Vote for Me in the 2011 Bloggies?

I’ll admit I don’t really know what the Bloggies are, but I’m nominated for “Best Weblog About Religion.” Fun! Remember: If you go vote for me, Jesus will love you more. Come to think of it, I don’t mind getting 4th out of the 5 nominees, as long as I beat Jen. That’s really all [Read More…]

When Bible-Reading Includes Everything…

A note to Bible tutors: Remember to include all the stories in the Bible, not just the cherry-picked ones. The kids will undoubtedly thank you for it: (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more…]

19-Year-Old Defends Marriage Equality in Iowa House

You might tear up when you watch Zach Wahls speak about how he’s doing pretty well, thank you very much, despite having two moms who are married: “If I was your son, Mr. Chairman, I believe I would make you very proud,” Wahls confidently testified. “I’m not really so different from any of your children. [Read More…]

Donations Against Damnations Recap

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that the Agnostic and Atheist Student Group at Texas A&M was conducting a fundraiser called Donations Against Damnations. The goal was to raise money for the groups that notorious campus preachers like Brother Jed speak out against. (Jed’s the guy with the cane in the picture above.) Keri Bean [Read More…]

‘Smut for Smut’ Campaign is Back

It was less than a year ago when I lamented that the Smut for Smut campaign run by the Atheist Agenda group at the University of Texas at San Antonio was a bad idea: … I get the point. The Bible has smut and violence and that needs to be pointed out. It’s not all [Read More…]