What a Christian Learned from an Atheist

Stan Nelson, a columnist for the Pueblo Chieftain Online, wrote an article about atheism a couple weeks ago and said this: The truth is that atheism and religion stand on the same, blood-soaked level, one as culpable as the other. But the reason for that is atheism and religion are not strict opposites. Atheism is [Read More...]

Hemant on WGN Radio

If you live in the Chicago area, tune in to WGN radio (720-AM) tonight at 9:00 p.m. to hear me on the Nick Digilio show! Jim Henderson will also be making an appearance. And if you’re walking on Michigan Avenue, feel free to wave and hold big supportive signs outside the studio window. [Read more...]

Blogroll Update

Thanks to everyone who added to the blogroll. It has been updated! And new entries are always welcome, so if you want to be added, just leave your blog’s URL in the comments! [Read more...]

Satan Billboards and Church Marketing

Remember the God billboards…? Here’s one example: Victory Family Church in Decatur, Texas is now marketing services with Satan billboards: The Star-Telegram newspaper adds this: Associate pastor Chris Bates said the Web site has had more than 1,100 hits since the billboard went up. “That’s huge for a small church like us,” he said. Other [Read More...]

Illegal Church Parking

The Chicago Reader reports on a phenomenon going on in the city: illegal church parking. There’s a whole back story about how the parking situation is hurting the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation (CBF), which had some great uses for the roads in questions. But here’s the part that involves the churches… … signs make it clear [Read More...]