The Best Quotation You’ll Hear All Day

Someone at UPI has a sense of humor. When reporting on the threats that resulted in Lamar advertising moving the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason billboard, the article first quotes the CinCoR coordinator: “Everything that has happened shows just how vital our message is,” Shawn Jeffers, co-coordinator for the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason, said. “It proves [Read More…]

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington Won’t Help People Unless Gays Are Discriminated Against

So let me get this straight. Catholic Charities, a part of the Catholic Church, helps over 68,000 people in Washington D.C., including the homeless. It’s not just volunteer work — they get paid for this. From 2006 through 2008, [council member David A.] Catania said, Catholic Charities received about $8.2 million in city contracts, as [Read More…]

God is a Voyeur

(via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more…]

Baptismal Flushing

If all baptisms were like this, maybe I’d consider going to one… the religious would enjoy the baptism. I would enjoy the flushing of an infant. Everyone would leave happy. The cartoon is Freethunk! by Jeff Swenson. (via Humanist Network News) [Read more…]

Chicago Atheist Billboard Protested by Satirical Comedy Group

The Chicago Coalition of Reason billboard hasn’t evoked the same outrage as similar billboards have done in other areas. But that didn’t stop members of the (comedy group) Best* Church of God from protesting the sign! The pics, courtesy of, are part of an article about the billboard by Nancy Duke. I like the [Read More…]