Why Don’t We Hear About Atheistic Graduation Speeches?

Edwin Kagin offers a graduation speech for atheists: We have tried to teach you the principals of reason, critical thinking, logical fallacy, ethical behavior, and the methods of science and evidence. We want you to know that there is a big difference between Righteousness and Self-Righteousness. We want you to know and understand the difference [Read More…]

Nova Scotia Teen in Trouble for Wearing ‘Life is Wasted Without Jesus’ Shirt

In Nova Scotia, Canada, Forest Heights Community School senior William Swinimer has been in hot water for a shirt he wore to school. The Vice Principal at the school told him it was offensive and he had to remove it because it was “hate talk.” Then, in true rebel fashion, Swinimer not only left it [Read More…]

They Can’t Look Away…

I have to believe Jessica Hagy went through several alternative captions before finally settling on this one…: I mean, since when do priests look at cleavage? [Read more…]

Some Christians Mad because a Pastor Had an Opportunity to Bash Gay People and Didn’t Take It

I had to read this story a couple of times to make sure I had it right, but then I realized I wasn’t wrong the first time. I couldn’t believe Christians were upset about this. Here’s the backstory: A husband and wife attended a place called North Point Church in Atlanta. They had a daughter [Read More…]

Congratulations, Greta!

This is something that I’ve seen happen in the Christian world a few times but never in the atheist world: Greta Christina is leaving her day job so she can become a full-time writer/speaker I will no longer have to stop in the middle of a productive writing day and go do the day job. [Read More…]