The Clergy Project: A Sanctuary for Religious Refugees

This is a guest post by Catherine D. She is a former liberal Catholic theologian with a masters degree from a well respected school of theology It was during her studies that Catherine had the epiphany that she was not a believer. … The last place you might think to find an atheist or agnostic [Read More…]

Is This an Unrealistic COEXIST Sign?

This image has been making some rounds on Facebook and found its way into my inbox: It looks like a funny response to the image until you start reading it and find out its Christian propaganda. Do Muslims want to convert or kill non-Muslims? The Koran says yes, but (obviously) most Muslims don’t accept that. [Read More…]

How Did the Protest of Pastor Mark Driscoll Go?

It slipped my mind that today was the day the University of Georgia Atheists were protesting Pastor Mark Driscoll‘s event… until I started seeing 349723 comments coming in from Christians trolling the informational post. So how did it go? Well, they caught Driscoll’s attention. He even told his fan club: If you read through those [Read More…]

I Guess They’re Taking ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ Literally…

It’s not just that some Christians want to give out Bibles and tracts and the “gift of salvation” on Halloween. (You always knew which houses in your neighborhood to avoid when you went Trick-or-Treating…) It’s that they are calling this event “Jesus Ween” and they have no idea why 12-year-old boys everywhere are laughing up [Read More…]

Get a Free Copy of David Hayward’s Excellent Book Today

David Hayward, who draws all those fantastic cartoons about Christianity at nakedpastor, is offering his book nakedpastor 101 as a free PDF download for one day only! You definitely want to check that out. Realize that it’s also a very generous giveaway from someone who relies on sales of his work for part of his [Read More…]