Maybe It Is a Good Pick Up Line…

If anyone answers it, then you know they are to be immediately dismissed: (via Cectic — back in form after a long hiatus) [Read more...]

The Party’s Over for Sarah Palin

I’m pretty sure this is what would happen if the Religious Right had their way: I wonder what Sarah Palin did with all the other books… Here’s one more — an ode to the Palin-esque/Young Earth Creationist thinking that humans and dinosaurs lived together at one time… Both are illustrations from Zina Saunders‘ new book [Read More...]

The Unfair Negative Ads in North Carolina

Are you kidding me? Elizabeth Dole, in her concession speech after she lost the North Carolina Senate race to Kay Hagan, said this: “People from faraway places poured tens of millions of dollars into North Carolina, funding tough, unfair negative ads against me. I responded forcefully. I’m not happy with the tone this race acquired, [Read More...]

OMG: Best Site Ever

Why have none of you informed me of this website before? (via Leaving Eden) [Read more...]

I Have a Relationship with Christ

I heard it again the other day. A Christian said to me, “Oh, I’m not religious. I just have a relationship with Christ.” So I responded back: “Oh, I’m not a math teacher. I just teach students how to manipulate numbers and variables.” In terms of getting a conversation going, I think I failed. [Read more...]