The Big Bang

Why have none of you pointed this out to me before? In Simon Singh‘s fantastic book, Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe, he writes this about the background of theoretical physicist and cosmologist George Gamow: Having attended Communion at the local Russian Orthodox church, he dashed home with a piece of bread and a [Read More...]

Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis Apologizes to Rob Sherman

Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis never should have made her incendiary comments against atheists in the first place, but yesterday, she called Rob Sherman and apologized for her remarks. Says Sherman on his website: Yesterday, State Representative Monique Davis (D-Chicago) called me from the Floor of the Illinois House of Representatives to apologize for what [Read More...]

Freethought Group at a National Park

I received this story from Terrence Jackson and (with his permission) wanted to share it with everyone. Terrence lives and works in Yellowstone National Park and has started a freethought group on the site. How does that happen? Can national parks even have religious/non-religious groups? He answers those questions in the story: I live and [Read More...]

Why is Public Funding Going to a Muslim School?

Charter schools, like public schools, receive government money and must therefore stay out of the religion debate. That is to say there should be no proselytizing in the classroom one way or the other. The schools must remain secular. Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA) is a K-8 charter school in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. There’s [Read More...]

It’s a Miracle!

He lost an arm and then grew a brand new one! My atheism. It’s crumbling right in front of me… [tags]atheist, atheism, The Onion[/tags] [Read more...]