How Could He Have Done It Without Jesus?!

The Onion tells a truth… and we laugh because we rarely hear anyone say it: Despite a lack of divine intervention by the Son of God or any other higher power, area man Tom Wendt has somehow managed to overcome his alcoholism, sources confirmed Friday. “It was causing so many problems at work and with [Read More…]

Jessica Ahlquist on How We Can Fight Religion in Public Schools

This is one of the talks that had everyone buzzing at the Secular Student Alliance conference last month: Jessica Ahlquist talking about her lawsuit, what she’s had to go through with her peers since going public with her atheism, and why we all need to help out young atheists. Carve out time to watch this. [Read More…]

What Did the Bible Actually Say?

What did the Bible say? Truth is, no one really knows, but plenty of people base their lives around particular interpretations of it. We know Ken Ham‘s absolute-literal interpretation isn’t based in any sort of reality. But what about progressive Christians who are supportive of things like abortion and LGBT rights? Are they interpreting it [Read More…]

God, I Hate Christianese…

The worst part about following Christian bloggers? Even when they talk about something moving and relevant, they often make me want to gag. Case in point: Pastor Pete Wilson talking about Dennis Rodman’s really touching speech as he entered the basketball Hall of Fame. Wilson writes: I’ll be honest. I’ve never been a Dennis Rodman [Read More…]

Videos from the Oklahoma Freethought Convention

The Oklahoma Freethought Convention took place at the very end of July and some of the videos are now available. The quality is *fantastic*, better than most speaking videos I’ve seen. Here are the videos up so far: Dr. William Morgan talking about his journey from Faith to Agnosticism: Abbie Smith talking about evolution and [Read More…]