Atheists Absent from List of Reasons Christians Leave the Church

Christian Piatt at Red Letter Christians has a list of “Seven Reasons Why Young Adults Quit Church.” He goes into more depth for each point, but here are his theories as to why young adults (“we”) turn away from the faith: We’ve Been Hurt Adult Life/College and Church Don’t Seem to Mix There’s No Natural [Read More…]

Atheists Clean Up After Christians… Literally

Last year in Polk County, Florida, a Christian group performed “road-anointings” on several streets in an effort to cleanse the city. It was all part of a campaign called “Polk Under Prayer.” PUP stands for Polk Under Prayer. It’s objective is to place Holy Angels at all roads that lead into or out of Polk [Read More…]

The Muslims Aren’t Offended by the Atheist Billboard, but the Jews Are?!

    (In response to this article.) [Read more…]

Eternal Earth-Bound Pets Never Had Any Clients, Says Owner

Back in 2009, Bart Centre created a website called Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA. The way the business worked was that if you were a Christian, and you got Raptured, Bart promised to take care of your pets. That is, if you paid him $110… We (atheists) already knew it was just Fundie Bait. No one [Read More…]

Why Won’t the Copy Machine Listen to God?

(via The Atheist Pig) [Read more…]