An Evening with Rob Bell

The foreword to I Sold My Soul on eBay is written by a pastor named Rob Bell. If you’re an atheist, maybe you haven’t heard of him. I hadn’t until last summer. Same deal if you’re a Christian over 30. But in the past several months, I’ve run into a large number of younger Christians [Read More...]

Religious Bestsellers Watch

The New York Times has an unprecedented five books with a secular viewpoint currently on the Hardcover Nonfiction bestsellers list (top 35 books in the country): #7: Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel #12: Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion #13: Chris Hedges’ American Fascists #21: Victor Stenger’s God: The Failed Hypothesis #24: Sam Harris’ Letter to a [Read More...]

My Experience at a Christian Talk Show

On Tuesday, I was in Dallas taping a couple episodes of Life Today, a Christian talk show. I was with my friend Jim Henderson. You can read his thoughts here. My observations from the weekend: When going out for lunch with Jim and the book’s publicist Joel Kneedler, I saw a store called Mardel Christian [Read More...]

The Secret

You may have heard about Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, an Oprah-endorsed, even-Deepak-Chopra-looks-good-when-compared-to-this, self-help book. Elaine Friedman of Humanist Network News shares her take on this garbage here: The Secret claims you can manipulate the material world — the numbers in a lottery drawing, the actions of others, world events — through your thoughts and feelings. [Read More...]

(Mistaken) Godless Dollars

Siamang brings to my attention that many of the 300,000,000 new George Washington dollar coins were incorrectly minted. Approximately 299,950,000 of them have “In God We Trust” written on the edge. (Ok, that’s not the story, but it would be a damn good headline, yes?) Yahoo says the 50,000 coins lacking the phrase have only [Read More...]