Humanist Chaplain at Rutgers

There was a great profile in the Rutgers FOCUS about Barry Klassel, the Humanist Chaplain at the school. Klassel, who has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Columbia University, and a master’s degree in theater from the University of Pittsburgh, grew up in a Jewish household and gravitated to Humanism in college. “It started with [Read More…]

Sell the Vatican, Feed the World

Sarah Silverman offerer her solution to the hunger crisis on last night’s Real Time with Bill Maher: I would thoroughly enjoy eating my Vatican-bought pizza [Read more…]

H1N1 and the Catholic Church

A couple weeks ago, the News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) published an article about how Catholics are making certain sacrifices in the wake of the H1N1 virus. They’re not taking sips from the same Cup of Jesus’ Blood. They’re not shaking hands to greet each other. Bottles of Purell hand sanitizer now rest upon the [Read More…]

Atheists March in Poland

Today is the day that hundreds of atheists in Poland are staging a coming out march: What is the significance of this march? “We want to show that there are non-believers living in Poland,” Ewelina Podsiad, the chief organiser of the march, told the Krakow Post. According to the MAiA website, the non-theist minority needs [Read More…]

Bill O’Reilly Shouts at Richard Dawkins and Gets a Response

Richard Dawkins appeared on The O’Reilly Factor last night (in a taped interviewed). It was pretty much what you would expect. Dawkins makes good sense. Bill O’Reilly thinks he’s right because he yells and he has Jesus on his side. I think these screen captures explain the interview completely. The beginning: The middle: The end: [Read More…]