The National Day of No Prayer

Today’s the day right-wing Christians have labeled a National Day of Prayer. Many government officials across the country will forget that there’s a separation of church and state and declare their religiosity and pander to the base like crazy. To anyone who thinks this is legal, just read what President Obama’s proclamation might look like [Read More…]

No One Should Restore Stephen Baldwin

You may have already seen the site As far as I can tell, it’s a real site, not a parody. (Poe’s Law is in effect.) I love this response to it, though, from Robert Paul Reyes at NewsBlaze: I laugh when I hear born-again Christians complain that they are persecuted for their faith. Christianity [Read More…]

Can You Be Honest, Intelligent, and Religious?

Here’s an interesting email from reader Kristen: I was reading for a class on politics in the German Democratic Republic, and i found an interesting quote, which (roughly translated) means “one can have honesty, party loyalty, or intelligence, but only two of the three.” Kristen wonders if that also applies to religion. Would the following [Read More…]

If Science Acted Like Religion…

I love this short little excerpt that’s been making the rounds from a talk Richard Dawkins gave at Berkeley. In it, he talks about how easily we would dismiss science if it shared certain similarities to religion: It’s amazing how easily I would’ve dismissed this for no good reason back when I was religious… [Read more…]

Are Atheists Hiding Behind the Scarlet A?

A month ago, there was a push to get atheists to change their Facebook profile picture to the atheist A symbol. I liked the idea. It was a way to show your atheist pride — that there are indeed a whole bunch of us out there and that we’re not afraid to admit it. It’s [Read More…]