nakedpastor: Let’s Go Bowling

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Despite Ken Ham’s Wrangling, Creation Museum Left Off List of Places Every Kid Should Visit

Remember when Budget Travel was taking nominations for their list of “15 places kids should see before 15“? The Creation Museum had topped the list thanks to constant voting from Ken Ham‘s readers. (And golf claps to them for out-Pharyngulating us.) Now, the article based off the poll is out… and the Creation Museum didn’t [Read More…]

In the New Tea Party Coloring Book, a Page About the Pledge of Allegiance…

An image from Tea Party II: Why America Loves You! The Social-Activist Coloring Book for Kids: If you’re going to give it to your teacher, I suggest crossing out a couple of words with a black crayon. (via Christian Nightmares) [Read more…]

Rock Beyond Belief Summary (with Video of Richard Dawkins’ Speech)

Richard ∑wald at Atheist Nexus has a terrific roundup (with pictures) of this past weekend’s Rock Beyond Belief rally: Like the Reason Rally, Rock Beyond Belief served many purposes, first and for most a statement. Here’s were the two events have a slight divergence. The Reason Rally’s “you are not alone” and, “we’re here, we’re [Read More…]

A Beautiful Compilation of Rhetorical and Logical Fallacies

If any of you are forced to go to church next weekend, I suggest printing this out and taking it to the service with you. When the pastor speaks, cross the fallacies he uses off the list. It’s like Church Bingo. But more blasphemous. (Click the image to enlarge.) (via Information is Beautiful — Thanks [Read More…]