Illegal Church Parking

The Chicago Reader reports on a phenomenon going on in the city: illegal church parking. There’s a whole back story about how the parking situation is hurting the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation (CBF), which had some great uses for the roads in questions. But here’s the part that involves the churches… … signs make it clear [Read More...]

Join the Blogroll!

***UPDATE 2: The Blogroll should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!*** ***UPDATE: Yes, there’s a problem with the blogroll page (it only goes through the letter H). I’ll fix this as soon as I can. In the meantime, feel free to continue commenting with your links. Sorry for the confusion!*** I’m taking a break [Read More...]

Science Writers Taking Jabs at God

Jessa Crispin at Bookslut has this complaint: Can someone write a book about science without the snobby bullshit included? I would be much more willing to finish reading The Canon if Natalie Angier had not kept including constant swipes at people who believe in god, the superstitious, and people who read fortune cookies. I’ve always [Read More...]

Christian Condoms

Not kidding. (Website’s subtitle? Study the Word long and hard.) (Also in the website’s banner? WhoWJD?) These are freakishly expensive, though. $2.23 a pop. Unless you want to buy a pack of 100. In which case, they’re still freakishly expensive at $1.20 each. But maybe it’s not too bad, considering your 100 atheist friends will [Read More...]

Best Republican Presidential Candidate?

Jim Gerard at the Huffington Post has an idea of who the Republican candidate should be: God — and I’m talking about the wrathful, Old Testament Lord, not Jesus or the Holy Ghost – is the perfect Republican candidate. He then gives a list of reasons why God should be the GOP’s pick. For example, [Read More...]