Still No Updates from the American Atheists Board

Ellen Johnson, former president of American Atheists, hasn’t said anything publicly yet (and hasn’t responded to an email inquiry) about her recent firing. But others are making their voices heard… and they’re not all too happy with the AA Board’s decision: I am Gil Gaudia. My wife Jeanne and I have been editorial assistants for [Read More...]

What’s the Best Method for Evangelism?

Roar in the Forums asks: … What method was the worst when people tried to share their faith with you? I know some people hand out pamphlets and other people tell you you’re going to hell on the street corner, all kinds of ‘fun’ things. As a follow up question, how has rude/mean/annoying encounters like [Read More...]

I Have the Power to Disappoint!

My vast influence over the Christian book market is clearly hitting its stride. Rick Warren, I’m coming for you next! Here’s Ed Stetzer, co-author of 11 Innovations in the Local Church: How Today’s Leaders Can Learn, Discern and Move Into the Future, talking about the recent Outreach Magazine Christian book awards: The new issue of [Read More...]

Theists Anonymous

I don’t think everyone who becomes an atheist does so because their religion was “harmful” for them, but this video by Willravel offers a seven-step program for getting over your former faith: [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Interfaith Dialogue from the Christian Perspective

Here’s an article you don’t read everyday. Martin L. Smith explains to fellow Christians the benefits of religious dialogue with atheists. In the process, he actually gets most of his descriptions of atheists correct: … adherents [of atheism or agnosticism] believe human beings can and must create for themselves lives that are worth living, that [Read More...]