Ray Comfort’s Email to his Fans

Goosing the Antithesis tells of the email that Ray Comfort sent to his mailing list regarding the Nightline debate. If you’ve seen the (admitted one-sided) preview video from the Rational Response Squad, you saw that Comfort and Kirk Cameron did not come off looking too well. Maybe that was just the RRS’ video, though? Judging [Read More...]

Australian on Humanist Chaplains

Arthur, an Australian, comments on the National School Chaplaincy Programme which will support chaplains who help with students’ “spiritual and emotional wellbeing.” There are chaplains for just about every religious faith, and as it turns out, there are Humanist chaplains as well. Arthur then talks about a Humanist chaplain that’s been in the news quite [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens is Everywhere

While promoting his new book, God is Not Great, Chris Hitchens is all over the place. The Daily Show, C-SPAN, New York magazine. The list goes on. Here are two of the more interesting things he’s done the past couple weeks. First, there’s the debate with Al Sharpton. The question they’re debating is: “Is God [Read More...]

Anti-Gay Preacher… at the Airport

Last week, a strange event happened at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Here’s a law professor from Florida explaining what went down: At approximately 12:45 am, my partner and I were in the baggage claim area in terminal 3. We had just arrived from Chicago and were waiting for our bags when an announcement came over [Read More...]

Preview of Nightline Debate

Here’s a sneak peek at tomorrow’s debate between Christians Ray Comfort/Kirk Cameron and atheists Brian/Kelly, courtesy of the Rational Response Squad. And as they say, these are the “highlights as seen through the eyes of the RRS.” So I assume less flattering parts of the debate were left out. There’s some bad language in the [Read More...]