Public Schools in Manitoba Are Wasting Time with Prayer

Even in Manitoba, Canada, public schools are expected to be secular. (Though, for some reason, if 75% of parents sign a petition to have religious exercises in school, they can have them.) The department of education has guidelines that schools are supposed to follow. However, lawyer Chris Tait has found violations all over the place: [Read More…]

Holland, Michigan: Gays Won’t Have Equal Rights Here

Last year in Holland, Michigan, a pastor suggested that the city council add sexual orientation and gender identification to the non-discrimination policy. Last week, the City Council shot down the proposal on a 5-4 vote. And now, conservative groups are trying to bring down the candidates who voted to expand the anti-discrimination laws. Not surprisingly [Read More…]

Atheist Acts of Altruism

Reader Amélie stopped by a McDonald’s recently. When she drove up to pay, the cashier told to put her money back. The person in front of her had paid for her meal… and passed along this card: Since Amélie is an “agnostic who leans towards atheism,” this posed a dilemma. She wasn’t sure what to [Read More…]

Why Should You See The Ledge? A Guest Post by Matthew Chapman

What would a movie look like if it was directed by an atheist? If it had characters who were atheists? If it included conversations we’ve had with religious people? Here’s an idea: That’s a clip from The Ledge, a movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is slated for a test run in [Read More…]

Atheist Film Festival in Manitoba, Canada

The Humanist Association of Manitoba is hosting the Second Annual Manitoban Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists (MASH) film festival on August 14th! Here’s a trailer: More information about the event — location, movies, times — can be found here. (Thanks to Dorothy for the link!) [Read more…]