Tennessee Atheists May Be Interested In This…

To folks near Collierville, Tennessee (close to Memphis), there’s an event going on in your area next week at the Collierville Church of Christ you may want to attend: a “Truth About Human Origins” Seminar with Brad Harrub. Here’s the schedule: Friday August 14: 7:00PM: Atheism’s Attack on America Saturday, August 15: 6:30PM: Is Genesis [Read More...]

Church Music vs. Sexual Music

I would love to be the person who breaks the news to the co-worker in this story. Background: This takes place at a shop which constantly plays Christian music via satellite radio. The owner isn’t a fan but he doesn’t bother changing it since he only stops by the shop casually: … One day [the [Read More...]

Sam Harris Has More to Say About Francis Collins

Sam Harris already published a much-discussed op-ed in The New York Times about why Francis Collins is a bad choice to head the National Institutes of Health. Yesterday, he published a longer version of that piece on his website — it’s a much more pointed, in-depth explanation of why Collins shouldn’t be offered this job. [Read More...]

Flying Spaghetti Monster License Plate

This is adorable: Not only is it a Flying Spaghetti Monster license plate, it advocates organ and tissue donation! Father Alec writes this about his daughter: Saffy had cancer as an infant and was saved with a liver transplant after being listed as status 1 (less than a week to live). Some may attribute that [Read More...]

Why Were the Atheist Bus Ads in Iowa Taken Down?

Just the other day, I mentioned that the following bus ad was placed on 20 buses in Des Moines, Iowa: It was timed perfectly so that the ads would run while the Iowa state fair was in progress. I know what you’re thinking: That’s offensive! How dare they put an ad on buses that doesn’t [Read More...]