Atheism and Religion in Deal or No Deal

Interesting: Deal or No Deal presented as an allegory to explain “why people cling to religion despite it making not a jot of difference to their lives.” At random a contestant is selected – a Chosen One if you will. This Chosen One is convinced he has the best box in the room. He believes [Read More...]

Ken Ham Needs Your Help

Ken Ham and the folks from Answers In Genesis (they of the Creation Museum) are hosting a forum called Darwin: His life. His science. His impact. Somehow, I don’t suspect it will be either fair or balanced. They could use your help, though! They need audience members for the show because they’re filming a DVD… [Read More...]

A Revised Christian Bus Ad

In response to the American Humanist Association’s Atheist Bus Campaign in Washington, D.C., a Christian woman is trying to raise money for a Christian response ad: PhillyChief offers a revised version of that ad on his site that I think is more honest and would probably get *much* more publicity if placed on a D.C. [Read More...]

A Foxhole Atheist Speaks Out

Benjamin Tupper, an atheist captain in the Army National Guard, recently shared a story about a friend of his from Afghanistan on National Public Radio. It’s a sad story, but two aspects of it stood out to me: There are indeed atheists in foxholes. We need to correct anyone who says otherwise. There can be [Read More...]

Suggest an Atheist Group’s Name

Amy from Alabama is starting an atheist group in Gadsden. But she needs help coming up with a good group name. An acronym would be preferred. Any suggestions? Does it matter to you whether the name is punny or straightforward — For example, would you prefer something like Students For a Nonreligious Ethos (SANE) or [Read More...]