Friendly Atheist Contest #34: Worst Ways to Come Out as an Atheist

Last time, I ran this contest: This weekend is the Atheist Coming Out Party in Columbus, OH. This raises the question: What is the worst way to come out as an atheist? It can be a statement, a dialogue/scene, a sign, etc. The question is open to interpretation! Here are the Top 5 ways (with [Read More...]

Internetically Streaming Version of the Atheist Alliance International Convention

For those of you who are unable to attend the upcoming Atheist Alliance International convention in Long Beach, California, AAI is once again offering Internet streaming of the convention. … After the 2007 convention, people wrote to say how pleased they were to have hosted large house parties, meetings, presentations at theaters and presentations at [Read More...]

A Debate on God’s Existence (Abridged)

If you’d like to read an abridged version of a recent debate on God’s existence between atheist Michael Shermer and Professor John Lennox, here you go: Lennox: [story of personal tragedy and near death experience] Shermer: yes, that’s very moving but still isn’t evidence for god, in fact it’s a problem [problem of evil explained] [Read More...]

Server Specs – We Need Your Help

Hey all, My name is Tim and I am currently the guy supplying our friend Hemant with a server for his website. Problem is, his website is HUGE, and we need to look at upgrading him. He says that some of you are pretty tech savvy (which I don’t doubt, with close to 5,000 daily [Read More...]

The Picture Speaks for Itself

From FAIL Blog: (Thanks to Diane for the link!) [Read more...]