“A Simple Twist of Faith”

On a recent post Donna (aka writerdd) made this comment: As I said on skepchick recently, it’s important to remember that most fundies “are not the evil, bigoted fools portrayed by the media. Although these people do exist, primarily as hypocritical leaders who care more about power or money than they care about spirituality or [Read More...]

Artwork from Crap Hound

Crap Hound is a clip-art zine. It’s described on Boing Boing like this: Each page is a kind of collage of stark, black-and-white imagery of these things, laid out with a lot of wit and yet with a solemn appreciation for the subject. The new issue comes out today and it’s called: Crap Hound #7: [Read More...]

Lack of Respect

Cartoonist Don Addis hits the target yet again: (via Freethought Today) [tags]atheist, atheism, Freedom From Religion Foundation, FFRF, Christian, Jesus, cross[/tags] [Read more...]

Stay Safe; Play the Censored Version

I won the first round with Ganesha. But with multiple arms, you totally saw that one coming. As reader ash child points out, “it’s worth it just to read the initial disclaimer.” So true. (Thanks to Ash for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]