A New DeBaptismal Certificate

If you’re wondering what to get your atheist friend for her next birthday (or whatever), here’s an idea: the Freedom From Religion Foundation is now offering fancy, frameable, embossed DeBaptismal certificates! The certificate reads: “I, having been subjected to a Christian baptism before reaching an age of consent, or having submitted to baptism before embracing [Read More…]

Atheists Billboards Go Up in Orlando!

A new set of atheist billboards reading “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone” are going up in Florida thanks to the Orlando Coalition of Reason: Reaching out to the like minded isn’t the only goal of the effort: “We want people to know that one can be a decent human being and contribute [Read More…]

An Excerpt from Open All the Way: Confessions From My Open Marriage

“Sexie” Sadie Smythe has been writing stories about her open marriage for a couple years now on her website (NSFW). She’s also been telling them at BedPost Confessions, an event she hosts and organizes in Austin, TX. She’s honest, reflective, and a direct threat to anyone who thinks marriage must be a one-size-fits-all proposition. Her [Read More…]

Virginia Tech Student Stabs Himself to Prove God Exists

Despite all the amazing things to happen on Ask An Atheist Day today, this was one of the low points… and a scary one at that: Virginia Tech Police were called to the Drillfield Wednesday afternoon following a report of a student stabbing his own hand with a pen. … The incident took place near [Read More…]

Christian and Atheist Politicians Debate ‘In God We Trust’ Sign in Missouri

Christianist Dee Wampler has been on a quest to have the phrase “In God We Trust” branded in every city in the state of Missouri. He believes this shouldn’t be a big deal since it’s our national motto. Wampler doesn’t care how much these cities would have to pay to create/put up the signs or [Read More…]