Another Update on Charity: Water Fundraiser

As I write this, we’ve raised $3,829 of our $5,000 goal! 84 of you have made donations and we’re so close… Just a reminder that we’re raising the money for “drilling equipment that will bring clean water to people in Ethiopia.” It’s not too late to chip in — we have just over a month [Read More…]

If You’re Doing Some Online Shopping…

The one and only time I’ll do this all season, I promise. If you’re making any purchases via Amazon during Cyber Monday (or whenever), please use this link to get there! A portion of your purchases will come back to me and Baby Jesus will cry. Win-win for everyone, right? Thanks for indulging me [Read more…]

A Birthday Card for an Atheist Uncle

Reader Bob just celebrated his 72nd birthday and his atheist nephew made him this excellent card: Considering how many families would never joke about such things, you have to appreciate their sense of humor [Read more…]

Atheist Billboards in Columbia, South Carolina Get More Press

The Columbia Coalition of Reason recently put up this digital billboard in two places in anticipation of the big football game between the University of South Carolina and Clemson: As inoffensive as that is, it caught the eyes of the local ABC affiliate — they say the billboards “strike a nerve” — and they invited [Read More…]

I Demand Christian Children!

From PostSecret: Here’s a thought: Why not just raise your children with proper ethics and morals? Why not teach them right from wrong? Why are the superstitions and Christian mythology so damn important to you? Because if you teach the kids how to think, you don’t have to teach them what to think. It doesn’t [Read More…]