You like someone a lot… But then you find out the person is _________. And you lose interest. Fill in the blank. What are your dealbreakers? [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #30: Atheist Store Receipts

Last week, I ran this contest: You went shopping at an atheist store. What’s it called? Where is it located? What did you buy? How much did it cost? I want to know what your receipt looks like! Here are the Top 3 responses (with submitters)! 3| (Ross) 2| (Brandon) 1| (Scott) And an honorable [Read More...]

Off to Canada

I’m heading to Canada in the morning! Woo! Postings will be minimal for the next few days, though a couple are on autopost… and the moderation queue will go untouched. Consider this an open thread [Read more...]

Interview for Greg Walsh

A few weeks ago, I did an interview with aspiring filmmaker Greg Walsh who is making a documentary about atheism. You can see our interview here: Greg has a lot of interesting interviews (with Greg Epstein, Nica Lalli, and Dale McGowan, among others) if you get a chance to check them out. (A clip of [Read More...]

George Carlin Cartoons

After comedian George Carlin‘s death, a number of political cartoonists wanted to pay their respects. Take a look at some of these cartoons and see if you can spot a pattern: So what do they all have in common? They show Carlin in Heaven or Hell — places Carlin didn’t even believe existed. One cartoonist, [Read More...]