Pre-Valentine’s Day

The Humanist Network News wants to hear your stories of non-religious love! Are you together with someone else who shares your heathen views? How did you meet? Are you with someone whose views are different from your own? How do you reconcile that? (And I’d like to know what your families think of that.) More [Read More...]

A Portrait of Generation Next

The Pew Research Center released their latest study on “How young people view their lives, futures and politics.” The young people, ages 18-25, represent “Generation Next.” The results further the idea that our society is heading in the right direction. What does the study (PDF) say? One-in-five members of Generation Next say they have no [Read More...]

Skepchick and Skepdude Calendars

It’s never too late to buy 2007 calendars featuring camera-friendly skeptics! With a slogan like “Two calendars, two dozen critical thinkers in various states of undress,” you know you want multiple copies. (Warning: Partial nudity ahead) Watch the promotional video for the Skepchick calendar! What’s that, you say? You want to see Skepdudes? Go order [Read More...]

Interview with Brian Sapient of The Blasphemy Challenge

Brian Sapient is co-founder of the Rational Response Squad, the group responsible for The Blasphemy Challenge. Prior to his work with the RRS, he was publicist for the Infidel Guy radio show. The Blasphemy Challenge has come under fire from many religious people who see it as both offensive and (ironically enough) an improper form [Read More...]

When Faith Silences Reason

Robyn E. Blumner, columnist for the St. Petersburg Times, had a terrific article in yesterday’s paper. She criticizes Pat Robertson’s psychic abilities when he says the United States will face a terror attack sometime this year. (Yes, I know that’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but it’s great to see a reasonable person writing [Read More...]