Autism Study Contributes to Finding the Origin of Faith in God

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found a much lower degree of theism amongst the autistic, linking their lack of belief to their diminished mentalizing capacity. Mentalizing can roughly be defined as the ability to imagine what other people are thinking and to perceive or interpret behavior in accordance to intentional mental states [Read More…]

Atheists Help the Homeless in Dallas/Fort Worth

I mentioned last week that there was now a Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of Atheists Helping the Homeless (which started in Austin). Their first giveaway was this past weekend and it was a *huge* success. They had 23 volunteers and a large turnout from people who needed their help. Congratulations to LaDonna Davies and her crew [Read More…]

ACLU Defends High School Student’s Anti-Gay T-Shirt

On Friday, April 20th — the Day of Silence — Wolcott High School junior Seth Groody wore this image on the front of his shirt: That’s a rainbow with a slash through it… basically summing up Groody’s attitude toward homosexuality. The administrators at his school told him to change his shirt. He protested, saying he [Read More…]

Science Explains Why Our Brains May Be ‘Hardwired’ for God

Is the brain hardwired for God? Neuroscientists have found and measured chemical changes in the brain when a person is going through religious or spiritual experiences and keep coming back for more. It turns out religion makes us feel the same way we do when we meditate — the evolutionary explaination is these practices help us improve [Read More…]

Paycheck Fairness Act Blocked By Senate Republicans

A piece of legislation that would help protect women who sue over getting paid less than their male counterparts was blocked in the Senate today by the Republican party. In a world where women still make 77 cents to every man’s dollar, this piece of legislation would help close the wage gap that is still [Read More…]