Say Hello to Rational Moms

One of the upsides to the recent surge in atheism is that instead of just talking about evidences for/against God, we can expand the dialogue to include specific parts of atheism-culture. How to raise children without religion, for example. Rational Moms is a group blog that plans to discuss raising babies without faith. What sorts [Read More...]

She’s Winking At Me!

Turns out Sarah Palin doesn’t follow the Bible as closely as we thought… Steve Wells points out the relevant Bible verses. Proverbs 10:10: He who winks the eye causes trouble, And a babbling fool will be ruined. Proverbs 6:12-15: A scoundrel and villain, who goes about with a corrupt mouth, who winks with his eye, [Read More...]

How Did Religulous Do at the Box Office?

Here’s the update: Over the weekend, Bill Maher‘s Religulous made $3,519,000 in around 500 theaters for a $6,972 per theater average. That puts it in 10th place for the weekend box office. (Sadly, it’s behind Kirk Cameron‘s pro-Christianity movie Fireproof (8th place) which was in ~850 theaters.) However, it did do better than Expelled did [Read More...]

A Young Adult Novel Dealing with Church State Separation

It’s no Twilight, but here’s a young adult novel you may want to check out: Box Out tells the story of Liam Bergstrom, a sophomore basketball player at Horizon High School. Liam is a Roman Catholic and doesn’t feel comfortable when his coach leads the team in prayers that employ Protestant language and rituals. Although [Read More...]

Atheism and Veganism

The arguments against vegetarianism/veganism and atheism are both similar and weak, says Brad Pritikin. That’s just a snippet. The full comic can be seen here. If you’re one but not the other, what’s your reason? Perhaps you think, as co-artist and non-vegetarian Lisa Faires does, “I can’t stop because mmmm.” (via ReasonableComics) [Read more...]