Christian Group Says Jesus is Coming Back… Let’s See Them Back It Up

The fans of Family Radio Inc., a Christian radio network, have sponsored dozens of different billboards in select cities around the country proclaiming the exact date when Jesus is coming back. May 21st, 2011. You know, just like the Bible “predicted.” The Rapture is going to be a great day for God’s people but awful [Read More…]

Teenage Con Artist: God Told Me To Charge You $150

Brian Scibetta thinks he can talk to god, ask him questions, get the answers, and tell you what he said… for the low, low price of $150/hour. He says god told him to charge that amount. I don’t know where to focus my rage: At Brian, who’s (knowingly or unknowingly) conning people; his customers, who [Read More…]

Dave Silverman vs. Megyn Kelly

Dave Silverman was recently on Fox News to talk about the American Atheists billboard with host Megyn Kelly. Here’s how that interview went down in a nutshell: Nicely done, Internets (via Reddit) [Read more…]

Why Do Atheists Need to Get Together?

Marcia Segelstein has a piece at OneNewsNow about all those atheist billboards that are “bashing” religion: I guess I just don’t understand. Christians (along with Jews and Muslims) gather in groups to worship. Atheists don’t gather not to worship, so why seek out members? What’s there to be a member of? And why should atheists [Read More…]

Anne Hathaway Explains Why She Left the Catholic Church

Actress Anne Hathaway was recently on NPR’s Fresh Air to discuss her movie “Love and Other Drugs.” At one point, host Terry Gross brought up the topic of homosexuality and the Catholic Church: GROSS: I should mention, this is maybe a good place to talk about it, that your brother is gay, and he got [Read More…]