Can You Tell the Difference Between Atheists and Christian?

Leah Libresco is running her second “Ideological Turing Test” experiment. Here’s how it works: A number of questions were posed to both atheists and Christians. The goal was to respond as atheists. That’s not a problem for the real atheists, but can the Christians imitate us? More importantly, can you tell the difference? There are [Read More…]

Richard Land Loses Radio Show After Trayvon Martin Comments

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Richard Land has landed himself in hot water for “racially insensitive” comments relating to the Trayvon Martin case, the teenager shot dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer in February. Land is the president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, a post he has held since 1988. Land is [Read More…]

‘In God We Teach’: A Documentary

In case you don’t remember the Matthew LaClair story, he was the high school student who recorded his history teacher proselytizing in the classroom — the story made a huge splash when the New York Times covered the controversy (and published the recordings). Filmmaker Vic Losick made a documentary about the whole thing called “In [Read More…]

Christian Company Fires Employees After Insulting Them… and It’s All Caught on Tape

I’m no expert on running a company, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to insult your staff if you want them to work hard for you. Tate Publishing puts out Christian books and music. After finding out that the company was going to expand into other countries last week, rumors began to circulate among [Read More…]

An Update on Dennis Markuze/David Mabus

It’s been a while since we’ve heard that name… For those unaware, Dennis Markuze is the Montreal resident who was infamous for making death threats to atheists online as well as spouting crazy rants, using a variety of pseudonyms and a seemingly endless supply of Twitter/Facebook handles. If you blogged or tweeted about atheism — [Read More…]