Atheist Group forms at Auburn

It’s always nice to see campus atheist groups forming in states not generally known for their tolerance of Secular Americans. The most recent example of this is the new Auburn Atheists and Agnostics group starting at Auburn University in Alabama: Christopher Chabot, freshman in aerospace engineering, and communication director of the group, said the group’s [Read More…]

Heading to Pittsburgh for a Christian Conference

I’m off to Pittsburgh tonight for the (Christian) Jubilee conference! Ashley will be there, too. She made a video explaining our panel discussion and asks a couple great questions: Since we’re speaking in front of several hundred young Christians, what are the things you want us to tell them? And what should we refrain from [Read More…]

There’s Probably No [Insert Your Own Example Here]

It would be terrific if the Atheist Bus Campaign ads could just be applied to everything else as pseudoscientific and ridiculous… (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more…]

Ask Richard: My Atheist Boyfriend is Too Hostile to His Christian Friends

Dear Richard, My boyfriend and I are both atheists, although he identifies more strongly with agnosticism. While all my close friends are atheists (not by my intention, it just ended up that way), his are Christians — very conservative Christians. Both of us, but especially him, get into heated arguments/debates with them over religion, gay [Read More…]

The Bruise on Biden’s Forehead

This story’s been all over the place since yesterday. Kay Burley, a host of Sky News, was reporting on a Joe Biden speech during which he had ash on his forehead because it was Ash Wednesday. She didn’t recognize what it was, though, and that led to hilarity (beginning at the 0:26 mark): “What’s happened [Read More…]