How Sam Harris Overcame His Fear of Public Speaking

He’s never the most charismatic speaker on stage, but I would never have guessed Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith, had a fear of public speaking: At the end of my senior year in high school, I learned that I was to be the class valedictorian. I declined the honor. And I managed [Read More…]

If Rick Perry Told the Whole Truth…

If Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s website was more honest, it would include these other images, too (Thanks to Brian for the image!) [Read more…]

Does This Meme Represent the Typical Christian?

I don’t know who started the “Scumbag Christian” meme but I’m amused. A few of my favorites: Sound like anyone you know? Or are these unfair strawmen and not-at-all representative of most Christians? In any case, here’s the template if you’d like to make your own: (via Reddit) [Read more…]

What Were Christian Evangelists Like as Children?

What were evangelists like when they were much, much younger? David Hayward shows us: The baby’s logic and rhetoric is really no different from that of an “adult” evangelist, so I fully expect the parents to cave in. (via nakedpastor) [Read more…]

The Mildest Anti-God Billboard You’ll Ever See

I’ve said before that atheists could put up a billboard saying, “We exist,” and Christians would find a way to get offended. Case in point: The Center For Inquiry recently put this billboard up in several cities: “You don’t need God — to hope, to care, to love, to live.” Pretty mild, right? Now, check [Read More…]