It’s Like a Double Rainbow of Atheism

Seen in Iowa (click to enlarge): Alright, go ahead and make comments on how ugly you think the billboards are. (Forget the fact that it’s pretty damn incredible to see even one billboard reaching out to closeted atheists, much less two of them at once.) By the way, it’s not too late to register for [Read More…]

A New Atheist License Plate in Texas

When it was time for reader Ramon to choose his new license plate, he wanted to express his belief system as well as his Hispanic heritage, so he went with “ATEO,” Spanish for “male atheist”: (Ramon’s a fan of Superman, too ) If you’re thinking no one will understand it, keep in mind he lives [Read More…]

A Secular Wedding Ceremony

It’s always nice to hear secular wedding vows — a way for a couple to show their love for each other without bringing a god into the mix. Reader Chris recently performed a wedding between an atheist and a “spiritual Buddhist.” He adapted the text for it from a Buddhist ceremony (courtesy of John Karuna Cayton) [Read More…]

Bring Adam Lee To Your School

To any Secular Student Alliance affiliate group out there, our Speakers Bureau now includes Adam Lee, blogger at Daylight Atheism! Adam’s been writing about atheism issues for years and he’d be a great person to bring to your campus. If you’re interested in bringing Adam — or anyone else in our roster — to your [Read More…]

When an Atheist/Christian Debate Goes Horribly Wrong

There are many reasons why Richard Dawkins and several other prominent atheists refuse to participate in debates against Creationists. It gives the other side equal footing and a legitimacy they don’t deserve. The other side often celebrates the debate’s occurrence — arguments be damned; the fact that the debate happened at all means there’s a [Read More…]