Not Happy With the Atheist Signs? Blame the Christians

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been taking a lot of criticism recently for placing their pro-atheism signs next to Nativity scenes on public property. Bill O’Reilly is leading the charge. Sandhya Bathija of Americans United for Separation of Church and State makes an important point, though: The irony is that O’Reilly’s fury really should [Read More...]

Nativity Scene in a Public School?

***Update***: The author has removed her posting and its follow-up. No word on the Nativity scene, though. … I understand public high school classrooms putting up holiday decorations this time of year — lights, ornaments, even small trees. But a Nativity scene? That’s what Crystal, a Christian teacher from Georgia, seems to have done… This [Read More...]

Are You Praying for the Economy?

It’s a new poll on Beliefnet, so not many votes have been cast yet. Still, the obvious answer is apparently not so obvious to everyone else. Currently winning: “Yes, but not with specific solutions.” We can change that, right? [Read more...]

Atheist Christmas Trees

Questions inspired by Ask MetaFilter: As an atheist (or Agnostic/Humanist/what-have-you), are you putting up a Christmas tree this year? If so, are you making any modifications to it…? What are they? (Thanks to G for the link!) [Read more...]

An Atheist Coloring Book

I don’t know when Kate at Dorid Designs is going to make this available to the public. But when she does, I’ll want the atheist coloring book: Poor Mary. Someone needs to get her a present that will make her happy. [Read more...]