But There’s a Low of 58!

I knew it was getting hotter this week… At least it’ll all be better by Sunday! (via Buzzfeed) [Read more…]

Will You Be Raptured?

In order to help out those of you who are confused about what will happen on Saturday, I made this handy flow chart: [Read more…]

Michael Newdow’s Latest Case Rejected by Supreme Court

Atheist Michael Newdow sued to keep Barack Obama from saying the phrase “So Help Me God” during his Inauguration… and lost. He appealed… and lost again (they said he “lacked standing” (PDF)). Finally, he took his case to the Supreme Court. Earlier this week, they rejected hearing his case. The high court on Monday refused [Read More…]

The Boot Protest Guy is Back…

About a year ago, notorious campus preacher Brother Jed was at the University of Oregon spewing his blather when a clever student found a way to shut him up. As Jed spoke, a student named Tony stood near him, preaching the Gospel of The Boot: Tony was quite hysterical as a southern Baptist minister, and [Read More…]

What Would You Want Young Atheists to Know?

Some of the students at my high school are planning to start a Secular Student Alliance group next year (Their idea, not mine, though I’m honored to be their sponsor). We met yesterday to talk about what they’d like to do with such a group, what goals they have, etc. Among other things, they said [Read More…]