Atheist Rally in Texas

Why a rally? Joe Zemecki, the Texas state director of American Atheists, states these goals: To speak out for the civil rights of non-religious Americans. To vocally promote the separation of government from religion. To show support for the Croft family in Carrollton who have sued over the moment of silence in their public school. [Read More...]

For the Chicago Atheists

A reminder that tonight is the Wheaton Atheists Meetup. Come on out and say hello! And if you’re not busy this Friday night, there’s a one-man comedy show by a devout-Shiite-Muslim-turned-atheist playing at Lakeshore Theater. The actor is Kumail Nanjiani and the show is called Unpronounceable. Tickets are $15 and still available. Here’s the theater’s [Read More...]

The Golden Compass

This winter, a movie is coming out based on a series by atheist author Philip Pullman. It’s called The Golden Compass. Nicole Kidman stars in it. One article writes: Pullman wrote these books with the intention of indoctrinating children with atheistic values. While the full interpretation and presentation of the movie has not yet been [Read More...]

Scary Stories to Tell Your Children

Jessica Hagy sums it up well: [tags]atheist, atheism, Bible, Leviticus, Indexed[/tags] [Read more...]

Sad Ending to a Story

A while back, I wrote about a person concerned about his brother-in-law’s alcoholism. This is the letter she sent me: I received a disturbing phone call from my sister-in-law yesterday about her husband, my brother-in-law. Seems that my bro-in-law is experiencing difficulty with alcoholism, but he is reluctant to attend AA meetings because of their [Read More...]