Jim Corbett Gets a Break in Case Against Former Student Chad Farnan

There’s some good news for California teacher Jim Corbett, who was accused by his former student Chad Farnan of making anti-Christian comments during history class. The clerk’s office in federal district court in Santa Anna, California has determined that nearly $20,000 in court costs should be borne by high school student Chad Farnan… The fees [Read More...]

Wonderful Segments About Atheism Featured on The Boston Channel

Yesterday, The Boston Channel featured several segments on the topic of being “Good Without God.” The first segment focuses on Harvard Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein. The second, on the Boston Atheists. The third, on Bostonian Woody Kaplan (Advisory Board chair for the Secular Coalition for America and the focus of the Kay Hagan campaign controversy [Read More...]

If You Don’t Have a Costume Yet…

Reader Stu would just like to remind everyone who doesn’t have a Halloween costume yet that if you can provide your own beard and robe, you can totally go as Jesus riding a dinosaur: I wonder if they have adult versions of that… In any case, it would make Ken Ham and other Creationists very [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Atheist Ex-husband, Christian Ex-wife, Kids in the Middle

Hello and thank you for your time. I grew up a christian and was raised in a baptist home (yikes). I am divorced and I have two children ages 11 and 7. I have only been an atheist for 3 years. My children were exposed to christianity from birth and still attend church with their [Read More...]

Animal Sacrifices Before the 2010 World Cup?

I don’t know whether I’m more offended as a vegetarian or as someone who is anti-superstition. The 2010 World Cup — arguably the biggest sporting event in the world — is set to take place in South Africa. So what are South African leaders doing to prepare the stadiums for competition? South African traditional leaders [Read More...]