You Aren’t a Real Theist Unless You Have the Bling

Clearly, you have to act all Flavor Flav-ish or you’re just not proud of your faith: And that’s not even the disturbing picture. That distinction goes to the image here. But don’t go there if you’re at work… or haven’t eaten lunch yet… (via LOL god) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Praying in the Hospital

Somehow this story slipped by me last week. Manoj Jain — a doctor from Memphis — wrote a piece for The Washington Post where he discussed his discomfort with praying with a patient. … Although I am comfortable asking patients about their faith when I question them about their profession and their family or social [Read More...]

Suspended: No Astrology Allowed

How dare they fire these professors for teaching Astrology in an Astronomy class!? ComedyJesus tells us their stories in this Expelled parody: Oh, Professor Cleo, they never should’ve gotten rid of you… My favorite quotation: “Astronomy is like AIDS to the American education system. It’s a disgrace and there is no cure.” Immediately followed by: [Read More...]


Of course you already know Bill Maher‘s new movie Religulous is coming out later this year. Check out the studio-created website for the film. It’s surprisingly well done! It’s called (a parody of It has all sorts of goodies. They talk about the big important religions: The advertisements all look fake — but [Read More...]

Your Most Memorable Night

Nothing in particular brings this thought to my mind. I just think it’s an interesting question: What was the most memorable night of your life? Mine was March 23rd, 2001 — my senior year of high school. You get no further details on that. (Which clearly defeats the purpose of asking this question in the [Read More...]