Was Evolution the Greatest Theory Ever?

In the latest issue of Free Inquiry, Richard Dawkins talks about evolution — specifically, the power of Charles Darwin‘s theory. He calls evolution “a big idea, arguably the most powerful idea ever.” It echoes Daniel Dennett, who has called evolution “the greatest idea ever to occur to a human mind.” Specifically, Dawkins uses a formula [Read More...]

Reflections on the Inauguration

There’s still some weighing in on President Barack Obama‘s use of the term “non-believers” during his Inauguration address. From Herb Silverman, president of the Secular Coalition for America: Like most Americans, I felt a wonderful and profound chill watching Barack Obama become the first African-American president. I’m guessing that most nontheists voted for Obama and [Read More...]

Why Are Atheists So Angry?

Why are atheists so angry? Because it’s incredible what power religion can have over people. Most religious people aren’t violent and most wouldn’t admit to being as homophobic as Fred Phelps, of course. But too many are ignorant. They’re blinded by the Bible or the Koran or what-have-you. When any one book is seen as [Read More...]

Ted Haggard’s Escort Mike Jones Sets the Record Straight

Mike Jones is the gay male escort who ultimately exposed the hypocrisy of Pastor Ted Haggard. Last year, I interviewed him for this site — right when his book I Had To Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard’s Fall came out. Mike has been watching the latest Ted Haggard drama unfold — including promotion [Read More...]

Ok, Ok… You’ve Convinced Me to Become a Christian

This isn’t quite what the creators of the Blasphemy Challenge had in mind… but it’s certainly persuasive. (NSFW language. And it’s loud.) Chalk it up to Poe, anyone? (via Reddit) [Read more...]