Adieu to the Pew

Michael O’Loughlin is a Catholic, but he understands why so many people are walking away from the Church: To those whose lives fit snugly within the constructs the church accepts, this ultimatum [“adjust your beliefs, join our tribe, and all will be well”] might be easy enough to embrace. But in a society where those [Read More…]

Welton Gaddy Calls Out Santorum-Supporting ‘Christian Nation’ Reverend

In case you missed it last night, the always amazing Rev. Welton Gaddy of the Interfaith Alliance spoke with Rachel Maddow about Rev. Dennis Terry‘s introduction of Rick Santorum at a campaign event. Terry spoke in favor of a “Christian Nation,” adding that anyone who didn’t accept that should “get out!” Santorum gave the pastor [Read More…]

Meat Loaf Says Jessica Ahlquist is What’s Wrong with America

Singer Meat Loaf… …. Yeah, that guy… thinks the “world’s gone to hell in a handbasket” and he cites Jessica Ahlquist as one reason: How did we get to this point? We got here because people stopped caring about other people and only care about their beliefs and what they want. The best example is [Read More…]

‘Woodstock for Atheists’ Story on NPR

NPR’s Barbara Bradley Hagerty had a really positive piece on the Reason Rally on “Morning Edition” today. The piece feature Greta Christina (“The Firebrand”), me (“The Diplomat”), and Dave Silverman (“Dave Silverman”). But the main point of the rally, Silverman says, is not to tweak the faithful. It’s to encourage closeted atheists to take heart. [Read More…]

Why Should You Attend the Reason Rally?

I know you’ve already decided whether or not you’re going to the Reason Rally this weekend, but The Washington Post is running a series of guest posts from atheists on why you should attend the Reason Rally. We’re all approaching the topic from different perspectives. I focused on the youth movement: Five years ago, the [Read More…]