Creation Museum Writeups Never Get Old

Reader Chris visited the Creation Museum and wrote all about it so you don’t have to experience the horrors yourself. My favorite line: The Creation Museum is kind of like choosing between a white wedding cake or one made entirely out of horse shit. Sure, people always like more options, but sometimes its better just [Read More...]

Rubik’s Cube People Are Freaky

I mean that in a good way, of course. My friend Jason (who helps me fix up this site when needed) offers this impressive demonstration: Wow. It’s no 7 seconds, but I’ll be damned if I can get one side in under a minute even when cheating. [Read more...]

The Atheist Bus Campaign Update

In the first “official” day of the campaign to put a pro-atheist slogan on buses in the UK, the goal of £5,500 was reached at 10:06 a.m. this morning. That amount puts the slogan on “30 buses across the capital for four weeks.” As of this moment, they’ve raised nearly £50,000. And that’s not including [Read More...]

Roundup of Blog Carnivals

The new Carnival of the Godless is at A Division by Zer0. Go check it out! The next CotG is at Enshoku’s Weblog. Submit your entries here! … The Humanist Symposium can be found this week at Terahertz. The next HS is at This humanist. Submit your entries here! … The Skeptical Parent Crossing can [Read More...]

One Line Arguments Against Religion

In one sentence, convince people that they should abandon their current religion. (And none of you William Faulkner types, either. A 93849823-word sentence is no longer a sentence.) [Read more...]