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Alabama Mayor Knows How to Fight Crime

Mayor Larry Langford was worried about the “skyrocketing” murder rates in his city of Birmingham, Alabama. He was also being criticized for not doing enough to stop the crime. So he came up with a solution: “I’m gonna give you something far better than a gun to protect yourself with. I’m gonna give you the [Read More...]

Expelled‘s Weekend Box Office

How badly did Expelled do on opening weekend? The weekend isn’t over yet, but it is possible to extrapolate based on Friday’s receipts. Things don’t look too good. [Insert your own "Expelled from the box office" joke here.] … Playing in 1,052 theaters, the pic distributed by Rocky Mountain Pictures earned $1.2M Friday for what [Read More...]

Shake the Faith

Evolved Rationalist shares a story from a Young Earth Creationist, James, who changed his ways. James now believes in theistic evolution. You don’t have to agree with James’ current views, either — I don’t — but the way he made the switch indicates that we atheists shouldn’t keep our mouths shut when it comes to [Read More...]

How To Spend Your Tax Refunds

After all the talk of tithing and how atheists donate less than many religious people, here’s a place all of you can send the extra funds you may be entitled to this year. A brief description: … Modest Needs compiles “grant applications” from people who are on the verge of entering the poverty cycle. Through [Read More...]