Everyone Say Hello to Libby Anne!

Check out who’s joining the Patheos atheist blogging family (which currently includes myself, Daniel, and Leah): Libby Anne from Love, Joy, Feminism! If you didn’t read her over at FreethoughtBlogs, Libby managed to break free from a pretty conservative Christian lifestyle and has the inside scoop on what that world is like. Her posts offer [Read More…]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Talks About Motherhood

Some wise words from (relatively) new mother Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the author of Infidel, in an interview in The Globe and Mail. When asked whether she will raise her son as an atheist: It’s very interesting that you ask that. My life before I had my child was abstract. Now, once you have the child, [Read More…]

Revealed: One of the Mystery Guests at the Atheist Nexus Reason Rally Afterparty!

Atheist Nexus is hosting one of the Reason Rally afterparties at the Bethesda North Marriott and Convention Center on Saturday night. It’s free and starts at 8:30p. There will be a debaptism ceremony at 8:00p for anyone who wants to partake in it, singer/songwriter Shelley Segal will perform starting at 9:00p, and there will also [Read More…]

I Want You to Keep Your Hands off My Uterus, So I Made One For You

Crocheting and politics should go together more often. A group called Government Free VJJ, started by my friend and knitter extraordinaire Donna Druchunas, is sending a message to the politicians voting against reproductive rights and preventing women from making their own health decisions: “Hands off my uterus! Here — have a knitted one of your [Read More…]

Greta Christina’s Wonderful New eBook Is Now Available

Several years ago, Greta Christina wrote a post about why atheists are angry that still resonates with a lot of people today. She has now fleshed out those thoughts and turned it into a wonderful new book, Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Thing That Piss Off the Godless: I read it a few [Read More…]