Fort Worth Transit Authority Now Bans Religious and Non-Religious Ads

In Texas, the Dallas – Forth Worth Coalition of Reason bus ad is getting all sorts of publicity because of this ad: Of course, the publicity only increased after a Christian group decided to stalk the four buses carrying that ad with traveling billboards of their own: How is the Fort Worth Transportation Authority responding [Read More…]

Clay Duke Was No Humanist

***Update***: To the commenters, I’m aware of the No True Scotsman fallacy, which I tried to avoid in this post. I stand by what I wrote, saying that Duke was no Humanist. Those principles very clearly oppose his actions. Duke may, however, be an atheist. I don’t deny that. It hasn’t been confirmed but it’s [Read More…]

The Onion on Terry Jones

The Onion named Pastor Terry Jones a “Person Who Mattered in 2010” With the gaze of the whole world fixed on his small Gainesville, FL–based Dove World Outreach Center this Sept. 11, Pastor Terry Jones shocked an anxious media by calling off his threat to burn 200 copies of the Koran, which is bullshit, really, [Read More…]

I Think the Billboard Has Made It

You know your atheist billboard has made it when it’s referenced in a political cartoon: And, of course, the original has been getting attention for weeks: American Atheists president Dave Silverman tweeted yesterday that it was the first day he’s had no media interviews since the campaign began — an incredible feat of publicity when [Read More…]

I Was on a Christian Radio Show…

Yesterday, I was a guest on a Christian radio show. Before you listen to it, understand how this even happened. I got an email from the show’s producer a couple weeks ago: I checked out their website and got a quick sense of the type of show they put on. The host was a conservative, [Read More…]