Videos from the Oklahoma Freethought Convention

The Oklahoma Freethought Convention took place at the very end of July and some of the videos are now available. The quality is *fantastic*, better than most speaking videos I’ve seen. Here are the videos up so far: Dr. William Morgan talking about his journey from Faith to Agnosticism: Abbie Smith talking about evolution and [Read More…]

No, *This* Is How We Get More Black People Involved in the Atheist Movement

This is a guest post by Ian Cromwell. Ian is an African-American atheist who blogs at The Crommunist Manifesto. He is also a member of CFI Vancouver. Some background: After Derek Miller wrote a piece about “Inviting Black Americans to the Secular Table,” Cromwell posted a response on his site indicating his frustration with what [Read More…]

They Do It So You Don’t Have To

Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy have an excellent podcast in which they try out all the skeptical things you always hear about. In recent months, they’ve gotten ear-candled, visited a Sikh Gurdwara, and — this is impressive — gone through five months’ worth of classes in order to become official Mormons. In Part 1, your [Read More…]

Are Pastafarians Just a Joke?

Jack Jenkins of the Religion News Service wrote an interesting article about whether the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is purely parody or whether there’s any more to it than just that. I’m mentioned in the piece because I fall in the latter category. Greg Epstein doesn’t go quite that far. For many atheists [Read More…]

Sketches for Skeptics

This is a really neat fundraiser started by someone who just wanted to pitch in. Cody Barnes is a professional portrait artist from Birmingham, Alabama. He’s offering to donate a percentage of his fees to American Atheists for any atheist customers who want to get work done: Cody’s portraits are $200 for a charcoal, $350 [Read More…]