Priest: Stop Calling That Religious Symbol a Religious Symbol!

For some reason, ABC News invited Father Edward Beck and Rabbi David Wolpe to comment on the World Trade Center Cross controversy and Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Prayer Rally. In other words, they brought on two religious people to debate the lawsuits… and not a single atheist was there to counter them. That’s ABC News’ [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Young Filipina Atheist Wrestles With Coming Out

This letter is from the Philippines, but it is worthwhile reading for anyone because the issues apply almost anywhere. Whether they live in the South or Midwest United States, the Philippines, Brazil, Ghana, or Iran, young people living wherever religion has an iron grip on the minds of the general populace will recognize the challenges [Read More…]

A New Home for Several Popular Atheist Bloggers

Starting today, PZ Myers is no longer part of ScienceBlogs, the company that had hosted Pharyngula over the past few years. (***Edit***: My mistake. According to PZ, he’s not leaving ScienceBlogs entirely, but basically, all the fun/interesting posts about religion will be at FreethoughtBlogs: As an outlet for self-expression, this move was necessary. National Geographic [Read More…]

Why is the Sand Springs, Oklahoma City Council Praying to Jesus Before Meetings?

Usually, when city councils want to pray before a meeting, they’ll get around the legal problem by having an “invocation.” It may be “non-denominational,” but usually, you know it’s the Christian god being referred to. It’s a loophole in the system and some city councils love to exploit it. In Sand Springs, Oklahoma, however, they’re [Read More…]

The Comment Thread for God’s Creation

God created the world in six days and then blogged about it. Paul Simms at the New Yorker lets us in on the comments people left for God on his day of rest: Going carbon-based for the life-forms seems a tad obvious, no? … Why are the creatures more or less symmetrical on a vertical [Read More…]