Missouri Republican Sponsors Bill That Will Change Nothing

Things you can already do in the state of Missouri: Privately read a Bible in school Privately pray before a City Council meeting Privately pray in public spaces Things a newly proposed Constitutional Amendment (sponsored by Republican Rep. Mike McGhee of Odessa) would allow people in Missouri to do: Privately read a Bible in school [Read More…]

The Treatment of a Gay Student at Messiah College

You have to feel bad for a college student who goes through this: In October, his wallet, student ID and room key were stolen. Then, he said, he received a death threat on Facebook. A few weeks ago, he found his replacement ID cut into pieces and covered in urine. And it all happened at [Read More…]

Is Religious Belief Part of Human Nature?

***Update***: Since the posting, I’ve learned that this study was funded by the Templeton Foundation. Also, check out Paul’s comment below, where he notes this was not peer-reviewed in a scientific journal, nor was it vetted by science journalists. … A new study co-directed by Oxford University professor Roger Trigg says that “Religion comes naturally, [Read More…]

Should Faith Healing Be Protected?

I don’t really understand how the acceptance of GLBT people can be such a controversial position in the Christian world. It seems like such an obvious answer to me — of course, gay people should be allowed to get married. Of course, gay people should have the same rights as straight people. Leave it to [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Atheist is Asked to Be a Godparent

Hey Richard- I’m a 24-year old atheist living in the mountains of Colorado. My immediate family recognizes me as an atheist, but few family members beyond that know about my beliefs. I live in a younger community and many of my friends have similar beliefs to my own. My identification with atheism is not something [Read More…]