How To Become An Atheist Ally

Atheists have a habit of being insular — when we’re working on projects or staging protests that have to do with church/state issues, we tend to stick with each other. Religious partners and allies are an exception, not a norm, even though our issues are less about showing that there is no evidence for a [Read More...]

Rick Warren Will Deliver Obama’s Inauguration Invocation: Is This Really a Big Deal?

Rev. Rick Warren — pastor of Saddleback Church — has been tapped to deliver the invocation at Barack Obama‘s inauguration in January. The reaction has been swift and negative: Obama had a chance to set a non-sectarian, progressive tone at this event, and he has chosen to kow-tow to the wretched evangelical movement. … It [Read More...]

You Are Wrong! You Are *So* Wrong!

This is just fun to watch. (Though it’s fun anytime someone yells at Bill O’Reilly — repeatedly — for being wrong.) Megyn Kelly defends the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s atheist plaque in Olympia, Washington: And while atheism is not a religion, Kelly is right that it must be treated as such. (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]

Selling Your Soul on eBay: Fail

Everytime someone asks me about my book, I tell them it’s called I Sold My Soul on eBay. I then have to tell them, “… but that’s not really what I did.” I have to explain that you can’t sell your soul on eBay. They won’t allow it. If you try, they’ll yank the auction. [Read More...]

Atheist Sign Stolen… Again

***Update***: The sign has been replaced and the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee (SNSC) has condemned the person who stole the original FFRF plaque: “It is truly unfortunate that someone decided to express their displeasure with the disturbing sign by stealing it,” said Daniel Zanoza, Chairman of the SNSC. “Of course, our entire committee would encourage [Read More...]