To Hell with Pi Day

Tau Day is *much* cooler: (via Vi Hart) [Read more…]

A Quick Stop to Creationism in the Classroom

After activist Rob Sherman heard that a science teacher at Libertyville High School in Illinois was teaching Creationism — you can see the teacher’s handouts here (PDF) — all he had to do was speak up at a school board meeting to put a stop to it. It was that simple: Libertyville High School teacher [Read More…]

North Carolina State Representative Dismisses Church/State Separation

After military officials at Fort Bragg cut off the resources for Rock Beyond Belief, many people have been complaining to their local politicians. That includes George G. Cleveland, a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives. He’s also chair of the state’s Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs committee. So it’s even more incredible [Read More…]

God’s Goodness Gave Us This Video

I don’t know why this video is appearing everywhere, but it is: Is it a Poe? I don’t even care to find out. (***Update***: The commenters all say this is indeed a Poe.) Even if it were true, one young, crazy Christian doesn’t say anything about the other people following the faith. It’s easy to [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Young Atheist Feels Trapped in Religion

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Richard I recently came out to my mam as an athiest. You see im 15 and at first my mam brushed off my ideas as “teenage hormones”, but when I pushed further saying that I have already decided to be athiest she said that as [Read More…]