Couple Who Got It On in Confessional Booth Repent

Remember the couple that said they were doing it in a church confessional booth because “We are atheists and for us, having sex in church is like doing it any other place”? Well, they’ve repented: An Italian couple who were caught having sex in a church confessional box while morning Mass was being said have [Read More...]

It’s Not Pink or Invisible…

But a unicorn has been spotted in Italy. Oh boy. If a unicorn exists, God might be next… What do we do?! (via Boing Boing) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Should Offensive Sign to Believers Come Down?

There’s another atheist billboard up in Pennsylvania. FOX News isn’t too happy about it. In fact, in a recent story they did, a couple captions read like this: Tonight: Believers outraged over ‘Don’t Believe In God’ Billboard Atheism Ad — Should offensive sign to believers come down? What on earth does the billboard say that [Read More...]

Your Children Tell You They’re Religious: Your Reaction?

We talk a lot on this site about how children who become atheists should come out to their family and what the reactions are. Let’s go the other way around. Reader Warren writes: We frequently hear about how atheists are treated when they come out as such to their religious parents. I wonder: how would [Read More...]

2008/2009 Skepchick and Skepdude Calendars Now Available

The 2009 editions of the Skepchick and Skepdude calendars are now available for purchase! If you order now, you’ll also get 6-month 2008 calendars covering the remainder of this year for free! The cost? $20 per gender, with a $5 combined discount if you swing both ways. It’s a good deal, considering semi-nude pictures of [Read More...]