Article About an Atheist Lobbyist… No, Not That One

Today’s edition of The New York Times features a positive story about an atheist lobbyist. Not Lori Lipman Brown of the Secular Coalition for America, who lobbies on Capitol Hill. This story follows Jennifer Lange, a New York state lobbyist who works with the Institute for Humanist Studies, as she goes through her workday in [Read More...]

Random Atheist Trivia

It’s amazing how little I knew about atheists until now. Join me in getting educated! 1. South Australia was the first place to allow atheists to stand for parliament. 2. Lightning strikes atheists over seven times every hour! 3. Reindeer like to eat atheists. 4. Atheists are often used in place of milk in food [Read More...]

The Squeaky Wheel

The Port Huron City Council (Michigan) used to have a pre-meeting prayer that anyone could lead. The fact that they had a prayer to lead off meetings is itself a problem… but it’s not the issue at hand. Khalil “Casey” Chaudry, a member of the City Council, is an atheist. He wanted to lead one [Read More...]


Jesus, look at the time! No, really. He can do that now: (via Ain’t Christian) [Read more...]

Your First Atheist

Kristine‘s posting about the cocky young atheists in her science class gets me wondering: Who was the first atheist you ever met? I don’t even remember at this point. I didn’t meet any growing up, to be sure. A good friend in 8th grade was agnostic. We didn’t talk about it much. That was the [Read More...]