JREF Brings Pressure to ‘Psychic’ Frauds

Even though the James Randi Educational Foundation has been offering huge sums of money since 1996 to any psychic who could prove his/her supernatural powers, the current prize of $1,000,000 doesn’t seem to get as many headlines as one would hope. But since Randi’s appearance on “ABC’s Primetime Nightline: Beyond Belief” last week, a number [Read More…]

An Atheist Goes Through Alcoholics Anonymous

We already know Alcoholics Anonymous is not a program designed for atheists. 6 of the famed “12 Steps” refer to a Higher Power/God. There are secular alternatives, but nothing with the size and scope of AA. Author Marya Hornbacher knew she needed help battling her addiction but, as an atheist, AA didn’t seem like the [Read More…]

Why Was This Atheist Billboard Rejected by EMC Outdoor in Knoxville?

Of all the atheist billboards to get rejected by advertising companies, this one will amaze you: “You don’t need God — to hope, to care, to love, to live.” What’s wrong with that? You don’t need a god for any of those things. And if you feel you do need god in your life, well, [Read More…]

The Impact of the New Atheists a Decade After 9/11

There’s an article by Kimberly Winston of Religion News Service making the rounds about how 9/11 was a major spark for the New Atheism movement. It’s the event that led Sam Harris to write The End of Faith, and that book was followed by several others: Published in 2004, Harris’s “The End of Faith” launched [Read More…]

Jerry Buell, I Rebuke Thee

There’s an update on Jerry Buell, the anti-gay high school teacher who was reassigned from the classroom because of things he posted on his Facebook page, but allowed back into his classroom on Thursday. A couple days ago, I defended his right to free speech, arguing that he should be able to post his thoughts [Read More…]