Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is Just Not Enough Anymore

It’s bad enough that we have to say the Pledge of Allegiance in our public schools… but the Landover Baptist Church doesn’t think that’s enough. First, we have a new proposed pledge: Second, we have a checklist for the Christian kiddies: The following eleven tips are designed to assist Christian children in utilizing the Pledge [Read More...]

My Package

No, this isn’t about the Skepdude calendar. There was a FedEx truck outside my place this morning… someone dropped off a package: That was strange. I wasn’t expecting a package… I shook it. It didn’t make any ticking sounds. So I figured I was safe. I went to a table and opened it up. An [Read More...]

Snippet from a Conversation I Had Yesterday

Slightly paraphrased, but it went something like this: Friend: So you’re an atheist…? Me: Yep. Friend: You don’t believe in God?? Me: Nope. Friend: You don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter??? Me: Not really… but I do the whole “gift” thing with friends and family. Friend: Do you celebrate your birthday?! Nope. Never. Atheists don’t have [Read More...]

Talking Jesus Doll

How can you say no to Talking Jesus? So many questions… What does “authentic linen robes” mean? Who will Talking Jesus play with? Does he come with friends? Can you change Jesus’ clothes? What are the accessories for this doll? What happens when the child gets bored with it? Are you allowed to throw Jesus [Read More...]

The Bigot’s Guide to Stopping a Gay/Straight Alliance from Forming

Last month, there was news about how principal Eddie Walker opted to resign from his position because a Gay/Straight Alliance group was being formed at his high school. Turns out the school board is trying to out-bigot him. Later this month, they are going to hold a vote “on whether to ban all student clubs [Read More...]