Why the Camp Pendleton Cross Needs to Come Down

A group of “Iraq War veterans and two Marine widows” recently erected a 13-foot cross to honor friends who lost their lives in battle. If that’s all it was, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I might think the cross was excessive — my god’s dick is bigger than yours — but I wouldn’t [Read More…]

Superstitious Christian Worker Sues Because Workplace Made Him Wear a ‘666’ Sticker

How much should an employer have to budge when it comes to respecting a worker’s religious beliefs? Whatever the answer is, this story gets out of hand from both directions. Pliant Corp. has its workers wear stickers showing how many days it’s been since the last accident. One day, it approached Day 666… You can [Read More…]

Are Your Beliefs Separating You from Your Family Over the Holidays?

I was contacted by a (credible) reporter who’s looking for atheists to speak to for a possible story: I am embarking on a holiday story about atheists/free thinkers whose views keep them separated from their families at the holidays. Know anyone with a good story to tell? I want to write about how bridges are [Read More…]

Atheists in Idaho Get Press

***Update***: I forgot to link to this video featuring Lew Payne, organizer of the Boise Atheist, Non-Theist, and Humanist meet-up group. … You’ll never see an article where the subject is “Christians have a place to meet!” But when we’re talking about atheists — in Idaho — the fact that there’s coverage isn’t all that [Read More…]

Mr. Deity’s Bang

It’s the end of Season 4 and Mr. Deity is going out with a bang: “Just pretend you’re Catholic.” Heh [Read more…]