The ‘Fox Mole’ Should Change the Title of His Forthcoming Book

Joe Muto, an “an NPR-listening, Obama-loving liberal,” worked at FOX News Channel for years. Last month, he took on a role as the “Fox Mole,” reporting from the “inside” for Gawker. Not long after, he was caught, got fired, etc. Now, Muto has sold a book proposal about his time there. The tentative title: An [Read More…]

After ‘It’s OK To Be Gay’ Article Appears in High School Yearbook, One Christian Administrator Wants the Faculty Sponsor Fired or Arrested

Remember Krystal Myers? She’s the teenager who wrote an article for her school newspaper entitled “No Rights: The Life of an Atheist,” about how her school actively promoted religion and discriminated against atheists… only to have her administration tell her the article would not be allowed to run because… well… you know. Her school, Lenior [Read More…]

Nebraska’s Governor and Omaha’s Mayor Also Issued ‘Day of Reason’ Proclamations

I didn’t realize until after I put up the previous post that another city (and state!) also issued proclamations for the National Day of Reason. Governor Dave Heineman gave them the state seal in honor of the occasion: … I do hereby encourage all citizens, residents and visitors to join in observing this day and [Read More…]

Two Mayors Issue ‘Day of Reason’ Proclamations in Their Cities

The City Council members in New Orleans, as they’ve done in the past, issued a proclamation declaring today a “Day of Reason in New Orleans.” Charlotte, North Carolina’s mayor Anthony Foxx did the same thing: Charlotte got a gold seal. They win! [Read more…]

Humanists of Florida Association Sets Up Ex-Clergy Fund

A lot of you have been asking me how you can help some of the pastors who are now coming clean about their atheism. Here’s one way. The Humanists of Florida Association has set up a collection to help Teresa MacBain, who was featured in this NPR story. Mark Palmer, the Executive Director of that [Read More…]