The Nones Are Rising

***Update***: An interesting addendum: The BBC reports that the percentage of nones may be rising a lot more than you think: A study using census data from nine countries shows that religion there is set for extinction, say researchers. The study found a steady rise in those claiming no religious affiliation. The team’s mathematical model [Read More…]

Visiting Portland for the Northwest Freethought Conference

It’s a bit last-minute, but I’ll be leading a discussion with student leaders during the 2011 Northwest Freethought Conference in Portland, OR this Saturday afternoon! I’ll consider myself an appetizer to PZ Myers‘ main course. (He’s delivering the keynote that night.) If you’re attending the sold-out conference, you should know I love root beer floats. [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Call-Out: Pastor Seeks Challenging Questions For His Discussion Group

Note: The letter writer’s name has been changed, and his location has been made more general to protect his privacy. Hi Richard, I am a Small Groups Pastor at a Christian Church in a mid-sized city in the Midwest. I wanted to say I really appreciate the tone of your website, it is quite refreshing. [Read More…]

Interfaith Placation

Can atheists really participate in “interfaith” work? It’s been a touchy subject lately, and I’m not convinced we can. No doubt people from different backgrounds can work together to advance common goals, and President Obama alluded to this late last week with a new proposal: The White House is launching the President’s Interfaith and Community [Read More…]

‘A’ Week Begins!

You all asked for a reminder, so here it is: Today begins A Week! Show others that you’re an atheist and proud of it. Start some conversations with people who may not know what the OUT Campaign symbol is all about! A Week is not about being disrespectful to religion or people who have religious [Read More…]