity that they enjoy because society won’t accommodate their restrictions, which have zero basis in reality. (The fact that they then tend to get angry about everyone else being stubborn and inflexible is just the icing on the frustration-cake.) But when inclusiveness costs [Read More…]

Another Problem with ‘Purity’

Libby Anne, who grew up thinking sex was only something reserved for marriage, talks about one of the byproducts of that way of thinking: The belief that all men only wanted one thing from her. Eventually, I ended up kind of scared of guys my age, because, after all, they were all sex-crazed maniacs who [Read More…]

In News That Won’t Surprise You, Kirk Cameron Said Something Stupid on TV

Kirk Cameron appeared on Piers Morgan last night to promote his “documentary” Monumental. But the focus was on his misguided beliefs, including the notion that homosexuality is immoral: MORGAN: What is your view of gay marriage? CAMERON: I feel like I just got imported into the Christine O’Donnell interview you did back in August. MORGAN: [Read More…]

The Indoctrination Begins at a Young Age

I can’t believe no one brought this to my attention before, but Parisian photographer Malo created a series of images of professions babies could one day fall into through the eyes of their parents. Two of them are just frightening: I think Malo spoke to my parents for this one: This little piggy went to [Read More…]

Post Reason Rally Party!

After the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally in 2010, a bunch of atheists got together at the Lauriol Plaza Restaurant in Washington, D.C. Since the Reason Rally is only weeks away, I thought I should mention a party we’re throwing afterwards! (By “we,” I’m referring to the writers at this site, the folks at Freethought Blogs, [Read More…]