Joy Behar Calls Atheists “Pathetic” on The View

On yesterday’s episode of The View, the ladies were discussing the Inauguration and the (more liberal) Joy Behar made the following comment about how she appreciated the inclusive nature of Barack Obama’s speech (emphasis mine): I’ve never heard a presid — we were talking about this this morning — I’ve never heard a presidential speech [Read More...]

Illinois Mandatory Moment of Silence Law Was “Sham,” Says Judge

Remember last year when Illinois had to deal with an absurd mandatory Moment of Silence law? High school student (and atheist) Dawn Sherman filed a lawsuit to put a stop to it (via her father Rob Sherman). Today, a final ruling (PDF) was issued on the matter from Judge Robert Gettleman. After discussing various aspects [Read More...]

Should Public Prayer Be Allowed in Football?

Stephen Dubner of the Freakonomics blog suggests (not very seriously) a new atheist lawsuit. Earlier this year, Mike Pereira, the National Football League’s Vice President of Officiating, explained which sorts of touchdown celebrations would be allowed and which would be considered excessive (and thus penalized): Pereira stated: The whole issue is, you can’t go to [Read More...]

Worst Field Trip Idea Ever

Think back to the field trips you took when you were in high school — maybe you saw a production of a Shakespeare play or you went to a museum. Now what if your school’s idea of a field trip was to attend a “Just for Jesus” rally? This is a rally that has in [Read More...]

Christian Protesters at the Inauguration

Gerry Canavan was at the Inauguration and saw several Christian protesters. You can check out his photo gallery here. Here’s one sample: I get Fake Christians. And Muslims. And Atheists. And Baby Killers. And Rebellious Women (those harlots). But “Good People“? (via Cynical-C Blog) [Read more...]