Keeping God Off of Georgia License Plates

The state of Georgia is holding an online vote to decide its next license plate: The winning design will be displayed on millions of vehicles in Georgia and wherever Georgia vehicles travel nationwide. Wouldn’t you know it, a few of the designs happen to mention God… Thankfully, they’re not all that silly. But just in [Read More…]

Are There Pre-Marital Counselors for Atheists?

Reader Chas was ordained online to perform weddings and he’s done a few of them to this point. But, in an email, he asked about another aspect of marriage that I didn’t have an answer to: Our local county offers a discount on marriage license fees for people who go through about 12 hours of [Read More…]

Kansas Could Become the First State Without an Abortion Clinic

When a state government is run mostly by theists who know how to set aside their silly religious beliefs for the good of society, you get progress… as we saw in New York last night. When a state government is run by theists who are guided by nothing but their religious beliefs… well, you’re now [Read More…]

The Religious Exemption to the New York Same-Sex Marriage Bill

As I write this, the New York state Senate is about to vote just voted to make same-sex marriage legal 33-29. (Hallelujah!) To ensure the passage of the bill, though, a “religious exemption” amendment had to be passed first. I’ve boldfaced what I consider to be the important parts: Religious Exception. 1. Notwithstanding any state, [Read More…]

Grief Beyond Belief

For atheists who need some support after experienced the death of a loved one, there’s a new Facebook group that could offer some help: Grief Beyond Belief. Grief Beyond Belief provides a safe space for atheists and other non-religious people to share and process the death of a loved one. Because bereavement is sometimes the [Read More…]