New Hampshire Legislators Want to Challenge the Teaching of Evolution

Two new bills have been introduced and referred to the House Education Committee tackling the science curriculum currently taught in public schools in New Hampshire. Rep. Jerry Bergevin is serving his first (and hopefully last) term and introduced the first bill, which would require schools to teach evolution as a theory, and would include “the [Read More…]

How We Talk About Atheist Activism

Ed Clint of the Illini Secular Student Alliance offers this helpful image: Now for someone to make the XKCD version… [Read more…]

This Qualifies as a ‘Scandal’ in the Catholic Church?

Of all the scandals in the Catholic Church, this should really be the least of their worries: But no. Assistant Bishop Gabino Zavala will resign for the crime of having a family. Meanwhile, other priests rape little boys and just get transferred to a different parish. And we’re supposed to be the ones without morals? [Read More…]

And That Resolution Is Out the Window

(via Cyanide and Happiness) [Read more…]

And God Said to Pat Robertson…

Pat Roberston has been talking to his sky-friend, and he learned something interesting. He thinks he knows who the next American president will be. But he’s “not supposed to talk about that,” so the rest of us are none the wiser. But the Lord did have some non-confidential information for Robertson: Your country will be [Read More…]