The Midwest Meetup?

Skepchick Elyse and I are wondering if any atheists in (or willing to travel to) the Chicago area might be interested in meeting sometime this month. (If so, where?) It’s not fair that the East Coasters and Pharyngulites get to have all the fun outings… We want in on the action! (Oh, and when I [Read More...]

Resist the Temptation

Don’t masturbate. The Mormons don’t like that. This one offers suggestions on how to tame your aching loins. 1. Never touch the intimate parts of your body except during normal washing and using the bathroom. 2. Avoid being alone as much as possible. Find good company and stay in this good company, especially when you [Read More...]

Another Goddamned Podcast

No, really. That’s the name of it. A group of atheist bloggers have put together a podcast and the fifth episode is up! Which hopefully means some of the kinks have been worked out Contributors to it include The Exterminator, Ordinary Girl, Babs, Lifeguard, PhillyChief, Spanish Inquisitor, and John Evo. You can subscribe to the [Read More...]

One Atheist’s Brief Political Career

Danny Ferguson lives in Missouri. Last week, he attended a meeting of the Bates County Democratic Party for the first time. He met the chairman of the county party. He was excited about getting involved with the group. And the party was excited about him. Today (four days after the caucus) I got a call [Read More...]

Congrats to the Scholarship Winners!

American Atheists just announced the 2008 scholarship winners! 2008 Founders’ Scholarship ($2500) Ms. Rebecca Robinson Founders’ Runner-Up ($1000): Ms. Shannon Black Chinn Scholarship ($1000): Mr. James Kennedy Honorable Mentions: J. Schmitt, O. Fromenthal, N. Conrad, S. Finklestein, L. Lebrasko, N. Paspalofski, And K. Lyon And I won’t hesitate to mention Becky Robinson is a fellow [Read More...]