Things I Want for My Birthday

Woo! I’m 25 today. (Yep, 25 on the 25th.) What do I want…? For everyone to make a donation to the Secular Student Alliance Anything from the Amazon wishlist Two tickets to the upcoming TED conference. This may prove difficult since it’s been sold out for forever… and ticket prices range in the several thousands [Read More...]

Response to Atheist Logic

I’ll admit I forwarded through parts of the 11-minute clip (the Oscars are on…), but the ending is priceless. After a long drawn-out discussion (?) over the meaningless theistic claim that atheists need just as much faith not to believe in God, Matt Dillahunty (host of the Atheist Experience cable access show) gets a fantastic [Read More...]

Video Version of Gods We Don’t Believe In

A video version of the list of gods that atheists and Christians don’t believe in: (via Too Many Tribbles) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

The Truth About Atheists

Linda Staten has a piece in the The Kansas City Star where she sheds some light on atheism. The piece is unintentionally funny… mostly because the “truths” she shares with Kansas readers are so painstakingly obvious to all of us. You wonder about the implication that Christians in the reading area may not actually be [Read More...]

Christian Comedienne

The New York Times Magazine has a story today about Anita Renfroe, a 45-year-old Atlanta native who made it big on the Internet with her song “Total Momsense” (sung to the tune of “The William Tell Overture”): There’s more to her than just that song, though: Renfroe is also a devout Christian and for about [Read More...]