Strength in Numbers

A few articles in the news today give current statistics about atheism in America and abroad. First, some helpful graphics from The New York Times: And this optimistic picture: As the caption mentions, the unaffiliated make up the “fourth largest ‘religious group’” and many of them were raised as Protestants or Catholics. This article, via [Read More...]

“Benevolent” Elks Discriminate Against Sweet Lady

Billie Sieg is a sweet 80-year-old lady: Billie is a friendly person; someone recently described her as the mascot of her neighborhood. But there was nowhere for her to hang out. So Billie decided to join the Elks club. She’d been there with friends who are members. “It’s a very nice facility. I wanted the [Read More...]

A Catholic Wedding

Mary’s getting married. She’s not converting to Catholicism but she is getting married in a Catholic church, which means she must go through the Pre-Cana, the “course” one takes when getting married in the Church. … Here are the ten steps, as listed by the Archdiocese of Chicago: Step 1: Introductory meeting with the priest [Read More...]

Things I Want for My Birthday

Woo! I’m 25 today. (Yep, 25 on the 25th.) What do I want…? For everyone to make a donation to the Secular Student Alliance Anything from the Amazon wishlist Two tickets to the upcoming TED conference. This may prove difficult since it’s been sold out for forever… and ticket prices range in the several thousands [Read More...]

Response to Atheist Logic

I’ll admit I forwarded through parts of the 11-minute clip (the Oscars are on…), but the ending is priceless. After a long drawn-out discussion (?) over the meaningless theistic claim that atheists need just as much faith not to believe in God, Matt Dillahunty (host of the Atheist Experience cable access show) gets a fantastic [Read More...]