You Can Be Deepak Chopra…

… though I can’t imagine why any intelligent person would want to be. Other than the money. The man is rolling in cash. Anyway, everything you need to write his next book is in this Mad Libs (click to enlarge): And now you know all of his secrets. (Thanks to JB for the link!) [Read more…]

We’re Not Buying Jesus…

Reader Sheila‘s “NO SOLICITATION” sign wasn’t preventing the unwanted religious visitors from stopping by her house, so she now has this message on her door: Think it’ll work? [Read more…]

Memo to NYC Atheists: Please Don't Sue

There’s a special street sign going up in New York City to honor a group of firefighters who sacrificed their lives to save others on 9/11. Not only were they heroes, they were among the first firefighters to arrive on the scene that morning. There were seven of them and, after they died, they were [Read More…]

I’ve Been Exposed…

ChristWire finally revealed the truth about me yesterday. Turns out I’m a Smiling Mexigay: Poor humor, however, is not the most troublesome aspect of this website. Neither is the horrid design, with illegible Satanic markings next to a picture of a smiling Mexigay. … … In its entirety, the “Friendly Atheist” blog represents a sustained [Read More…]

Secular Adoption Agency Takes In Children the Catholic Church Doesn’t Care About

Ever since civil unions became legal in Illinois, Catholic-run, partially-state-funded adoption agencies have been closing shop because they refuse to put children in the homes of loving, gay couples. Now, the Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley, a secular agency, is stepping in to help out the children that the Catholic charities don’t seem to [Read More…]