So Much for Obama Rejecting the Boy Scouts

A couple months ago, I mentioned that 19 non-theistic organizations had written a letter to then President-elect Obama urging him not to accept the title of Honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America. Those efforts seem to have fallen on deaf ears. On Tuesday, Obama hinted that he would accept that title: Obama was [Read More...]

Hey Pennsylvanians, Guess Where Your Tax Money is Going?

During this recession, it’s important for state governments to get their priorities straight. Which must be why the Pennsylvania General Assembly is spending $13,700 on only the most important things: With the state sinking deeper into a fiscal hole, the Pennsylvania General Assembly bought 220 Bibles and other holy books for legislators as they took [Read More...]

I Hope God Never Disappears

Edward Current shows us the horrors that would befall us if God disappeared. My favorite part comes at the 0:13 mark. (via Edward Current) [Read more...]

What Do I Do At an Anti-Gay Workshop?

There’s a workshop taking place tomorrow night not far from where I live. The subject: How to respond to “Homosexual Activism” in our public schools. That is tempting. It’s free and walk-ins are welcome, so I have an urge to drop by. I’ve never been to one of those kinds of meetings, so I’m curious [Read More...]

Interview on Chariots of Iron Podcast

Over the weekend, I taped an interview for the Chariots of Iron podcast. You can check out that interview here. The first half of the show discusses news items, which the second half (43:45 mark) discusses how atheists can/should communicate with religious people. Give it a listen and subscribe to their podcast! [Read more...]