Julia Sweeney in Chicago This Weekend

Julia Sweeney once played androgynous Pat on Saturday Night Live. You remember Pat. Pat was hilarious. Now, Julia is touring with her one-woman show called Letting Go of God, a monologue about how she went from being a Catholic to being an atheist. The first part of it can be seen here (from the recent [Read More...]

American Atheists Convention Recap (Sort of…)

It’ll be better to do a few separate posts on certain topics discussed at the American Atheists convention since there is so much to cover. But for now, a couple quotations (which you’re not allowed to quote me on) and pictures! Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, during her introduction speech: … has anyone come [Read More...]

South Suburban Chicago Bloggers

My local paper in the Chicagoland south suburbs, the Daily Southtown, did an article on bloggers in our area. Among those blogs mentioned are one that “features pieces about knitting,” one that “details the cooking exploits of… [a] stay-at-home father of two,” and this other one…: Hemant Mehta, a 23-year-old Sandburg High School graduate known [Read More...]

What Do Atheist Bloggers All Have in Common?

Well, besides the whole “not believing in God” thing, anyway? We all have a massive crush on Micki Krimmel: Ok, at least I do. Damn you, submitter at Fark, for exposing her to everyone else. [tags]Mickipedia, atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Adam and Eve

It’s Easter. So by some stretch of the imagination, this is relevant. And pretty amusing (via ExChristian.net) [tags]Adam, Eve, Bible, dating[/tags] [Read more...]