I Miss All the Good Stuff…

I go away from my computer all weekend (putting posts on autopilot), and as soon as I leave, PZ Myers gets into another Expelled kerfuffle. If you haven’t heard, the Expelled folks held a one-way conference call, and PZ managed to acquire the code which allowed two-way conversation… Good times were held by all. (Except [Read More...]

Blunt Billboard

Check out this billboard: It’s much more straight-forward than the ones put up by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. And it was losing business for nearby companies in Orange County, Florida: The billboard was on Colonial Drive near the Old Cheney Highway. Although the popular Straub’s Seafood restaurant often advertises on it, this wasn’t their [Read More...]

Register for 2008 Atheist Alliance International Convention

The 2008 Atheist Alliance International convention (Theme: Unsinkable Atheism) is now open for registration! It will take place September 25th-28th in Long Beach, CA on the historic ship Queen Mary. (***Update***: I don’t see a non-student-rate registration page yet, but I’ll provide a link as soon as I find out what it it.) (***Update2***: The [Read More...]

Christian Reality Game Shows

Floating Axhead is thinking up a variety of Christian reality game shows: Dancing with the Christian Stars This reality show includes well-known Pastors from every denomination, except the Church of Christ because it includes dancing and musical instruments. … The American Idol Jesus competes against greed, pornography, television, gambling, shopping, eating, work, and other American [Read More...]

A Church Passes Gas

In Carthage, Missouri, a local church did something useful for the community. They helped lower the gas prices to $1.99/gallon. The difference in price was bought by the Forest Park Baptist Church (Carthage Campus) — up to 15 gallons for the first 150 people who came by the Tiger Alley gas station. Even though the [Read More...]