Albert Funkenstein

Reader Daniel points out that at the website TeeFury (where t-shirts are sold for only 24 hours), today’s shirt has an image of some famous scientists… together in a rock band: That’s Charles Darwin on bass, Sigmund Freud on drums, Thomas Edison on electric guitar, Ivan Pavlov on cowbell (yeah!), and Albert Einstein on vocals. [Read More…]

National Ask An Atheist Day

Last month, members of the Secular Student Alliance affiliate at the University of Illinois set up a table on their quad. A sign on it invited people to “Ask an Atheist” anything. The members sat there ready to answer any questions people had about not believing in a god. Other campus groups have put on [Read More…]

Another Twist on Coexisting

You already know about the “classic” Coexist bumper sticker: I’ve posted about an atheist alternative to it: But I just found out there’s a version of it just for Chicagoans: I suppose if Cubs and White Sox fans can coexist, Christians, Jews, and Muslims should have no problem, right? (Thanks to Matthew for the link!) [Read more…]

That Office Better be Glowing

It’s bad enough that some politicians waste taxpayer money on pet projects… but you won’t believe what Coun. Michael Thompson did in his first act in office: Toronto city hall watchers are raising questions after Coun. Michael Thompson paid a pastor $300 of taxpayers’ money to have his office blessed. The blessing of Thompson’s office [Read More…]

Is Eating Meat Compatible with Humanism?

There’s a debate on whether veganism is truly Humanistic taking place at the Humanist Network News. I’m betting none of you have an opinion on this. Jason Torpy presents Team Vegan: Humanist values, as I understand them, put a premium on health, animals, and the environment. Humanists should be able to suffer some inconvenience to [Read More…]