Of Mice and Men: In Memoriam of Christopher Hitchens

This is a guest post by Anne Crumpacker. Anne is a former public school teacher with a passion for fostering critical thinking and innovation in young people. Her blog SocraticMama.com is a collection of snippets, treats, and tales chosen to nurture imagination and logic for both children and their grown ups. … Why did you [Read More…]

Reddit Atheists Surpass $200,000 Fundraising Goal for Doctors Without Borders

Way to go, Reddit Atheists! They just surpassed the $200,000 fundraising goal for Doctors Without Borders: Don’t think that means you should stop donating, though! You can keep giving right here. (via Humanist Examiner) [Read more…]

Church Responds to an Atheist Billboard in South Carolina

Last month, some digital billboards went up in South Carolina as part of the Columbia Coalition of Reason‘s outreach campaign: A few days ago, there was a rebuttal to the sign put up by Park Street Baptist Church (in the same location as the atheist billboard) with the words “We Still Believe in God & [Read More…]

When Christianity Meets Strategy on Survivor

[*** There may be spoilers below***] As you all know, Survivor is still the best show on television. (Don’t judge me.) But this season has been especially annoying because three of the remaining six contestants are openly (and loudly and boastfully and frustratingly) Christian. Every time something goes right, they’re quick to thank Jesus. Every [Read More…]

Rogue Catholic Group Vandalizes Anglican Church Billboard

St. Matthew-in-the-City church in Auckland, New Zealand is notorious for their fantastic billboard campaigns and their most recent one was right up there in terms of controversy: Not a bad visual, right? Some might say it defeats the notion of a virgin birth, but the church says the ad puts the focus on a “real [Read More…]