How to Teach Your Child About Religion

Jenny Lawson (a.k.a. The Bloggess) is always entertaining to read, but this piece about her daughter and religion is especially awesome. A few weeks ago [my daughter] entered the Sunday School contest for “Make-your-own-Armor-of-God” with a sword she made from cardboard and tinfoil. She won. When I asked why she wasn’t more excited about it, [Read More…]

The Musical Version of The Selfish Gene

Yep. Richard Dawkins‘ classic book has somehow/strangely/seriously been turned into a musical and it’s opening today. Jonathan Salway has a background in theatre, not biology, but when he read Dawkins’s book, the clarity of writing, the fascinating subject matter and even the humour so inspired him that he felt compelled to transform it into musical [Read More…]

Help a Dynamic Freethinkers Group Win an Award

Richard Wade here. My friends at Filipino Freethinkers have been nominated at the Global Tatt Awards in two categories: The first category is called “The Advocate.” Since they first formed in early 2009, they have fought tirelessly both in public events and online against the Catholic Church’s domination of Philippine politics and public policy, advocating [Read More…]

Starbucks’ CEO Cancels Church Speech because of Their Anti-Gay Bigotry

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that Starbucks Chairman/CEO, Howard Schultz, spoke at the (evangelical Christian) Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. This is a summit that both Bill Clinton and Bono have spoken at before; this year, speakers include Newark Mayor Cory Booker and marketing guru Seth Godin. Admittedly, the focus is on leadership [Read More…]

Guessing a Number to Win a Cross

Dale McGowan tells a story in which his knowledge of the Bible works against him in a contest. The setup: At his wife’s (super religious) family reunion, a Baptist minister was asking everyone in the audience to guess a number to win a prize. He gave away t-shirts and pins… Then came the finale. With [Read More…]