Help This College Atheist Group Win $1,000

I just spent the evening with the Alliance of Happy Atheists at the University of Oregon — it was a wonderful night with a really active, fun group of people. How can you not love a group that uses these signs? They also went out of their way to promote my talk! While we’re at [Read More…]

Why Are You Agnostic?

When discussing religion, I’ve heard Stephen Colbert say this a couple times: “Isn’t an agnostic just an atheist without balls?” I used to think Agnosticism was a fair position to take. The first openly non-religious person I ever met was a girl who called herself agnostic back in 8th grade. I don’t remember how she [Read More…]

The Largest Ever Gathering of Black Atheists

Last weekend, the Center For Inquiry recently hosted an African Americans for Humanism conference in Washington, D.C. At nearly 60 guests, it was arguably the largest gathering of non-religious African Americans ever (at least if we’re talking about meeting specifically as atheists). Writer Jamila Bey was there and writes about the event at The Root: [Read More…]

Stolen Mojave Cross Replaced

Last week, the Mojave cross at the center of the recent Salazar v. Buono Supreme Court decision was stolen. Now, someone has put a new cross in its place: The National Park Service said in a press release Thursday afternoon that the replica cross would be removed. Late Thursday, Mojave National Preserve spokeswoman Linda Slater [Read More…]

Post The First — Why Is This Stuff So Darn Hard To Begin With

Hemant’s note: Brittany Meyer is a guest-blogger who will be writing exclusively about law-related issues. You can read her bio here. … Church and State cases are often very difficult, legally and constitutionally, and the “right” answer is always elusive. It’s almost impossible to completely comply with the establishment clause, “congress shall make no law [Read More…]