How Religious Are Religious People?

It’s an argument made by Sam Harris and others: The religious fundamentalists, crazy as they are, are the most dedicated to following their faith the way in which it was always intended. It is the religious moderates who shape and mold their faith to fit their way of life. (And if you’re going to do [Read More...]

You Can’t Spell GraDuatiOn Without GOD

At the University of Alberta, graduates are handed a diploma during a ceremony where the chancellor says the following: “I charge you to use [the powers, rights, and privileges of University degrees] for the glory of God.” It’s commonly understood that the big-G “God” here is some variant of the monotheistic God (or the one [Read More...]

Please Don’t Let People Do This To Me When I Die

Author David Foster Wallace died last Friday by apparent suicide. The author of Infinite Jest and other works is being remembered by his fans everywhere… This tribute may piss you off, though: Wallace had three planets in the sign of Pisces, his Sun, Chiron and Venus, and four planets in the eccentric zodiac sign of [Read More...]

The Case For The Case For… Books

I enjoy Christian attempts at religious satire. This one from LarkNews pokes fun at author Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and other similarly-themed books: Lee Strobel, the one-time atheist and junior reporter who has made a career of applying journalistic techniques to biblical questions, has penned his 40th [Read More...]

House M.D. and Atheism

There aren’t many shows on TV where the lead character is an out atheist. Gregory House, not surprisingly, breaks that rule. In anticipation of tonight’s season premiere of House M.D., here is a compilation of dialogue from previous seasons that bring up the subject of God and religion. Season 1, Ep. 5: Sister Mary Augustine: [Read More...]