The Archbishop of Canterbury is Right: Atheists *Are* Cool

Last week, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said that “atheism is cool” and that’s why the church is having so many problems getting its message across. Yesterday, I responded to that comment in the Washington Post‘s On Faith section. In short, I think he’s right about our coolness. But we’re only part of the [Read More…]

Update on the Student Who Said ‘Homosexuality Is Wrong’ in His German Class

A few days ago, I posted about a Christian student who said in his high school German class that “being a homosexual is wrong.” That student, Dakota Ary, was suspended after he said that when his teacher, Kristopher Franks, cited him in a disciplinary referral. I defended Ary at the time, but noted that we [Read More…]

An Open Letter to Reuel Johnson of the American Cancer Society from Todd Stiefel

This is a guest post by Todd Stiefel. Todd is the President and Founder of the Stiefel Freethought Foundation. For background on this letter, I suggest reading posts here and here. In short, the American Cancer Society rejected the Foundation Beyond Belief‘s National Team for this year’s Relay For Life events. There is good reason [Read More…]

Church-or-Jail Program in Alabama Now Being Reconsidered…

What happens when your plan to give non-violent criminals the option of going to church instead of jail makes its way into the media? Everyone complains. The media calls. You realize this plan isn’t going to go under-the-radar like you had hoped. That’s why Police Chief Michael Rowland in Bay Minette, Alabama is reconsidering his [Read More…]

An Atheist University Opens in India

Alright, I’ll admit I don’t know what they plan to teach or research… but at least their goals are promising? The Atheist Centre [in India] will open the country’s first atheism university and research centre, coinciding with the centenary celebrations of social activist Saraswathi Gora on Wednesday. The centre had been promoting a casteless society [Read More…]