I’m Coming to Baltimore

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be speaking at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County! The details: Where: LH2 – Meyerhoff Chemistry Building When: Wednesday, March 30th at 7:00p Cost: Free! Sponsors: UMBC Secular Student Alliance Secret word: Mambo. Hope to see you there! And while we’re at it, it’s my first time coming to [Read More…]

Vax Your Bracket

If you’re planning to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket this week, consider Vaxing Your Bracket! 1. Go to your PayPal account and send $10.00 to Vax.Charity@gmail.com. (Note: PayPal may charge you a fee of $0.56) 2. In the message section, please give us the email you will be using to join the Pool. 3. [Read More…]

I Want to Take This Class

Even though I love Math and Biology, none of my college classes were all that great. I just sort of came and went. My grades were fine, but I probably learned more from reading books on my own and having discussions with friends than from any textbook or professor. The Political Science and Philosophy students [Read More…]

Radical Muslim

A user on Reddit described what he thinks of when he hears “Radical Muslim” (and “Extreme Fundamentalist”): Heh I’ve never thought of it that way… because I’m a math nerd and this is the first thing that pops up in my mind when I hear the phrase… Math: Where some numbers are imaginary, just like [Read More…]

She Threw a Pie in My Face

In honor of Pi Day (on March 14th), the students at my high school voted on the math teacher they’d most like to throw a whipped cream “pie” at. We do this a little before Pi Day so the TV students can film it for their weekly newscast. Guess who won this year…? I’m not [Read More…]