The Quiverfull Movement

You thought octuplets were scary? Quiverfull is worse: Quiverfull women accept as many children as God gives them as a demonstration of their radical faith and obedience as well as a means to advance his kingdom: winning the country for Christ by having more children than their adversaries. This self-proclaimed “patriarchy” movement, which likely numbers [Read More...]

President Obama’s Religious Replacements

We know President Obama hasn’t found a church yet (and no one on this side of the theological fence is upset about that). Despite the lack of church, Laurie Goodstein of The New York Times writes that Obama has found a circle of religious friends to help guide him. … [Obama] has quietly cultivated a [Read More...]

Michael Newdow’s Inauguration Lawsuit Dismissed

A couple months ago, atheist Michael Newdow filed a lawsuit against prayer being used in Barack Obama‘s Inauguration ceremony. Specifically, Newdow and the other plaintiffs were against: The addition of “so help me God” to the presidential oath of office (said by Chief Justice John Roberts) which violated the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of [Read More...]

Eat at Joe’s

I might not eat there Friday or Saturday. But Sunday is another story. see more pwn and owned pictures Now who decided to put a FAIL stamp on that?! (Thanks to Helfrick for the link!) [Read more...]

Well, That’s Embarrassing

F*** My Life, my favorite website this week, explains why you should never criticize religion: It will come back to bite you in the ass: Today, I called a priest “lame”. He responded jokingly with “God will smite you!”. I laughed and walked out the door. I tripped and broke my ankle. FML When was [Read More...]