New Harris Poll

Wow. Read the article. The poll gives us some information worth delving into. I found interesting the demographics that do believe in God: “People with no college education (62 percent) or who have some college education (57 percent) compared to college graduates (50 percent) and those with post-graduate degrees (53 percent)” People in all age [Read More...]

Personal Evangelism and Focus on the Family

A little while back, a Christian named Matt sent me a Bible he thought I would enjoy. He wrote, “As a Christian it bothers me so much to hear how stupid Christians are. It’s all a numbers game and it’s just all about how many people you ‘share Christ’ with. And to all of them, [Read More...]

CFI Office of Public Policy

On Tuesday, November 14, the Center for Inquiry (CFI) will hold an event at the National Press Club entitled “Science and Secularism: Defending America’s True Values.” This will be the inaugural event for the Office of Public Policy (OPP). So far, the OPP already has three employees and is trying to raise nearly $1,000,000 for [Read More...]

Sam Harris and Jainism

The Sepia Mutiny, a blog for Indian people, made mention of Sam Harris’ endorsement (but not support) of Jainism as a more peaceful religion. They forget to mention he made the same “endorsement” in The End of Faith. But it is interesting to see Indians, often religious and certainly not the target audience for Harris’ [Read More...]

Andrew Marin

Last week I posted a link to a story about Andrew Marin, a man who was reaching out to the LGBT community as a gay-friendly pastor, but was also leading anti-gay activist training sessions at the same time. The original Chicago Reader story on him is here. The story of the conflicting interests is here. [Read More...]