The Catholic Church’s Misguided Views on Sex

Herb Silverman, the president of the Secular Coalition for America, has a piece on the On Faith blog about the Catholic Church and their misguided views on sex. You can learn about when and why the Church created its rules about sex. Celibacy didn’t become Church law until the Second Lateran Council in 1139, when [Read More...]

Can You Be Scared of God’s Wrath If You Don’t Believe in Him?

This was among today’s collection at PostSecret: I wonder how that works… to not believe in a god, but still think that your disbelief will result in something bad… Isn’t that a contradiction? Has anyone else ever felt that way? — You don’t believe in the supernatural, but you fall into irrational, superstitious thinking… Maybe [Read More...]

Bible Distribution Allowed Inside Texas Public School District

The Frisco Independent School District in Texas allows Gideon volunteers to distribute Bibles to schoolchildren: The district permits free Bibles to be put out for students; but there’s a fine line between non-school literature that’s “put out” and “given out.” … Gideon volunteers have visited both her children’s campuses with Bibles in tow. It’s part [Read More...]

Atheist Will Pass Along Christians’ Messages When They Get “Raptured”… Is He Ethical?

I posted this on Reddit and it’s getting decent discussion there, so I’ll post it here as well. Joshua Witter is an atheist in Orlando who is offering to deliver messages for Christians who believe they will soon be Raptured. For about $5 a pop, Josh promises to pass along the Christians’ letters to relatives [Read More...]

Faith Healing Doesn’t Cure That

Faith healing doesn’t work on amputees. It doesn’t work on the paralyzed. And it doesn’t work on… well… those parts. (via Freethunk!) [Read more...]