Upcoming Talks

I’m giving a few different talks over the next month! If you’re in Southern California or Kansas, here’s hoping you can check these out one of these:) When: Sunday, April 24th at 11:00a. Where: Center For Inquiry West, Los Angeles, CA Group: Atheists United Cost: Free for all guests! ($5 suggested donation for regular members) [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Mom Believes She Communes with Ghosts

Hi Richard, I really enjoy your posts and I think you are doing a wonderful job. There’s something that I’ve been struggling with and would really appreciate your advice. My mom claims that she can feel the spirits of people who have passed away and travel with them in a sort of elevated state of [Read More…]

Atlanta Atheists Are Now Meeting in a Former Church

I don’t know how many places the Atlanta Freethought Society considered when they were looking for their new headquarters, but they eventually settled on the former Collins Springs Primitive Baptist Church (That’s really its name. The jokes just write themselves…) After 140 years, the building had been sold to developers, fallen into disrepair and was [Read More…]

The Animated Version of Tim Minchin’s ‘Storm’

In case you’re one of the three people on the Internet (hi, mom!) who hasn’t heard Tim Minchin‘s wonderful poem “Storm,” there’s now an animated version of it! You can read the lyrics here. And Mad Art Lab has an interview with the creators! (Thanks to Dennis for the link!) [Read more…]

Handling Children Who Are Not Atheists

If you’re an atheist parent, how do you raise your children? With no religion? With exposure to religion? Would you be ok with it if they gravitated toward religion early in life? We’ve already seen books that discuss questions like these, but M. Anton Mikicic has a new book to add to the mix. It’s [Read More…]