This Is Not How You Teach Modesty

Fear-based education is unethical. It might even be child abuse. Scaring children into good behavior relies on lower-order reward and punishment mechanisms instead of emphasizing the intrinsic benefits of acting appropriately. Humanists know that educators should put reasonable restrictions on the way they teach difficult concepts to children. These restrictions don’t seem to be in [Read More…]

Jesse Ventura: ‘I’m An Atheist. And I’m Proud To Say It.’

Alright, this isn’t really “news” since we already knew former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was an atheist, but he talks about it in some depth in an interview with Highbrow Magazine. He was promoting his awkwardly-titled new book DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government. When you were governor, you refused to declare a [Read More…]

PZ Myers on Sacking the City of God

In his talk at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, PZ Myers gave a talk on “Sacking The City Of God!“: As always, if there are any bits we should pay special attention to, just leave the timestamp and a summary in the comments. [Read more…]

Atheists Are Still the Most Unelectable Group in America

Gallup has released the results of their not-quite-annual poll asking people the following question: If your party nominated a generally well-qualified person for president who happened to be ________, would you vote for that person? Obviously, most of the discussion in the media will revolve around the results for “Mormon” — 80% of Americans could [Read More…]

The Drilling Rig Atheists Helped Fund is Now at Work in Ethiopia

Last October and November, 109 readers of this site raised $5,000 for “drilling equipment that will bring clean water to people in Ethiopia”! The rig we funded is now in service — you can follow it on Twitter — and check out these sweet photos Awe. Some. If you’d like to donate to the cause, [Read More…]