When Your Computer Stops Working…

Wednesday night, my computer stopped booting up. Scared the hell out of me. (Well, I supposed it scared the hell in me first.) It went back to the Apple store on Thursday morning, and I just got it back last night. It looks like most of what I had on there is still there (*phew*)… [Read More…]

Defending the ‘Myth’ Billboards

My friend Ashley Paramore interviewed American Atheists President Dave Silverman at AA’s convention last weekend. It gets really good starting at the 2:08 mark. That’s when Dave defends the billboards that say “You KNOW It’s a Myth”: At the risk of sounding completely inappropriate, I *love* it when Dave gets really passionate. [Read more…]

Atheist Rejected from Grad School Because of His Activism?

David McAfee is a University of California, Santa Barbara student applying for a spot in their Religious Studies program for grad school. I don’t know David and I don’t know if he’s a worthy candidate. But he has a lot of writing about religion to his credit: … features in American Atheist Magazine, Canadian Freethinker [Read More…]

How Can Anyone Still Be a Creationist?

Jessica Hagy explains how religious people cling to their faith no matter how much evidence there is against the existence of a god. Ok, that may not have been the intended interpretation, but it still works! (via Indexed) [Read more…]

Christians Are Much Nicer Now…

Since they no longer kill people they find immoral, we ought to describe Christians as “loving” and “full of grace,” got that? To paraphrase a commenter on David Hayward‘s site, we’ve gone from putting gay people out of their misery to keeping them in misery. It’s not that much of a leap forward. (via nakedpastor) [Read More…]