No Hitter?

Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs has a no-hitter going through 8… ***Update***: 8 1/3 ***Update***: 8 2/3… one more out to go… ***Update***: HE DID IT!!! AHHHH! [Read more...]

Is Your Atheist Paraphernalia in Storage?

On the bottom of a massive bookshelf in my bedroom, I have a shelf full of atheist bumper stickers, Darwin Fishes, atheist organizations’ brochures, an OUT campaign pin, Jesus dolls that were given to me as gifts, etc. In my closet, I have 83423 shirts dealing with Jesus/atheism/God in humorous or outspoken ways. How many [Read More...]

The Rice Makes You Think

Stan’s Café in the United Kingdom runs a project called “Of All The People In All The World.” It’s a show featuring piles of rice, each grain representing exactly one person. Like in this picture: That rice is grouped into the number of adherents of different faiths in Birmingham, England. Before you click on the [Read More...]

Obama Waffles

***UPDATE***: This is an email from one of the protesters, Rick Wingrove, explaining why atheists need to be present at these types of summits: An exhibitor at the Values Voters Convention in Washington DC this weekend was selling an item called Obama Waffles. It is a stunningly racist caricature of Barack Obama. The front of [Read More...]

Julia Sweeney on the New Season of SNL

Julia Sweeney‘s blog has been especially fun to read lately because she’s as obsessed with the absurdity that is Sarah Palin as I am. But I thought this post provided interesting insight into what a former Saturday Night Live star has to say about the new season: For the first time I really, really wished [Read More...]