It’s Dangerous for Children To Know Atheism Exists, Says Illinois State Legislator

Outspoken atheist Rob Sherman, who (with his daughter) filed a lawsuit that eventually put a stop to the Mandatory Moment of Silence, was back in the Illinois General Assembly on Wednesday. He was there arguing Governor Rod Blagojevich‘s $1,000,000 grant to the Pilgrim Baptist Church — which was given to them via the more secular [Read More...]

Intellectual Masturbation

Ken Bronstein said it. Not me. Bronstein and the New York City Atheists were featured in Gillian Reagan‘s article on the “new breed of book clubs” in The New York Observer. The New York City Atheists book club can take six months to get through an assigned reading. ‚ÄúThere is an intellectual masturbation going on [Read More...]

I See Something on That Piece of Jesus…

Too funny. John Ordover sent this in. He was looking at a picture of Jesus (or rather, an artist’s interpretation of what Jesus might have looked like) when he realized a piece of toast had miraculously appeared on it. I think this must be a message from John’s toaster! But can we be sure that [Read More...]

Picketing the Pope

Pope Benedict XVI is going to be visiting the United States in a couple weeks. American Atheists have has something to say about that (at least in DC and NYC): AMERICAN ATHEISTS will be hosting peaceful demonstrations in both cities to protest the papal agenda for cultural, social and political hegemony. We invite all Atheist, [Read More...]