What do Chuck Norris, the Pope, and Richard Dawkins All Have in Common?

They’re all nominees for (UK publication) New Humanist magazine’s 2007 Bad Faith Awards. The award, with nominees selected by readers, aims to figure out “who will be crowned 2007′s most scurrilous enemy of reason.” The nominees: Chuck Norris: These days the martial arts legend seems to spend less time cracking skulls and more time lamenting [Read More...]

We’re Number… 29!

Remember the chart that placed America just above Turkey and just below everyone else when it came to acceptance of evolution? (Miller JD, Scott EC, Okamoto S (2006) Public acceptance of evolution. Science 313:765-766.) Well, the Programme for International Student Assessment survey was just released. The PISA survey is “the most comprehensive and rigorous international [Read More...]

Christians Not Participating in “Friendly” Dialogue?

Bill has noticed a strange occurrence on his blog, FriendlyChristian.com. His readers are disappearing. More importantly, his Christian readers are disappearing. When writing about what he may have done to alienate readers, he lists a few possible reasons: Be a Christian that is openly relational with the arch enemy: the Atheists. Be promoted by Atheist [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #10: Surprises in the Pope’s Encyclical

It’s been a little while since we’ve done a contest… A lot of you bailed on me for the roommate contest (thanks to the few who submitted stories!), but Richard stepped in and ran an atheist limerick contest that is just begging for a winner. So… here are the Top 5 limericks (with submitters)! 5| [Read More...]

Nothing Comes Before Christ… Obviously

Why don’t the other women on The View just come out and tell Sherri Shepherd she’s a moron? The ratings would go up, jaws across the country would rise back up to meet their respective faces, and I’d have one more video to post… After telling her audience that she wasn’t sure if the world [Read More...]