The Church of Serpents

Turns out there are only a handful of churches left in American that still handle snakes. (Besides the Catholic Church. ZING!) They’re all in West Virginia, and even there, it’s a bit sketchy. Kate Fowler and Mark Strandquist are putting together a documentary film called With Signs and Following in which they go into one [Read More…]

The Person Who Sent in the Falling Man Image to PostSecret Explains Why He Did It

The other day, I posted this image from PostSecret: Well, it’s no longer a secret who sent in that image. It was Michael Convente, a graduate student and someone who’s not religious at all. (He emailed me proof that he really was the sender). At the Daily Kos, Michael explains his rationale behind sending in [Read More…]

According to This Christian Group, a Woman’s Dominion Is…

Libby Anne, a former “daughter of Christian patriarchy,” has a lot of insight about her former life. Like how one Christian group is “training” children to be “dominion-oriented.” This is an example of what Vision Forum, a group for Christian “families,” thinks is an appropriate image for their DVD about Christian boys: Ok… boy fishing [Read More…]

How Sam Harris Overcame His Fear of Public Speaking

He’s never the most charismatic speaker on stage, but I would never have guessed Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith, had a fear of public speaking: At the end of my senior year in high school, I learned that I was to be the class valedictorian. I declined the honor. And I managed [Read More…]

If Rick Perry Told the Whole Truth…

If Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s website was more honest, it would include these other images, too (Thanks to Brian for the image!) [Read more…]