Dead Atheists

Now, normally I’m against dead atheists. But Dane Cook’s version of what could happen to the atheist who tried to start a theological debate with him amused me greatly. (I know what you’re thinking: An atheist starting a theological debate? Never!) [Read more...]

Philip Paulson

Philip Paulson is the Vietnam War veteran who sued to remove the Mt. Soledad National War Memorial Cross which is on public property on San Diego. This suit has been ongoing for nearly 20 years, and recently, President Bush signed legislation transferring the cross to the Department of Defense. (Good to know they’re not too [Read More...]

The Lake of Fire

A couple nice articles to share with you: [Read more...]

Katrina Service

In New Orleans, on the anniversary for Hurriance Katrina, a prayer service was planned in the city. An atheist objected to this. At this point, you’re thinking “Big surprise. An atheist tried to ruin everyone else’s celebration.” But that wasn’t the case at all. The atheist in question, Harry Greenberger, wanted to be included in [Read More...]

The Devil Made Me Do It

Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s chief exorcist (I’m not making this up), has recently said that Hitler and Stalin were possessed by the Devil. Which is just sad.  It’s like saying they didn’t have a choice doing what they did.  They would’ve been nice guys, but the Devil just screwed it all up!  Of course, [Read More...]