Atheists in Idaho Get Press

***Update***: I forgot to link to this video featuring Lew Payne, organizer of the Boise Atheist, Non-Theist, and Humanist meet-up group. … You’ll never see an article where the subject is “Christians have a place to meet!” But when we’re talking about atheists — in Idaho — the fact that there’s coverage isn’t all that [Read More…]

Mr. Deity’s Bang

It’s the end of Season 4 and Mr. Deity is going out with a bang: “Just pretend you’re Catholic.” Heh [Read more…]

A Christian Reaction to ‘We Are Atheism’ Article: Not Enough Christianity In It

There’s a nice article making the rounds by Kimberly Winston of the Religion News Service about the “We Are Atheism” campaign: “It’s time for us to all stand up, speak out and be counted,” said Amanda Brown, 25, one of the co-founders. “It is time for us to put up our videos and change the [Read More…]

Sam Harris’ Lying Now Available as PDF

In case you missed picking up a copy of Sam Harris‘ e-book Lying (currently $1.99), it’s now available as a PDF for $2.99. I really liked it and I hope Harris comes out with more of these essays. Here’s one classic thought experiment he refers to in the book: A Nazi soldier comes to your [Read More…]

Texas Atheist Group Will Focus on Community Service

A couple of years ago, the Atheist Longhorns from the University of Texas at Austin adopted a street… but like so many campus atheist groups, this one disappeared, presumably when its leader graduated. Now, there is new blood in the organization. They’ve rebranded themselves at the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Texas at [Read More…]