Does this work the other way around…?

This whole eBay experience has been one of an atheist visiting Christian churches. This often begs the question of whether there are any Christians who have gone to atheist gatherings to see what goes on there. Has anyone done this to learn about what atheists believe? [Read more...]

Pastor Tim’s response (to Siamang)

Tim responded to the Creationism paper: [Read more...]

Obama, Alabama, etc.

Yesterday, my senator Barack Obama made a speech about how Democrats need to embrace faith. The speech is here. Already, I’ve received a couple emails from Atheist organizations opposing the comments he made. For them, any expression of faith in the public square is anathema to their own agenda. What did Obama say? Definitely not [Read More...]

Pastor Tim’s Response

Pastor Tim responded to my post below (Once again showing how great he is with the positive dialogue): [Read more...]

Creationism for My Child’s Teacher

(***Update 7/10/06: The pamphlet mentioned in this post was edited to mention that the National Geographic article does say that there is sufficient evidence for evolution. Soon after that, other points about the inaccuracies of the document were discussed on this website and the pamphlet was taken down from the Parkview site altogether. Thus, the [Read More...]