Baby Got Book (with Explanations)

It’s an old video, but Ben at Eclectics Anonymous provides a guide for the references you may not understand, like the “Thompson chain” and “koinonia.” Is there an atheist response video to this one? If there isn’t, there should be… Baby Got Dawk? Baby Got Book and the Book got Contradictions? [tags]Baby Got Book, Christian[/tags] [Read more...]

Interview Questions for Daniel Dennett

As the Atheist Alliance International conference draws closer, I will be interviewing a number of the speakers/presenters for this website and elsewhere. One interview will be conducted with Professor Daniel Dennett. Dennett is a Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University. He is responsible for helping bring the word “Bright” into the national lexicon because of [Read More...]

The Canadian Religion Right

A court case in Alberta, Canada is going to decide whether Reverend Stephen Boissoin‘s letter, which was published in a newspaper, can qualify as hate speech. The controversy stems from a letter Boissoin, then a youth pastor in Red Deer, wrote that was published in the Red Deer Advocate in June 2002. “From kindergarten class [Read More...]

The Worst Article You’ll Read All Day

Peter Odoyo, a member of the World e-Parliament, has a op-ed piece titled “Kenya: The Death of Religion And Rise of Atheism in the West” in The Nation (Nairobi). It has some great lines in it. On Christopher Hitchens: He attended Oxford University and was a well-known communist sympathiser. He has published widely. After talking [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance Seeks Fall Interns

(The Secular Student Alliance now has a blog! Here’s the RSS feed. Add the SSA to your feed reader and blogroll!) If you live near Albany, NY and are looking for a worthwhile internship during the school year, the SSA has one for you: These positions are ten weeks long and have a $100/week stipend. [Read More...]