Did Anyone Else Know Pastor Mark Driscoll Was Sexist?

If only every question had that obvious of an answer… Pastor Mark Driscoll, who just wrote a how-not-to book about marriage in which he admits he wouldn’t have married his wife had he known she “sinned” just after high school, just outed himself as even more of a douchebag. During a radio interview with British [Read More…]

Sam Harris’ Next eBook Now Available for Preorder

Sam Harris‘ next eBook — Free Will — is now available for preorder (in paperback and Kindle editions)! In it, he argues that free will doesn’t exist. The book will be released on March 6th. Some more information on it can be found here. [Read more…]

Band Promoting Humanism Will Donate CD Sales to Secular Student Alliance

The band Words Such As Burn recently put out a new album and they’re donating all the proceeds from sales to the Secular Student Alliance! Lead singer Bruce Harris describes the humanist message in Flow, saying: Flow is about what religion costs us, believers and unbelievers alike, in terms of lost love and wasted friendships. [Read More…]

Shattering the Mental Health Stigma

Ashley Pryce has started a blog to help destigmatize mental heath issues for people specifically in the non-religious community. A couple of stories are already up there and he’s inviting contributions from others: I’m looking for anything, not just articles but poems, stories, pictures, lyrics, videos. Anything to act as a resource, an archive of [Read More…]

Atheists in Austin Help the Homeless

Joe Zamecki and fellow atheists in Austin, Texas have been helping the homeless a number of times over the past few years. During their 34th giveaway this past weekend, a news crew from Your News Now (YNN) documented the experience and you can see the report up at their site. In the meantime, this is [Read More…]