My Speech at the Creation Museum Rally

Here’s what I said on Sunday night for the “pre-rally” against the complete ignorance of the Creation Museum. The actual rally will take place today morning. Who knew there would come a day when Intelligent Design would be seen as a step up from anything? Unfortunately, here we are, at the opening of this Creation [Read More...]

Spiritual Summer Reading

The Detroit Free Press’ David Crumm put out his list of the top 10 spiritual books to read over the summer. Guess which book is on there…?! Since the list is in “no particular order,” and I’m in the middle, I’ll just assume they meant to say I was number 1 but they randomized the [Read More...]

I’m Speaking at the Creation Museum Rallies…

And I’ll get about 5 minutes to talk at each of the Sunday night and Monday morning demonstrations. My speech is written but it’s not finalized. Is there anything you would like to add to it? If there’s a line you want to say or a point you want made, let me know and I’ll [Read More...]

So Much Cooler Than a Cat Playing Piano

Well, you won’t see this video in the Creation Museum. Because it’s educational. It’s like my entire Cell Biology course in 8 minutes. The inner life of a cell: (via Street Anatomy) [tags]atheist, atheism, Creation Museum, Cell Biology, Street Anatomy[/tags] [Read more...]

Why Did You Start a Blog?

Joe talks about why he started his new blog: Although I am an atheist I am a bit fascinated by the idea of religion. It seems odd to me that adults walk around everyday actively believing this stuff. When I get the hankering I go to IIDB and read the “deconversion” stories. I find them [Read More...]