Do Atheists Enjoy Any Religious Music?

Reader Stephan recently came across an old album of his by Ben Harper called Fight For Your Mind. When looking at the tracks on the CD, he noticed that one of the songs, “Power of the Gospel,” was one he still really liked: I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that song from my old [Read More...]

God Hates the Boston Celtics

The Orlando Magic beat the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. How did this happen? Let’s look at the stats: Orlando Magic Boston Celtics Field Goal Pct. 0.514 0.392 Points from Bench 25 12 3-pt. Field Goal Pct. 0.619 0.250 Blocks 8 3 God Loves them Hates them Ohh… now I [Read More...]

Backlash Against the Charlotte Allen Anti-Atheist Piece in the LA Times: Part 1

Responses to Charlotte Allen‘s embarrassing diatribe against atheists have been posted throughout the blogosphere. This is the initial response from the Los Angeles Times, courtesy of Paul Thornton, a researcher for their editorial page: You couldn’t say we didn’t see this coming: Charlotte Allen’s May 17 Op-Ed article on her dislike of outspoken atheists (think [Read More...]

Atheist Parenting Group Makes News in North Carolina

Here’s a very positive article by Yonat Shimron of The News & Observer in Raleigh, NC about atheist parents gathering together each week to share wisdom and ideas on how to raise children. These parents know what it’s like to fumble for the right answer to questions such as “Why don’t we go to church?” [Read More...]

Simon Singh Addresses His Case to Hundreds in London

I love when groups of intelligent people can get together in support of a fellow skeptic. Simon Singh spoke to 200-300 supporters about the chiropractic libel case today. To summarize, Singh criticized the methods of chiropractics in a newspaper article last year but a judge recently claimed that he was attacking the practitioners of it [Read More...]