Law School and Faith

I normally don’t read academic papers but when one has a title like the following, I tend to pay a bit of attention: Spirituality and Academic Performance at a Catholic Law School: An Empirical Study What did it study? This empirical study explores whether a student’s spirituality affects academic performance during the first year of [Read More...]

Creationist: Why Am I Always Wrong?

Too funny. You gotta appreciate this guy‘s honesty in a forum on the Answers in Genesis (Creationist) website. He asks a question that deserves a proper, honest answer. But this is AiG, so he’s not going to get one. HELP! It is distressing to me when I buy Creationist materials, learn something, post it in [Read More...]

Trust Me… It’s Better This Way

Oh man… Ugg is right. Which means I am *so* wrong. (via Rich Gentlemen Hide) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Another Atheist Puzzle: Wow

The Exterminator‘s puzzles just keep getting more elaborate and fun. This time, it takes a few seconds to figure out the rules, but once you do, it’s very enjoyable. How many can you figure out? [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Real Astrology is “Huge and Complex”

Denver was host to the United Astrology Conference this past week. Check out the tracks… they’re embarrassing to anyone with a shred of intelligence. You can hear about it on NPR. Check out this excerpt from the piece: In the report, a “professional astrologer” acknowledges that the horoscopes that appear in daily newspapers are nothing [Read More...]