PZ Myers’ Talk at the Secular Student Alliance Conference

In case you weren’t at the Secular Student Alliance conference last week (and if not, I demand a good explanation), you can now see PZ Myers‘ keynote speech: Incidentally, that talk is on the SSA’s new YouTube channel, which will also have other talks from the conference in the near future. Subscribe, donate, tell your [Read More...]

How to Teach Children About God

Children are prone to ask questions like this: 4-year-old boy: Mom, is God real? The mom’s response is entertaining. Better than forcing an answer onto the child as if it were true, I suppose. (Thanks to Justin for the link!) [Read more...]

Interview Questions Needed

Michael Baigent is the co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the book that provided the underlying idea behind The Da Vinci Code (that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child and the bloodline lives on). In fact, his last name is an anagram for a main character in Dan Brown‘s book. His work has been [Read More...]

When the Neighbor Wants to Take Your Kid to Church

Imagine your neighbor having this conversation with you: Neighbor: I wanted to ask you about [your son]… We’re going to this thing tomorrow and I wanted to know if he could come?… It’s a church thing, but the kids don’t really do a lot of the church stuff. They just play. I thought he might [Read More...]

Nampa Classical Academy Can’t Use the Bible

Remember the Nampa Classical Academy in Idaho? The charter school that planned to use the Bible as the primary source for teaching material, and had conservative Christians serving in advisory capacities? The school that was a lawsuit waiting to happen? The Idaho Public Charter School Commission has told the school not to use the Bible. [Read More...]