Early Praise for Secular Conscience: Why Belief Belongs in Public Life

The Center for Inquiry‘s representative to the United Nations, Austin Dacey, has a book coming out in mid-March called Secular Conscience: Why Belief Belongs in Public Life (Prometheus Books, 2008). Don’t let the title fool you. A number of prominent atheists have been raving about this book already: “The Secular Conscience reveals how simplistic notions [Read More...]

Interview with Becky Garrison, author of The New Atheist Crusaders and Their Unholy Grail

Becky Garrison is the author of the just-released The New Atheist Crusaders and Their Unholy Grail: The Misguided Quest to Destroy Your Faith (Thomas Nelson, 2008). She is also Senior Contributing Editor for The Wittenburg Door, an online Christian satire magazine. The book’s description (on Amazon) is this: … Garrison steels her pen and takes [Read More...]

The Rapture Will Happen in 2007! Wait a minute…

Shelby Corbitt thought the rapture was going to happen in 2007. She had the website, 2007rapture.com, all set up. (***Update***: As of this moment, though, the site is down. Here’s a cache of the page before the year ended.) She wrote a book, 2007, all about it. She was pretty adamant about it. And now [Read More...]

Blame the Atheists for Bush Being a Horrible President

Vera Ivie wins the award for worst letter-to-the-editor of 2007 with this one published in the Salt Lake Tribune just a couple days ago: In his Dec. 27 letter, Steven Fehr says he believes President Bush is the worst president he has seen. Whenever I hear someone complain about the president, I ask them, “Do [Read More...]

What Have You Changed Your Mind About?

Each year, Edge asks some of the most prominent thinkers in the world one question. This year’s question: WHAT HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND ABOUT? WHY? Science is based on evidence. What happens when the data change? How have scientific findings or arguments changed your mind?” Some answers from our favorite atheists are below: Richard [Read More...]