Mark Driscoll’s Article in the NYT Caught My Attention for Other Reasons…

There was an article in The New York Times over the weekend about Mark Driscoll, the unconventional pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. While the article was interesting, what caught my attention was the byline. The writer of the piece was Molly Worthen. I have a connection to her. Here it is: When I [Read More...]

A Book of Genesis You Can Appreciate

Artist Robert Crumb‘s illustrated version of the Book of Genesis is slated to be published in the Fall of 2009. That will be awesome. Comic editor Charles Kochman was asked what he thought would be “the biggest story in comics in 2009.” He said this: The long-awaited publication of Robert Crumb’s Book of Genesis, an [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Italy!

As Richard Wade mentioned earlier, they’re popping up everywhere: The sign reads: La cattiva notizia è che Dio non esiste. Quella buona, è che non ne hai bisogno Rough translation? The bad news is that God does not exist. The good news is that you do not need him. Definitely a change from the “probably” [Read More...]

When Do Atheists Believe in God?

When they’re weak, apparently, according to this graph: Of course, the graph is wrong. And not just because “athiest” is misspelled. The only way we will know that God exists is when Jennifer Garner knocks on my door and tells me she wants to bear my next seven children. Everyone knows that. (Thanks to Ann [Read More...]

Rational or Faith-Based?

In a recent New Yorker article by David Remnick, he discusses Barack Obama and says the following: … During the campaign, Obama embodied novelty and a broader American coalition, and everything we heard about his temperament — as a community organizer in Chicago, as a president of the Harvard Law Review, as a legislator, as [Read More...]