Ted Haggard Will Appear on ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

Really. And he’s swapping wives with Gary Busey. The actor and the former evangelical pastor — both of whom have made the rounds in the media, Busey for drugs and getting arrested for abusing his wife; Haggard for a sex scandal — would seem an odd pairing for the ABC show. But they have spirituality [Read More…]

When Filing a Church-State Lawsuit, Should You Remain Anonymous?

In Giles County, Virginia, a Ten Commandments display just went up at Narrows High School. A student at the school, working with the ACLU of Virginia and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has filed a lawsuit. But the students wishes to remain anonymous, opting to use the name “Doe 1” instead. “I fear that if [Read More…]

Is Rick Perry a Secret Atheist?

No, of course he’s not. But if you look in his latest campaign video, you might catch a familiar symbol and wonder if he’s sending atheists a secret message. Do you see it? The Zapfino A. The iconic symbol of Richard Dawkins‘ OUT Campaign. It’s all over the place. Clearly, this is no coincidence. What [Read More…]

Dallas – Fort Worth Atheists March in Gay Pride Parade

The Dallas – Fort Worth Coalition of Reason participated in the Dallas Gay Pride Parade this past weekend. Their group, including members of the Metroplex Atheists and the Fellowship of Freethought, included over 75 gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and straight allies. Video is below (but it might have some NSFW images): In case you’re wondering, [Read More…]

California Atheist Group Rips Apart Bible Verses (with Video)

Over the weekend, the Backyard Skeptics in Orange County, California gathered at Huntington Beach because they planned to tear certain pages out of the Bible. When uproar ensued, they altered their plans a bit — they decided to rip up regular-sized paper with Bible verses (or messages) printed on them. This is how it went [Read More…]