A Non-Believer in God’s Country

Greta Christina felt excluded as an atheist during the Inauguration. And yes, she heard the shout-out to non-believers. Like many of us, she appreciated the gesture. But she wonders whether that is it. Is that all we get? Amidst the excitement of hearing the phrase “and non-believers” in Barack Obama’s speech, did atheists notice just [Read More...]

Backwards Pregnant Baby Cake?

My birthday is in just over a month. And I like food. I’m just saying… (via Cake Wrecks — Thanks to the 39438923 people who sent me this link. You all know me so well.) [Read more...]

A Gay Christian Woman Struggles with Her Identity

I have an online friend named Anne. She’s a hardcore Christian (though anyone who works for a Church would fall under that umbrella for me). She’s a newly published author. From reading her website over the past year, it’s obvious her heart is always in the right place and that we’d be really good friends [Read More...]

Atheist Hell

I don’t see how this is very different from my current existence… (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal — Thanks to everyone for the link!) [Read more...]

Ricky Gervais Discusses His Atheism with James Lipton

Comedian Ricky Gervais recently appeared on Inside the Actors Studio with host James Lipton. He discussed the origins of his atheism in the way only he can (The relevant portion begins at the 4:33 mark.) Here’s a rough transcript of the exchange: Lipton: What are the lessons that you learned [from your family]? Gervais: That [Read More...]