Ontario City Council Members Wants to Reinstate the Lord’s Prayer

Last month, the Perth County Council (In Ontario, Canada) did something a lot of American city councils never have the courage to do. They passed a by-law (PDF) removing the Lord’s Prayer from the opening of their meetings, replacing it with a “Moment of Reflection.” It’s not the ideal change, but it’s better than the [Read More…]

How Do Christians Reconcile Gambling with their Faith?

If you saw the movie “21” or read the book Bringing Down the House, you know what card-counting is. But you might be wondering — aren’t we all — what would’ve happened if all those players were Christian? That’s what the movie “Holy Rollers” is all about: Even Christianity Today was intrigued by that premise: [Read More…]

Was the Atheist Billboard Quoting a Pro-Slavery Bible Verse Racist?

There’s a lot of chatter about how that billboard — which was vandalized and then removed — was racist, offensive, and even a “hate crime.” AJ Johnson of American Atheists argues otherwise: As an African American and an atheist, the recent stir caused by the PA Nonbelievers/American Atheists billboard is both surprising and disheartening. While [Read More…]

Mars Hill Church Responds to Criticisms

Man, it’s been a good week for notpologists; in addition to Rush Limbaugh’s failed attempt at sincerity regarding his comments about Sandra Fluke and the non-committal response from all of the Republican candidates, Mars Hill has generously notpologized to the growing group of individuals that have come forward citing emotional abuse from the church and [Read More…]

The Nude Revolutionary Calendar Has Arrived!

Today is International Women’s Day and to get the day off to a good start, the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is going to be launched. This calendar is a tribute to Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, the Egyptian blogger who posted nude pictures of herself to protest against sexual discrimination in Islam. Aliaa, a student of Media [Read More…]