Ask Richard: Should We Deceive Our Aging Religious Grandmother?

Hi Richard, My wife and I are both atheists. I’ve been open about it since my very early teens, but prior to meeting me a little over four years ago, my wife “Annie” had generally lived her life not thinking too much about religion. She didn’t buy the stories, but went along with her family, [Read More…]

Question to the Homeless: Would You Cross God Off Your Sign for $20?

Mike Lee, the religiousantagonist, is back with a new video. This time, he’s not reshelving books in a library. Instead, he’s trying to cut a deal with a homeless person: Will he remove the word “God” from his sign in exchange for $20? My initial reaction was: Dammit, Mike, why are you being a jerk? [Read More…]

Congrats to Richard

Congratulations to resident advice guru Richard Wade for winning the “Best Chat with the Bishop, Mishies, or Other Church Leaders” poll at the Main Street Plaza blog! I know it’s an online poll, but the accolade doesn’t surprise me at all. One of his columns must have stood out to the ex-Mormons at that site [Read More…]

Steering the Conversation in the Right Direction

This is a guest post by frequent commenter Claudia. … Often the circumstances that surround an event tell us more than the event itself. We all know the stories of the manger scenes around the holidays: City puts up a manger scene on public property, secular group reminds city of the existence of the “Constitution” [Read More…]

Is ‘Female’ An Offensive Term? Part 2

Is the word “female” offensive? Tom Slowikowski offers up a thought experiment to test that out. He urges people to substitute the word “male” anytime a synonym is used — by yourself or others. “Those guys” becomes “those males.” “That man” becomes “that male.” Try it out. As Tom asks, do you feel devalued? Objectified? [Read More…]