The “New” Theology

It’s rare that you find a newspaper article that actually addresses theology in depth, so I was surprised to see the Chicago Tribune Magazine article this past Sunday on “The New Theology” regarding theistic evolution. The article highlights several Christian scientists, physicist Howard Van Till and geneticist Francis Collins among them, who have reconciled their [Read More...]

Amazingly Helpful Tips

Mark Erickson has a series of videos online where he gives you some helpful tips on a variety of subjects. His show, Infinite Solutions, is a bit cheesy graphics-wise, but you’ll be amazed after you see them. For example, here’s one where he teaches you how to get your YouTube video subscriptions sent directly to [Read More...]

A List of Unconvincing Arguments Made by Atheists

I’ve previously posted August Berkshire‘s list of the 34 Unconvincing Arguments for God. But Ted Stoltz has something slightly different: A list of bad atheist responses to Christianity: Over the years of debating, I’ve noticed there are a number of arguments which atheists routinely present, but are ineffectual at convincing Christians that Christianity might have [Read More...]

Church Apologizes for Conversion Attempts

You don’t see this every day. On Saturday in Los Angeles, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church of Thousand Oaks held a joint service with local Hindu leaders. Part of the service included the Christians apologizing for their past and present treatment of the Hindus: During the service, the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, bishop of the [Read More...]

A Creationist Looks Through a Photo Album

Efrique made me laugh And I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually happened when a Creationist looked through a photo album… Flip. Flip. “Nice baby shot there.” Flip. Flip. “First steps. Kinda cute.” Flip. Flip. “Hey, I had a train cake for my 4th birthday too.” Flip. Flip. Flip-flip-flip. “Ooh, that graduation photo is out [Read More...]