No Better Time to Support Foundation Beyond Belief

I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m the chair of an organization called Foundation Beyond Belief. It’s a group that puts Humanist values in action, by selecting a variety of charities each month for our members and allowing them to choose how much of their donations go to each one. If you really like the [Read More…]

Jen McCreight Bait

This is the Bible you wish you had as a little girl. Right? Right. Because otherwise, you’re clearly a bad Christian and not very feminine at all… Discuss: A full-text Bible in sparkling pink binding appeals to the inner princess of every girl. With a princess presentation section in the front and four-page color section [Read More…]

Why Did This City Council Use Public Funds to Bring in a Christian Band?

The Parks & Recreation Department in Liberty, Missouri is sponsoring a summer concert series, which sounds all well and good. In fact, this August, the KC All Stars will be playing. Over the weekend, though, the concert series kicked off with a performance by Sidewalk Prophets, a Christian band. The event cost the city $9,500. [Read More…]

Christians: What Do You Want to Ask An Atheist?

My friend Rachel Held Evans, who wrote the awesome book Evolving in Monkey Town, is embarking on a project where her fellow Christians can ask a guest from a different background (Mormon, Orthodox Jew, etc.) whatever questions they want, and the guest will respond to the most popular questions the following week. I’m happy to [Read More…]

Don’t Do This To a Anti-Gay Christian Preacher

When an anti-gay Christian preacher is spouting his/her hate speech, there are clever ways to strike back… There are even scandalous ways to strike back… … but you don’t want to actually touch/harass the preacher. Unfortunately, that’s what 74-year-old gay rights supporter Joan Parker did recently: … Parker admits she kissed a preacher on the [Read More…]