Insight into Sarah Palin’s Theology

Sarah Palin is a member of an Assembly of God church. Guess who just so happened to be a preacher in that denomination? Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Well… before he went public as an atheist. He sheds some light on the theology of that church: Pentecostals are “gifted” people. Besides [Read More...]

Would You Give Your Life For a Symbol?

Last night, I met up with an acquaintance of mine — A pretty hard core Christian, even compared to many of the devout religious people I know. One of the topics that came up was PZ Myers‘ recent desecration of a communion wafer. I’m not condoning everything PZ did, but I told my friend I [Read More...]

Hey! That’s Our Letter A!

Reader Marina stumbled onto an “Evangelical Catholic Apologetics” website… and guess what she saw at the bottom of the page? Hey! I thought we atheists owned the letter A. I know this is just some guy’s personal website, but still, this reeks of rotting bananas. [Read more...]

Christian Products You Know You Want

We have two of them for you today. The first is a free service. Jesus will answer your questions! I asked Jesus who was going to win the presidential election. I didn’t get the response I wanted…: Dear Hemant, Though some of us here at do have our favorite candidate we simply cannot predict [Read More...]

Something Got Lost in Translation

I guess it doesn’t play Passion of the Christ…? (Thanks to Ashleigh for the link!) [Read more...]