Gideon Bibles and Atheists

When I’m in hotel rooms, I never know what to do with the Gideon Bibles. Obviously the “normal” answer would be to do nothing– Just ignore it. But since it’s there, I feel like I *need* to do something as an atheist. I’ve known atheists who, at one time or another, have done the following: [Read More...]

Memphis Trip, Part 1

I’ve been in Memphis for a couple hours, and here’s a preview of what I’ve seen: Your eyes are not deceived. It’s the Statue of Liberty holding a cross, property of World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church. The New York Times covered it last summer when it was unveiled. The statue, inspired by a Memphis church [Read More...]

The Good Parts of the Good Book

Steve Wells, the creator of the Skeptics Annotated Bible, has put out his list of the best books in the Bible. Topping the list is Proverbs with 56 “good things” in it. Tied for 30th place are Acts, Hosea, 2 Timothy, 2 Peter, 3 John, and 2 John with one good thing apiece. And tied [Read More...]

Book Review: The “God” Part of the Brain by Matthew Alper

In The "God" Part of the Brain, Matthew Alper seeks to explain why our species ever began to believe in God in the first place. It’s a lofty goal, but one Alper seeks to answer by combining research from a variety of fields. He opens the book by explaining why science has taken away the [Read More...]

Free Hugs from Atheists Follow-Up

The campus atheist group at the University of Florida held its Free Hugs from Atheists event yesterday. Today, there was a great article about it in The Gainesville Sun: Frank Zaccaro, toting a Bible, was screaming warnings of hell to passersby when a group of atheists tried to hug him. “No, I don’t want that!” [Read More...]