The Least Offensive Atheist Billboard Ever?

With our own Richard Wade providing the inspiration, Justin Vacula is one step closer to putting up what may be the Least Offensive (But-I’m-Sure-Someone-Will-Still-Complain) Atheist Bus Ad Ever: Just one word. And yet, someone in Scranton, Pennsylvania is bound to get all huffy about it. “Various ads placed by atheists on billboards, buses, and elsewhere [Read More…]

Name That Cathedral!

Remember the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California? In 2010, Crystal Cathedral Ministries filed for bankruptcy. Now, the building is in the possession of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange — they paid $57,500,000 for the place. The Diocese doesn’t know what to name their new acquisition, though… and they’re asking for help. This can [Read More…]

Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and an Embrace

Even though the image has been around for a few months now, a few different people sent it along saying the caption underneath it is simply beautiful. They’re absolutely right: It’s odd, thinking about death while being an atheist. To understand that afterward, you are simply not. Dawkins and Hitchens both know that what is [Read More…]

I’m a Woman, Not a Sin

Christianity has had a bit of a sexism problem since it began; with all of the apologetics surrounding the issue, I believe that the problem starts with the opening narrative of man being created in God’s image and the woman a lesser copy, made in the image of man. Even in the most favorable of [Read More…]

Pascal’s Roulette

[Read more…]