Ken Ham Is Also an Algae

(In response to this post) [Read more…]

Mount Vernon Christians Are Complaining because the City Council’s Prayers Now Occur Two Minutes Earlier

The city council in Mount Vernon, Ohio just pissed off religious nuts in the region: As the May 14 meeting drew to a close, four council members spoke against the change. Afterward, on the city hall steps, voices and questions were raised: Who complained? Who made the decision? Why wasn’t prayer on the agenda anymore? [Read More…]

You Are All Apes To Me

Fact: Humans and apes share a common ancestor. In that sense, we are apes. Reaction from educated people: It’s awe-inspiring that all living things share common ancestors! Reaction from Creationist Ken Ham: HOW DARE YOU CALL ME AN APE?! Ham sees the whole idea as an insult and the fact that the San Diego Zoo [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Christian Ex-Wife Tells Young Daughter Daddy is Going to Hell

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard I’m an atheist living in Oklahoma, and I’ve always tried to be open with my children, yet responsible in how we discuss religion, etc. Their mother (we are divorced) is a Christian and told my 10 year old daughter that I was going [Read More…]

Richard Dawkins Voices Support for Bibles in School

It sounds controversial: The British Secretary of Education wants to give every state school a copy of the Bible: Every state school in England is to receive a new copy of the King James Bible from the government — with a brief foreword by Michael Gove, the education secretary, to mark the 400th anniversary of [Read More…]