The Name's Awesome… How About the Rest of It?

If you use dating websites and you’d like to meet other atheists, there are really two options: One is to go to a traditional site (like Match or OKCupid… anything but eHarmony, really) and search specifically for other atheists. Because of the sheer numbers, you’re bound to find other like-minded people. (Whether you’re a good [Read More…]

NYC Atheists Responds Regarding Potential 'Seven in Heaven' Lawsuit

The other day, I made a post about how the NYC Atheists are considering suing over a street sign that reads ‚ÄúSeven in Heaven.” My feeling was that this would be a disaster in the making (just from a PR standpoint). Even if they were right on principle, I’m not convinced they could win a [Read More…]

Columbus Atheist Billboard Forced to Move Again

Dylan Galos can’t catch a break. His billboard for the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Out of the Closet” campaign in Columbus, Ohio looked great: Unfortunately, it turned out that billboard was placed on church property, so it was taken down and moved elsewhere. The billboard… has been relocated to East Main St., west of Alum [Read More…]

Islamic Prayers Allowed in Toronto Schools

We’re so used to atheists going after prayer in public schools that it’s a pleasant shock when any other group leads the charge against it. But that’s what’s happening in Toronto: A Hindu group [Canadian Hindu Advocacy] that regularly criticizes Islam is going after a Toronto school for holding prayer sessions for Muslim students on [Read More…]

Help an Atheist Make His Short Film

Kyle Rogers is trying to make a film called Genesis 51:33-51 about how god is irrelevant when it comes to human ethics and how we ought to treat each other. He needs some help from anyone who might be interested: If you’d like to see his project come to fruition, he has a fundraising drive [Read More…]