Illustrated Stories from the Bible

I just came across this book recently. It may be the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. (And I’ve seen 2 Girls 1 Cup.) The book is called Illustrated Stories from the Bible (that they won’t tell you in Sunday School) by Paul Farrell, published by American Atheists Press. The title gives [Read More...]

Please Switch Your RSS Feed

Hi all. Most of you who use an RSS reader to check out this site have been using this link. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I’m asking you to please switch your feed to this link instead. The old one will be fading away soon and I don’t want to lose you all! (***Update***: [Read More...]

Spot the Differences

Ray Comfort wants us to Spot the Difference: I found one: People who believe in the left side of the picture have their heads in the clouds. The rest of us are grounded in reality. Maybe you found others… On a side note, wouldn’t you think a Christian (perhaps moreso than anyone else) would know [Read More...]

Things Are Getting Fixed Around Here!

A few updates on the site: The Forums are back up and running at a new URL. Come join the dialogue! The contact form is fixed. If you use Safari to view this site, it should be looking much nicer now. You can once again edit your comments and apply quicktags to them. We’re getting [Read More...]

Elizabeth Dole Attacks Senate Opponent for Meeting with Atheists

North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole and her communications staff put out a press release today criticizing her Democratic challenger Kay Hagan. What did Hagan do to deserve the criticism? She plans to attend a fundraiser hosted by atheists. On September 15th, Kay Hagan is heading to Boston, Massachusetts to attend a fundraiser for her Senate [Read More...]