Help Me Out?

The first day of classes are on Monday and I’m trying to make a point for my high school math students. You can guess where I’m trying to go with it. But I need a couple more examples of the following: What are things that could possibly help us one day but very few people [Read More...]

Random Question of the Day

Your first kiss: Good/Bad/Awful? [Read more...]

Get an A for Performing Voodoo

In New Zealand, Massey University is offering a class (a.k.a. a “paper”) which examines attitudes toward magic. The university’s new magic and witchcraft paper allows students to make voodoo dolls or “magical curse tablets” for their first assignment. … It was devised by senior classics lecturer Gina Salapata, who said it involved staff across the [Read More...]

How Dare You Treat Atheists Like the Rest of Us?

The Wilson County fair had previously said those attendees who brought in a church bulletin would get a $2 discount on admission. This was illegal, considering it was a government-sponsored event, and atheists wanted a discount as well, so the county said they would also accept printouts from atheist websites. Good for them. Crisis averted. [Read More...]

Server Switch

The site’s going to a new server. Yay! Things should be back up and running shortly. [Read more...]