At the Intersection of…

Jessica Hagy offers this: (via Indexed) [tags]atheist, atheism. George Carlin[/tags] [Read more...]

U.S. Religious Landscape Survey

There’s a goldmine of information here. The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life just released the second set of findings from a study conducted last year — the first set was released in February. The news reports are going to cover a couple major highlights, the big one being the following: Although a majority [Read More...]

The Trip to Canada

This weekend, I’ll be heading to Toronto to give a lecture on all things friendly and atheistic. For those who live in the region, it’d be great to see some of you! There will be public gatherings at the places listed below. Feel free to come by, talk, give hugs, bring presents, do an atheist [Read More...]

George Carlin Dead at 71

The brilliant comedian George Carlin died of heart failure Sunday night in Los Angeles. He was admitted into a hospital earlier in the afternoon for chest pains. In the past few decades, there was no one who even came close to being as incisive and edgy about taboo topics as Carlin. His monologues are timeless [Read More...]

I’m Happy Now

Not atheist related. But it made me smile Now back to studying for my grad school Abstract Algebra midterm… (via Cynical-C Blog) [Read more...]