I Don’t Get It.

Scooter Libby gets no jail time. Even Paris Hilton got 23 days. Let this be a lesson to you. Getting a DUI and driving on a suspended license = Bad. Very bad. Obstruction of justice and committing perjury = Obstruction of what? Oh, let us just slap you on the wrist here… *slap*… there we [Read More...]

That’s Just Inappropriate…

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to dance in an art museum. As one commenter sang: Young man, there’s no need to feel down. I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground… (via Reddit) [Read more...]

Baseball Promotions Make Fundies Mad

Sunday, July 8, will be Pride Night at the San Diego Padres’ home game. What does that mean? It means the scoreboard will give a shoutout to the San Diego Pride supporters/volunteers and the National Anthem will be sung by the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Diego. Coincidentally, the promotions for children usually take place [Read More...]

Don’t Get Left Below!

A great clip from The Simpsons: (via Evangelical Right) [Read more...]

Atheism as Civil Rights Issue?

A few years ago, DJ Grothe (host of the Point of Inquiry podcast) and Austin Dacey, both of the Center for Inquiry, wrote an article in Free Inquiry magazine (got all that straight?) that has re-emerged among science/atheist bloggers recently. Grothe and Dacey argued that atheism was not a civil rights issue. … is it [Read More...]