One Family: 14 Catholics, 1 Atheist.

17-year-old Sonia Ponce is the only atheist in her family. Many atheists share similar stories, but unlike Sonia, we don’t all have twelve religious siblings in addition to our two religious parents. Sonia shares her story on New York Public Radio. The link also contains a transcript of the radio story. We are from Mexico, [Read More...]


Youth Pastor Wick is going to be on Wheel of Fortune! When? Sometime in the next couple years. But it’ll happen. And the story of how it happened is just fun to read. (Pastor Wick, if you find a way to mention this site or my book during your appearance, I’ll send you a box [Read More...]

Nick Digilio Show Interview

On Saturday night, I did an interview on Chicago’s WGN radio with host Nick Digilio to promote I Sold My Soul on eBay. For anyone who has walked past the Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue, and seen the street-level studio, you can imagine how exciting it was to be inside it! And the host was [Read More...]

FFRF Loses Supreme Court Case

Nearly four months ago, the Freedom From Religion Foundation was in the Supreme Court. Their case was over the issue of whether taxpayers had standing to sue the government when it supported religion in violation of the Establishment Clause. Here are recaps of the case and the day in court and highlights from the oral [Read More...]

Carnival of the Godless #69

The new Carnival of the Godless is at The Uncredible Hallq. Go check it out! The next CotG is at Friendly Atheist in two weeks. Hmm… I’ll get to work on that immediately. Submit your entries here! [tags]atheist, atheism, Carnival of the Godless, The Uncredible Hallq[/tags] [Read more...]