Missouri GOP Lawmaker Says He’s Gay; Denounces School ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

Today, someone in a position to (hopefully) get the discriminatory bill, HB2051, to bite the dust, spoke out in a major way. Representative Zachary Wyatt, a Republican in the Missouri House held a Capitol news press conference today in which he publicly disclosed his sexual orientation and called on the GOP to end the legislation of [Read More…]

North Carolina Pastor Jokes About Physically Abusing ‘Effeminate’ Boys

Sean Harris is the senior pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He’s in the news because of a sermon he delivered in conjunction with “Marriage Sunday,” an initiative intended to get out the vote for a proposed same-sex ban. He had some thoughts about gender roles and parenting that deserve a closer look [Read More…]

Appeals Court Says University Must Relax Restrictions on Campus Proselytizing

Tennessee Technological University (TTU) requires all non-students who wish to speak (or preach) on campus to follow detailed regulations which require, among other things, a two-week advanced notice. The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals recently held (PDF) that a non-student evangelist — John McGlone — may challenge TTU’s campus speech regulations, and this is [Read More…]

The Struggles of the Quiet Atheists

Bruce Grierson has a wonderful article in the June, 2012 issue of Psychology Today about the quiet atheists — the ones who don’t believe in a god but aren’t all that outspoken about it. They don’t debate religion or get into online battles. They just want to raise their children and spend time with their [Read More…]

What TV Show Offers the Best Religion Coverage?

Are there any shows that cover religion in a fair way? That is, they don’t push one particular belief system (or even faith in general) but offer somewhat a little more nuanced? Mark Oppenheimer argues that The Daily Show stands above the rest: Stewart comes at religion with buckets of derision, but I do not [Read More…]