Watch How the Right Lies About Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

This is a perfect example of how the Religious Right spins the news in a way that deceives people. They know their followers are gullible and will believe what they are told. They know their followers won’t bother doing research to factcheck what is being reported. They know they can get away with it within [Read More...]

Jesse’s Job Search

This post is by Jesse Galef – Four weeks ago I let you know that I had been laid off from the Secular Coalition for America when they ‘restructured’.  At Richard’s suggestion, I keep intending to put up a personal post discussing my job search.  It’s more difficult than I expected.  I love talking about [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Ads and Billboards: A Compilation

All those atheist bus ads and billboards have been going up for just over a year since the British one took the country by storm. (Edit: The British one wasn’t the first atheist billboard to ever go up, but it was the one that got the most publicity and started the worldwide trend.) Why not [Read More...]

South Carolina “I Believe” Plates Halted… For Good, This Time

Last time the South Carolina license plates which promote Christianity were in the courtroom, an injunction was handed down, preventing the plates from being issued. Nearly a year later, the plates were back in the courtroom, and this time, the same judge says the plates are unconstitutional (PDF): Whether motivated by sincerely held Christian beliefs [Read More...]

Forsyth County Pre-Meeting Prayers are Unconstitutional, Says Judge

Forsyth County in North Carolina could owe about $100,000 in legal fees if a federal judge finds them liable for promoting Christianity at their regular meetings. All of this could’ve been avoided if they simply used their common sense and kept religion out of the government. A federal magistrate has recommended that prayers referencing Jesus [Read More...]