Why Is She Not Going to Church Anymore?

Pastor David Hayward has a friend who is still a Christian, but she doesn’t want to go to church anymore. And it’s not because she’s suddenly an atheist. Why she doesn’t go to church anymore? Because her intelligence, deep thinking and independence are not respected. I don’t mean her feelings are hurt because people don’t [Read More...]

The New State Quarters Have Something in Common…

***Update***: I’m being told that the new quarters do, in fact, have “In God We Trust” written on them even though it’s nowhere in the description. I’ll leave the post up, but please keep in mind the information may be inaccurate. Thanks! Sorry for any confusion! … Check out the new coins issued by the [Read More...]

Christian Science Church Slowly Begins to Reform

After hearing all those horrific stories of Christian Science-practicing parents willing to let their children die rather than abandon their destructive and absurd beliefs, I’m glad to hear the church is taking one step forward by allowing followers to see doctors. It’s not saying much, considering they’ve spent decades walking backwards… But it’s a start. [Read More...]

What is Heaven Like to an Atheist?

President of the Secular Coalition for America, Herb Silverman, has a great response for people who ask him — an atheist — about the afterlife: I do know what will happen to me when I die. I’m going to medical school, just like my Jewish mother always wanted me to do. I’ll use my body [Read More...]

The Problem with Religious Education in Australian Schools

This is a guest posting by Julie Cowe, an American currently living in Melbourne, Australia. She recently emigrated there from Scotland. She’s been blogging for five years and became active in secular issues after learning there are organizations trying get God into American public schools. … Unlike America, Australia has no separation of church and [Read More...]