A Christian’s Endangered Monkey Meat

Considering atheists celebrate Monkey, brown people have been called macacas, and the fact that I am a vegetarian, I’m deeply offended by this on all sorts of levels. A federal judge in Brooklyn has rejected a Liberian woman’s religious reasons for smuggling endangered monkey meat into the country. U.S. District Judge Raymond J. Dearie ruled [Read More...]

Atheist Talking Heads

Who should represent atheists on television? There’s no one right answer to that question, but when you see an atheist on TV news, it tends to be for a short time and there’s a lot of arguing. Not always, but often. And that doesn’t bode well for us. Usually, newspeople are going to go to [Read More...]

Introducing Trina Hoaks

We now have a female voice on this site to add to our list of contributors! Please welcome Trina Hoaks! Trina is the author of the book 1 Atheist 1 Voice, a collection of her articles about atheism. She is also the National Atheism Examiner (columnist) for Examiner.com. You can read more about her at [Read More...]

Forget Poe’s Law. Hello, Bo’s Law

Poe’s Law is old news. Now, it’s all about Bo’s Law, which states: It is impossible to tell through the internet whether a person or organization is legitimately Atheist or is simply a person or organization making fun of Atheism. If the law is true — and it must be… it’s on the Internets! — [Read More...]

Stop Shoving Nothing Down Everybody’s Throats!

Edward Current doesn’t get why we atheists keep talking about God when we don’t believe in him! He is right about one thing, though: Atheists do go around wearing nothing all the time. That’s gotta be awkward for the rest of you. (And, yes, I know it’s satire Thanks for the emails, though.) [Read more...]