The Upside to a Religious Upbringing

Sex columnist Dan Savage explains the benefits of having a religious upbringing. As usual, he’s a joy to listen to: (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]

Obama Mentions Nonbelievers Again

During his Inaugural Address, President Obama gave a shout-out to us: “For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus — and non-believers.” It could be considered lip-service (and nothing more, some could argue) but it was a meaningful gesture [Read More...]

An Atheist’s Version of Immortality

The latest XKCD offers a beautiful explanation of why most atheists don’t fear death — we know that it’s possible for us to make a difference even after we die. We can leave behind legacies and memories, of course, but we can also leave behind physical parts of ourselves to people who need them: I’m [Read More...]

Vote for the Bad Faith Award 2009

The Bad Faith Award is given out by New Humanist magazine and it goes to “the person who has made the year’s most outstanding contribution to talking unadulterated (and often destructive) nonsense about matters of religion.” Last year, the winner was Sarah Palin. This year’s nominees are certainly worthy… to say the least. Adnan Oktar, [Read More...]

Fingerprints are the Mark of the Beast, Says Kindergarten Teacher

We’ve all heard stories about how some Christians pharmacists cite “conscience clauses” to withhold birth control or morning-after pills from women because those things go against their faith. (Of course, they should be fired for not doing their job.) But this notion of religious fundamentalists thinking the rules don’t apply to them stretches beyond the [Read More...]