Brian Flemming on Fox News Channel

Wow. John Kasich of Fox News is really frightened about the Blasphemy Challenge. Co-Founder of the Challenge, Brian Flemming, sat with him for an interview last night. It’s intense. (Incidentally, the other co-founder was Brian Sapient, who I spoke to a couple weeks ago.) [tags]John Kasich, Fox News, Blasphemy Challenge, Brian Flemming, Brian Sapient, atheist, [Read More...]

Response to Parkview Sermon Questions

Last summer, I was invited to participate in a dialogue on stage with the pastor of Parkview Christian Church during his three weekend services. (More on that here.) Then there was a whole debacle because of a Creationism pamphlet on the church’s website. (Read about it here and here.) Anyway, I just recently noticed that [Read More...]

Donnie Davies

It’s Sunday. Break time. Enjoy a video while you’re at it. From a group called “Donnie Davies and Evening Service,” here’s a video called “The Bible Says”: Priceless. The man with the pink shirt and mustache says he’s no longer gay. This is too entertaining to waste any energy getting angry about it. Unless this [Read More...]

I’m That Good.

Speaking of Masala Skeptic, Maria made a mention of this article regarding The Amaz!ng Meeting 5. She comments: A most excellent article and it mentions: “Women are outnumbered by about 4 to 1 at the meeting, so they make a point to get together and bond in their pajamas.” …For the record, the Skepchick pajama [Read More...]

Masala Skeptic

During The Amaz!ng Meeting 5, I met Maria. She is also brown. And she came to a realization: … one of the first things I noticed was that of the 800+ attendees, there were maybe 15 people who were minorities – Asian, African-American, Latinos and Indians are not at all represented. It got me wondering [Read More...]